Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Trojan of Apathy

John R. Houk
© March 11, 2010

Since Leftists in America has a problem with educating about Western Civilization’s roots, allow me to pose a question. Have you heard of the Trojan War?

Whether the Trojan War actually occurred as is a myth, its importance lay that comes from one of the oldest books in Western Civilization via ancient Greece. The book is epic poetry attributed to a man called Homer. The book is called the Iliad. It records a war that took place because a Trojan prince (Paris) became enamored with the reputed most beautiful woman in the world – Helen.

Helen was the wife of Greek King Menelaus. Paris enticed or stole Helen away and high tailed it to Troy which turns out actually did exist in what is today Turkey. Menelaus assembled Greek kings and mythic heroes to go to war with Troy to retrieve Helen and Menelaus’ honor. In this way the phrase was coined: “The face that launched a 1000 ships.” Menelaus’ brother King Agamemnon became the commander in chief of the fabled heroic Greek Army.

The Iliad became a compendium of myths and religion of legendary heroes and Greek Gods. Drawing to the end of the Trojan War was beginning to look like a decade of stalemate. Odysseus (Latin Ulysses) devised a plan to provide the appearance of the Greeks sailing home while building a huge horse on wheels. Evidently horses had an honorable symbolism to Trojans. The Greeks rolled the great horse to the gates of Troy and appeared to leave. The Trojans looked upon the horse as a peace gift as they believed the Greeks sailed away.

Unknown to the Trojans was that the belly of the horse was hollow containing a contingent of Greek heroes and Odysseus. The status quo of the perception of unconquerable walls protecting the city produced a Trojan apathy. The Trojans themselves wheeled the invading Greeks into the city. At an opportune moment, the Greek contingent exited out to the horse began a carnage that destroyed Troy and Trojan society.

For the Western World, the taking for granted the civilization of Freedom (more so in the USA) and a stable balanced rule of law is unconquerable. This in turn has created an apathy of how the West’s enemies can infiltrate and destroy a couple of millennia of socio-political development.

Apathy destroys the security of great civilizations. When apathetic nations and civilizations quit caring about future outside threats the walls of protection do not even have to come tumbling down. Apathy enables an enemy to use deception to bring a civilization or a nation down from within.

How can apathy be so dangerous to one’s existence? Look at a definition of “apathy.”

    Apathy – American Heritage Dictionary

    1. Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.
    2. Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness.

    Apathy – Collins English Dictionary

    1. absence of interest in or enthusiasm for things generally considered interesting or moving
    2. absence of emotion


Sadly the Israeli government has begun to show an absence of interest to stand up for what is there’s by virtue of history and victory in repulsing invading nations.

Apathy about civilization foundations has hit Europe in a hard way. So hard in fact that many critics have begun to use the appellation of Eurabia (HERE is a little history).

America is experiencing a societal transformation because the apathy of American voters has become mesmerized by a half a century of Leftist propaganda that has desensitized the American people. President Barack Hussein Obama is wittingly or unwittingly speeding up this transformation.

In the latest submission of Ari Bussel (co-authored by Norma Zager) writes about how Israeli government apathy is beginning to be taken on by Israeli private citizens who are participating in a circuit of speaking in America to counter the propaganda of Islam’s anti-Semitism, Israel-hatred and Jew-hatred.

These speakers are coming to America to plant seeds of awakening to the dangers of believing Islamic-Palestinian deceptive propaganda which portrays Arab created refugees as victims of Israel.

Read Bussel and Zager at SlantRight at the end of this essay.

JRH 3/11/10

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