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Partners in Peace?

Fogel Kids killed - Gaza Celebrates lg
Fogel kids murdered – Palestinians celebrate with candy & flowers

Norma Zager expresses her outrage with the government of Israel willing to negotiate peace and nationhood for a group of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians who live to butcher Jewish men, women, children and whole Jewish families of Father, Mother and children. Did I say children? I mean as small as infants being stabbed multiple times for just being Jewish.

To see that the Fogel children were not the only targets of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians CLICK HERE.

JRH 3/14/11
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Partners in Peace?
Israel Is a Sissy! Go Cry to Your Mommy!

By Norma Zager

Sent: 3/13/2011 6:39 PM

If our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

This morning I attended a Purim carnival with my precious grandson. Watching all the children dressed in their costumes, crafting and shaking their noisemakers and eating Hamentashen, I was struck by how beautiful it is to celebrate children. Hearing their joy at bouncing or climbing through the tunnels, painting their faces or riding the rides was music to the ear. The world lights up every time a child laughs. It also weeps with each tear they shed.

The world wept profusely this week when children died in Japan and babies were murdered in Darfur. Then, three children were brutally murdered by Palestinian animals disguised as human beings in Israel. Animals, however, do not murder just for the sake of evil and are rungs higher on the evolutionary ladder than the murderers in Israel.

Partners in Peace? What a joke. Why would anyone want to partner with people who slit babies’ throats? The world should run fast and far away from these animals, not embrace them as

A “partner” should be of the human species; these people are not fit to walk the earth and are an insult to the lowest form of animals.
Even a snake would slither away if they crossed his path.

Why is Israel even surprised? This isn’t the first time the “Partners for Peace” have shown themselves as barbarians of the worst kind.
Israel’s leaders should not be shocked; they should be angry and vengeful!

Israel behaves like the child of a Jewish mother. Yes, our reputation for being overprotective of our children is warranted and deserved. I am still accused by my own adult children of “hovering” over them and “watching” them constantly.

Perhaps true, but it is in my genes from thousands of years of Jewish mothers realizing that the world wants to kill our babies. Can anyone blame us for being paranoid about our children’s safety?

And now Israel waits for a Jewish mother to step in and avenge her children. I have a reality check for Israel: it is far past the time for you to act like the Jewish mother, not the child.

Would a Jewish mother stand by and worry about what the world thinks of her when her baby is in danger? Would a Jewish mother let anyone speak ill of her precious children? Would she wait for everyone to give her permission to protect her offspring?

Who are these Israeli politicians? Was every person in the Knesset raised by wolves?

I am furious that the State of Israel is a wimpy little sissy, waiting for Mommy to fight its battles. Waa, Waa, Waa. You make me sick.

Stand up like a man. Tell the bullies, we don’t give a damn what you think of us, OUR CHILDREN COME FIRST! Cross the line and we’ll make certain you never cross it again. Touch my children again and you’ll have a missile up your behind. No one can over react better than a Jewish woman. Wanna see?

Bibi has disappointed me. He knows better. He lost a brother and knows that only through power can Israel exist.

Negotiation means nothing if it is not through strength.

I want to hear Israel scream to the world. NO, NO you cannot kill our children. You want a piece of me? Bring it on and I’ll show you what a Jewish mother will do to protect her own. You will know the fury she can unleash on the world. No more, never again. Someone must pay for the evil of killing children. It is Israel’s responsibility now to see that they do!

No decent human being should rest until there is revenge for these innocents. No government should be silent until the perpetrators of this horror are brought to swift and certain justice. Anyone trying to excuse these brutal acts is as vicious an accessory as the perpetrators. There cannot be any justification for the murder of any child.

If the Knesset cannot protect the children of Israel, then every Jewish mother in the world must get on a plane and go there and show the politicians how to stand up and fight. Please do not pity the Palestinian terrorists that committed this act if we ever do. There is not a mother I can think of who wouldn’t tear them limb from limb.

Now that’s what I call justice, the Jewish mother or any mother’s way.

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First Published March 13, 2011

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