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Putin Uses Libya Assault as a Reason for Russia to…

Qaddafi & Putin
Check this out from The Conservative Monster relating to Prime Minister Putin calling the UN’s Security Council ok to protect Libyan civilians from the butchery of Moamar Qaddafi.

JRH 3/23/11 (Hat Tip: Tony Newbill)
Putin Uses Libya Assault as a Reason for Russia to Strengthen their Defenses

By Steve Cooper

Very FEW people on the Internet have warned you about these back stabbing Russian bastards. This site along with Jeff Nyquist's and a few others have tried to inform you.

Well, you all will see what I have been warning you about VERY SOON.

The greatest deception today is Russia's involvement with the global terrorist movement via their proxies in China, N. Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Syria just to name a few. You dopes will be getting your wake up call shortly, because I did my best to warn you all.

(SlantRight Editor: Cooper links to Telegraph article and video about Putin)
Putin likens Libya air strikes to 'crusades'
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin lashes out at Western airstrikes in Libya, likening them to 'medieval crusades.'

9:57PM GMT 21 Mar 2011

The statement from Mr Putin came after Russia abstained from the UN Security Council vote which authorised a no-fly zone over Libya and 'all necessary measures' to protect civilians against Col Gaddafi's forces.

Mr Putin, who was speaking to workers at a Russian missile factory, added, "I am concerned by the ease with which decisions to use force are taken in international affairs. This is becoming a persistent tendency in US policy," he added.

However, in one of the most public clashes between the two men to date, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said it was unacceptable to make such historical comparisons, warning such remarks risked stirring up even more trouble.

Mr Medvedev sharply rebuked Mr Putin, saying, "Under no circumstances is it acceptable to use expressions which essentially lead to a clash of civilisations. Such as [talking of] a 'crusade' and so on."
Putin Uses Libya Assault as a Reason for Russia to Strengthen their Defenses
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Putin likens Libya air strikes to 'crusades'
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