Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Might Happen to Libya’s Weapons Cache?

Libyan Rebels 3-10-11
John R. Houk
© March 10, 2011

STRATFOR poses some interesting thoughts concerning Libya’s civil war as it relates to weaponry. The civil war has disrupted the accountability of who possesses Qaddafi’s weapons. Early in the civil war rebels raided arms depots to possess portions of Qaddafi’s arsenal. Plus according to STRATFOR foreign nations are considering arming the rebels with weapons to bring down the Qaddafi dictatorship.

History has shown that aged weaponry has entered into the black market arms market that has been sold as the result of the winners trading captured arms for food, money and arming instruments of destabilization. The instruments of destabilization would be drug cartels, crime lords and terrorists usually of the Islamic type today.

Qaddafi has shown he is not going to lie down and flee from Libya by his efforts of getting his army to counter-attack against Libyan rebels. This is all noteworthy because Libya is an oil producing nation. Who will control that oil? Will control be in the hands of a victorious dictator not afraid to kill his own people to retain power? Will the rebels succeed and become the arbiters of Libya’s oil? Will the Libya civil war degenerate into chaos enabling destabilizing instruments to scarf-up weapons caches cheap in terms of monetary cost? If the rebels beat Qaddafi will their new government become an Islamic form of a democratic government or would they turn Libya into a theopolitical autocracy continuing to hate America and Israel and thus still arm Islamic terrorists?

Check out the STRATFOR analysis and tell me what you think.

JRH 3/10/11

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