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Bachmann previews message to Granite Staters

Rep Michele Bachman (R-MN) appears to be testing the waters for a Presidential run by personally going to New Hampshire to scope things out the State that has traditionally operated the first Presidential primary of the election cycle.

JRH 3/11/11
Bachmann previews message to Granite Staters

By Shawn Millerick
March 10, 2011

NH Journal had the distinct privilege to sit down with Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota in her Capitol Hill Office this week, and her positive comments regarding the NH Primary were nothing less than an endorsement of NH’s role. Rep. Bachmann is making her first visit to the Granite State tomorrow and Saturday as she attends several events for the NH Republican Party. The NH Primary season is starting to sprout early contenders for the 2012 Presidential nomination and the buzz surrounding Rep. Bachmann is certainly compelling. When asked on the nature of her visit she insisted that it was “deliberate” and how excited she was to come to NH.

Rep. Bachmann further elaborated on what NH’s Primary means to her and the Nation. She was caught off guard by Minnesota’s attempt to move its Caucus before NH and after Iowa, but was quick to assert how “pivotal” NH’s role is and how fond of NH she is. She is looking forward to seeing old friends and listening to what the voters of NH have to say regarding the state of the Union.

We briefly discussed her recent notoriety regarding the uncovering of $105 billion buried in the President’s healthcare legislation. Rep. Bachmann is prepared to block the current budget conciliation discussions if the money is not returned. Her office was bustling as her phones were ringing non-stop from supporters urging her to keep up the fight and she intends to confidently carry that torch.

Rep. Bachmann does not think the situation in Libya warrants US intervention via a “no fly” zone at this time. Senator McCain has called for one and has been outspoken regarding the Obama administration’s inaction. When asked if she agreed with Secretary Robert Gate’s contention that that would be considered an act of war implementing a “no fly” zone, Rep. Bachmann agreed, but did not rule it out as a future consideration. She would prefer an International approach if the situations worsens but that we are not to that stage yet.

The Libya discussion provided a segway to Rep. Bachmann’s assessment of our Nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources. She would love to see President Obama sign the “All of the above” energy legislation currently making its way through the House. There was no need for a catchy phrase like “drill here drill now” for Rep. Bachmann. She was very clear in her support of any form, be it alternative or so called traditional exploration, of energy sources here in the US. The EPA is holding back energy exploration in this Country in her estimation. She even went so far as to include her own State of Minnesota as open for drilling if proven to be rich in reserves. She wants the moratorium lifted for any domestic exploration as long as it is responsible in its approach toward the environmental concerns.

We would be remiss to not touch on her clear outspokenness toward ObamaCare. Rep. Bachmann would like to see innovations at the State level but that is not possible with the “suffocation” being applied by ObamaCare. She has voted for repeal and will continue to fight for it. There is no question that as a candidate for President, this issue would be her calling. Her passion surrounding the issue was genuine and her desire to see private enterprise and innovation replace a Government solution is clearly a part of her.

Rep. Bachmann is clearly testing the waters and gauging a potential run for President. She has set no timeline, but is making all the requisite visits in key primary and caucus states to come to a decision.

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