Saturday, March 12, 2011

How Netanyahu can out-maneuver Obama's latest threat to Israel

Obama hates Israel
Only an idiot or an American deceptive Leftist would publically proclaim that President Barack Hussein Obama is not anti-Israel and is pro-Palestinian (in the sense that there are no such national people as Palestinian). You don’t read or hear this too often because the seemingly global anti-Semitism spreading across the globe AGAIN.

Caroline Glick has an excellent article that shows how much BHO seems to be committed to bringing about circumstances that will lead to Israel’s destruction and how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be allowing BHO’s tactics to come to pass by appeasing the President and by failing to confront the global public with just how much the Arabs that call themselves Palestinian leaders are an evil group winning in the lies of historical revisionism and propaganda villanizing Israel.

JRH 3/12/11

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