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Non-entity Palestinians Murder Jews in Judea and Samaria

Lord Arthur Balfour

John R. Houk
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Judea and Samaria are the legitimate part of the Jewish heritage to the Promised Land. After Jordan (then Transjordan) conquered the Judea and Samaria portion of the British Mandate for Palestine which was created as a Mandate for Jews to reclaim their Homeland after WWI, Jordan renamed the area the West Bank because the old Transjordan encompassed the East Bank of the Jordan River. After British generals led Jordan’s Arab Legion to conquer Judea and Samaria and the Eastern portion of Jerusalem known as the Old City. “Old” meaning from the days of antiquity that goes back to King David under God’s inspiration; made Jerusalem the Capital of the United Kingdom of Hebrew Tribes known as Israel.

The British commanded Arab Legion under the suzerainty of the King of Jordan then permitted Muslims to desecrate Jewish Synagogues, graves and ancient tombs of revered people of Jewish heritage which heavily included the Jewish Quarter located in the Old City. Anything that had to do with Judaism was maliciously desecrated from Synagogues to grave stones. Jewish grave stones of revered Rabbis and sages were used by the Jordanian government as pavement for roads and as latrines for the Arab Legion. Ultimately the British betrayed the Jewish people by promising a Jewish Homeland in 1917 to doing everything possible behind the scenes preventing the establishment of a Jewish sovereign nation in 1948.

Today all the information about Jewish Israel and the Arabs who wish to be called Palestinians is streamed in the negative for Israel and the positive for the Islamic Arab terrorists determined to kill all Jews. The irony here is that those Arabs were always referred to as Arabs living in a land under the administration of Ottoman controlled Damascus and after WWI under the British Mandatory of Palestine. You see it was the same for the Jews that lived in the area. In the West when one read about Palestine prior to 1948, one thought of Jews and not Arabs as Palestinian.

The Muslim-Arab hatred of Jews began to intensify under the motivation of the Jew-hating Mufti Muhammed Amin al-Husseini who began inciting Muslim Arabs with nationalism combined with Jewish prejudice according to the Quran. It was no mistake that Yasser Arafat called this Nazi cooperating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem his uncle.
Fogel family Butchered by Islamic Terrorists 3-11-11 
This hatred is intensive today because Muslim Arabs residing in Gaza, Judea and Samaria are taught Jew-hatred from the cradle to the 72 virgins of paradise grave. Killing Jews or more specifically dying while killing Jews makes a Muslim a Shahid (or martyr) that goes directly to this paradise.

With this in mind it is not too surprising that one or more Islamic terrorists went to the home of Ruth and Udi Fogel and slaughtered them. Also found in the Fogel bedroom was their baby (depending in the source) who was one to three months old. Mother, Father and baby daughter were all stabbed multiple times. There were two boys in the house that were stabbed also but only lived long enough for the paramedics to arrive unable to save their lives. The only family survivor was the Fogel twelve year old daughter arrived to discover the slaughter.

Has the Western media reported effectively the grisly way in which this family was killed in the name of Islamic Supremacism? They reported the incident but blamed Jewish settlers residing in Judea and Samaria as the reason for the slaughter rather than the Jew-hatred imbedded into the minds of Islamic terrorists. Apparently the existence of Jews in the land of their heritage is a justified reason for Muslims to murder them in their homes.

These are the kind of people that President Barack Hussein Obama is pushing Israel to accept as neighbors on Jewish land in a sovereign State that will probably be called Palestine.

It is expletive deleted horrendous! When will the West wake-up to the violent nature of Muslims that especially reside in the Middle East?

JRH 3/13/11 (Hat Tip: ICJS Research)
Israel shocked as five settlers stabbed to death in West Bank home

By Yuan Zhenyu, Huang Heng, Gur Salomon
2011-03-12 18:06:30

ITAMAR, Israel, March 12 (Xinhua) -- Five Israelis, a couple and their three children, were found stabbed to death in a West Bank settlement early Saturday morning, according to the Israeli army.

The perpetrator, or perpetrators, broke into the family's house late Friday night and attacked them in the Itamar settlement, about 70 km north of Jerusalem, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman told Xinhua. The parents and their three children, aged between several months and 11 were stabbed and killed.

"A terrorist entered a private home in the settlement Itamar, and brutally murdered five people, three children and two parents. The result is fatal," said Maj. Peter Lerner, spokesman for the Central Command, according to an IDF office release.

Maj.-Gen. Avi Mizrachi, the head of Israeli army's Central Command, vowed to capture the attacker as soon as possible. "We're pursuing the perpetrators and I estimate that we will quickly capture them," he said. "We will capture the murderers and make them pay."

This is one of the most serious attack against settlers in years. The Israeli military and border police arrived at the scene after the incident and closed down the area to track down suspects. Other than inspecting cars at nearby crossings, soldiers employed unmanned aircraft to scour the field.

Muawia Kabha, a Magen David Adom rescue service paramedic who was the first to arrive at the scene, described the scene he encountered inside the victims' home. "As soon as I entered the home, I knew that this is a severe case that we would be handling, " he said. "In the first room, the parents' bedroom, we saw a father, mother and a month-old baby girl with multiple stab wounds. An initial examination of the victims showed they had no vital signs."

