Friday, March 26, 2010

Coulter Whips up a Leftist Frenzy in Canada

John R. Houk
© March 26, 2010

On March 22 Ann Coulter was at a Q & A at London, Ontario, Canada. There was a question by a Muslim gal full of sarcasm to the Queen of political sarcasm. If you have seen a clip of this incident it is probable you have seen the Leftist media version that is edited to make Coulter look like a petty hate-speech bully. Which by the way I still found amusing: Laden with sarcasm the Muslim gal was upset with the Coulter no-mincing of words that Muslims should take a flying carpet so flying would be safe again (yes, it is a rough paraphrase of the Coulter position). The Muslim gal asked a question something like this: “I don’t have a flying carpet so how is a Muslim girl to travel?” (Another rough paraphrase) Coulter responded: Take a camel.”

O boy did the Leftist (and undoubtedly Muslims) heads and Mainstream Media explode with indignant hypocrisy. Her next speaking engagement was supposed to be at the University of Ottawa. It was cancelled because 2000 Leftist and/or Muslim students spurred on by open letter from the University Provost and undoubtedly the tit-for-tat “Take a camel” comment the day before. The 2000 chanted physical harm slogans over Coulter followed up by striking fear in the local police that riot was imminent.

Appropriately Coulter wrote a scathing column on March 24 taking her sights on the University of Ottawa Provost Francois A. Houle. I like Coulter because she does not back down from Leftists. Read her Column.

JRH 3/26/10

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