Friday, January 20, 2012

Startling – Obama Cavorts with Muslim Brotherhood

John R. Houk
© January 20, 2012

Here is something that did not surprise me. President Barak Hussein Obama has been cozying up to the radical Islamic organization the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt. The MB originated in 1928 Egypt; however it has become a transnational global movement to restore the Muslim Caliphate on a global scale. In spite of the obvious the MB has ran a propaganda campaign to convince the West and America in particular that it is a moderate non-violent organization. That is a LIE!

The MB was founded as a purist Islamic movement with an intense dislike for the Western World especially against the British that actually governed Egypt by de facto rule even though the nation was a monarchy. In the days between the MB founding and the ascension of Gamel Abdel Nasser, the MB’s modus operandi was terrorism and assassination in the name of Allah. On the other hand the MB was not against using the British as a tool to their ends as well. Nasser and later Sadat were more interested utilizing political power to establish Pan-Arabism than embracing the purity of Islam. Nasser and Sadat shut down the open operation of the MB forcing them to develop different tactics for their ultimate goals within Egypt.

At this time the MB chose infiltration rather than overt confrontation when the political power had more strength. This is a tactic right out of the Quran as exampled by old Mo himself. Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Gaza. Hamas is an example of how the MB will operate if they attain the ruling power. Europe has experienced the infiltration of MB tactics to the point that a nick-name has been applied known as Eurabia. The MB has a slew of MB planted organizations in America of which CAIR is the most prominent yet definitely not the only MB organization. The MB has a plan for North America that is to gain political power via infiltration of government on a local, State and Federal level.

With this background in mind ACT for America sent some information that exposes President Barack Hussein Obama as getting cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. This is the same MB that hates America almost as much as the organization hates Jews. The plan of the MB is a global Caliphate. Furthermore part of that plan is to infiltrate America as part of the plan to achieve the goal of a global Caliphate. The ACT for America email has a little bit of an advertisement for their educational program to understand the dark nature of Islam followed by a truncated version of a Barry Rubin article. Rubin’s article lays out some observations that are astonishing about how BHO is trying to make friends with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The friendship agenda is probably based on the hope of gaining trust of the Arab/Muslim World for America. BHO’s mission typically is a Leftist utopian enterprise.

Here is the utopian picture.

BHO makes friends with as many Sunni dominated Muslim nations as possible, which will include selling out Israel, and then peace will emerge in the Middle East at least to the extent as it relates to America. BHO should read some history before makes utopian decisions. The Muslim Brotherhood will milk American resources (primarily military) as long as possible before the Islamist organization will kick America out of Egypt much like the Ayatollah Khomeini kicked America out of Iran after Jimmy Carter set the circumstances to allow the Shah to be deposed from the Peacock Throne.

Not only is President Obama selling out Israel. Cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood is selling out America.

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