Monday, January 2, 2012

Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan

If you are a Conservative on any level (e.g. Conservative, Paleoconservative, Neoconservative, et al) then you would agree that George Soros is possessed by an anti-Christ spirit. By that I mean Soros hates religion – Christianity in particular, America and American-style Liberty.

The majority of Conservatives understand that Soros is an Anti-American Leftist. Indeed, Conservatives are not surprised when the Slanted Left to Extreme Left rub shoulders with Soros and his agenda to transform America and the world into a utopian, top-to-bottom, Leftist and into a New World Order. I know that sounds like Conspiracy Theory; however a mere reading of the Soros organizations and their tentacles of influence points to Conspiracy Fact.

Now that I have established Soros’ Leftist bona fides, it will surprise you how deep one of the GOP candidates for the Republican nomination is directly linked to George Soros.

JRH 1/2/11

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