Friday, January 6, 2012

No One is as Naive as our President Pretends

BHO Foreign Policy for Dummies
President Barack Hussein Obama has a foreign policy that erodes American Exceptionalism. In his four years in Office he traversed the globe apologizing for America rather than reminding people what the world would look like without America protecting the butts of a load of nations who disrespect America. He has all but abandoned the Jewish State of Israel – a sliver of land desiring to exist persecution-free for Jews that is surrounded by an ocean of Jew-hating Muslims.

BHO reluctantly embraced the Iraq Surge to bring our military position in Iraq to an acceptable point in which U.S. soldiers can come home. Is it was a success even though I believe a military presence should have remained to surround Iran. That success is probably the only thing he hasn’t blamed President G.W. Bush for because it worked out.

The other moment to President BHO’s credit is the taking down of Islamic terrorist leaders such as Usama bin Laden. I applaud that policy of the President; however the rest of the Obama foreign policy has made American National interests weaker rather than stronger.

Norma Zager has sent an essay castigating the BHO foreign policy. The essay is awesome and should be updated and reposted a little closer to Election Day November 2012.

JRH 1/6/12

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