Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everything Old Is Neo Again

Irving Kristol 2 sm

I have considered myself as part of the Neoconservative persuasion. And yes, I know, I do know that Neconservatism has been branded as the enemy from Obama Messianic Leftists and Paleoconservatives alike. Also to be honest I am consistent among Neocons in that I don’t agree with some others of the Neoconservative persuasion. Neoconservatism is not monolithic in ideology. Neoconservatism is multifaceted with core similarities of ideology.

With that in mind I stumbled upon a book review of a collection of essays by deceased Irving Kristol. The reviewer Millman seems to be praising Irving Kristol essays with slight appreciation.

Millman then compares Irving’s son William (Bill) Kristol’s Neoconservatism. Millman is a little enthusiastic about Bill Kristol’s Neoconservative without coming out with some out right criticism.

JRH 3/19/11

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