Friday, March 18, 2011

Palestine! What is the West Thinking?

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John R. Houk
© March 18, 2011

Ari Bussel writes (See below my thoughts) of the absurd double standard placed on Israel. Between Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians, all blame for violence is Israel’s and everything Palestinian terrorists do is justified because of Israel’s penchant to keep the land that is Jewish.

Is Israel inherently a brutal despotic dictatorship that always brutalizes Palestinians? Is Israel brutalizing non-Jewish Israeli citizens? The big picture answer is no.

Are Arabs that call themselves Palestinians a nation of laws and civil rights? Do these Palestinians respect the rights of non-Muslims under their authority? Are Palestinians an inherently civil culture that is shocked and dismayed when non-Muslims are persecuted, tortured and/or murdered grievously? The big picture answer is NO.

Jewish Israel exists as a haven for Jews to be free from anti-Semitism and to live as a nation of laws and civil rights even for citizens that are not Jewish.

Arabs that call themselves Palestinians exist because invading Arab armies struck fear of a coming Jewish Holocaust in 1948 thus causing an exodus of Arabs from Israel proper to wait out the expected butchery of Jews. Once the invading Arab armies got their butts kicked (except Jordan’s British led and trained Arab Legion), the Arabs that fled thinking to return under the aegis of Muslim law undoubtedly with the imposition of some portion of Sharia Law became refugees. The 1948 refugees created by Islamic Supremacism’s hubris after not excepting the sovereignty of any non-Muslim nation in once conquered and islamized area. The newly created refugees expected any remaining Jews that were lucky to survive the expected Arab victory would be reduced to second class citizens that would be forbidden to openly practice their faith without special permission and NEVER in a way that might be offensive to Islam.

Regardless of the differences in concepts of freedom between Jews and Sharia influenced Muslims the West continuously makes Israel a villain and Arabs that call themselves Palestinians the victim. Where is the Western evolved democratic institutions and rule of law affinity that should exist sympathetically between Israel and the West? Creating a Palestinian State is lunacy rather than peace.

JRH 3/18/11

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