"I continued to the second room and found an 11-year-old boy in his bed. He, too, had severe stab marks and there was nothing that could be done to save him. In the third room I found a 3-year-old boy lying in his bed with several stab wounds ... two minutes later we had to announce him dead," Kabha said.
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak strongly condemned the violence. "This is a very serious incident and my heart goes out to the family," he was quoted by The Jerusalem Post as saying. " The IDF will use any means possible to catch the murder culprits."
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has asked the Israeli delegation at the United Nations to submit a complaint over the attack.

Initial reports of local media said that the family's 12-year- old daughter returned home after the murder, and ran to neighbors for help with her two younger brothers, who escaped the attack hiding in another room.

Danny Dayan, chairman of the settler organization Yesha Council, urged that the government and military should provide the settlers with more help and protection. "The time has come for the government to regain its senses and start backing up the settlement enterprise, which remains vulnerable on the frontlines, " Dayan said, according to the Post report.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government is harshly criticised by settlement groups in recent weeks after security forces clashed with settlers during demolition of a West Bank outpost on Feb. 28.

Itamar, home to over 100 Orthodox Jewish families, is surrounded by Palestinian territories, and has seen brutal attacks against Israeli settlers before. In June 2002, a Palestinian armed with rifle broke into a house in the settlement and killed a woman and her three children.
Baby Killers: BBC Butchers the Real Story

March 13, 2011 15:42

Only days after HonestReporting’s Managing Editor wrote about the thread that links Palestinian incitement to inevitable acts of terror, Israel has suffered a shocking and brutal terrorist attack carried out by baby killers. Yet the BBC has still managed to turn this into a story about settlements.

As the JPost reports:

A mother, father and three of their children were stabbed to death late Friday night by at least one suspected terrorist who infiltrated the Itamar settlement southeast of Nablus.

The killings occurred shortly after 10 p.m., when one or two attackers jumped the fence that surrounds Itamar and broke into the home of Ruth and Udi Fogel, aged 35 and 36, respectively. The attackers went room to room, stabbing the parents, a three-month-old girl, Hadas, and two boys, Elad, three, and Yoav, 11.

Clearly, those who are capable of the premeditated murder of babies and children are driven by something far deeper than an aversion to the existence or building of Israeli settlements. There is nothing more innocent than a three-month old. Yet, many media outlets still chose to politicize the horrific slaughter of innocents by focusing less on the despicable act itself and more on making an issue of the location of the attack and dehumanizing the victims as “settlers”.

Note some of the following headlines:

But the most shocking and callous treatment of the incident was produced by the BBC. While the news cycle moved on and media outlets turned towards an announcement of approval for construction in Israeli settlements, most at least gave prominence to the appalling details of the terrorist attack even if this became part of a story relating to settlements.

The BBC, however, virtually buried the Fogel family’s massacre, once again demonstrating its obsession with the settlement issue above all other issues relating to the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

No dedicated reportage of the brutal attack was featured elsewhere on the site. Instead, subsumed in a story of settlements, it warrants only a few lines. The BBC does, however, report that the attack “has shocked many Palestinians”. Of course, the BBC failed to mention that Hamas described the attack as a “heroic operation” while sweets and candies were handed out in Gaza in celebration.

The BBC has exercised its own moral judgment that says that the issuing of building permits in settlements is the cause of terror. Otherwise, the story may have included statements from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu attributing the terror attack to Palestinian incitement.

The BBC has a well-staffed bureau in Jerusalem with the same access as other media outlets. Yet it chose not to publish any photos or specific details of the terror incident.

In the BBC’s world, it is all about the settlements. By politicizing such a heinous terrorist crime perpetrated against a baby, two small children and their parents, the BBC is as guilty as the perpetrators of dehumanizing innocent Israelis based on where they live. For the BBC, it seems that the location of the murders and the stress on how settlements “are held to be illegal under international law” is more important than the murders themselves.

If the BBC ever had any moral compass, it has demonstrated that it has completely lost it. In the BBC’s eyes, there is no moral difference between deliberately murdering innocent babies and the construction of homes in disputed territory. Indeed, for the BBC, the settlement issue at best allows one to “understand” why such an atrocity could take place and at worst, justifies it.

The BBC is by no means the only guilty party in creating an environment where Israeli Jews living in West Bank communities are dehumanized to the point that a three-month old is merely a “settler” – the Palestinian Authority’s continuous incitement in the Palestinian media and education system bear much responsibility. But the international media have bought into this narrative of demonization and helped to create such a toxic environment that the murder of innocents is deemed to be almost acceptable and the human story behind a tragedy is cynically removed.

Send your considered comments to the BBC Complaints website. For more on how to navigate the complaints process, click here for our guide on how to make a complaint to the BBC.
Non-entity Palestinians Murder Jews in Judea and Samaria
John R. Houk
© March 13, 2011
Israel shocked as five settlers stabbed to death in West Bank home
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Baby Killers: BBC Butchers the Real Story
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