Wednesday, March 3, 2010

National Survival will lead to Existential Decisions

John R. Houk
© March 3, 2010

Almost all Western concerned nations that do not have economic deals with Iran are beginning to fall in line with the reality that the only reason for enriching uranium to weapons grade is to build nuke warheads.

Unfortunately there is another geopolitical reality. The world’s economy is increasing a global economy. This is to say nations that have a medium to thriving economy are experiencing a global interdependence in one fashion or another.

If America suffers a 1930’s type depression, the effect will be felt globally. If a regional war erupts in the Middle East staving the flow of oil to the West, the effect will be felt globally. If a nation that has nuclear weapons becomes unstable or becomes a rogue expansionist nation, the rogue attack of nuke warheads quite probably will force economic and militaristic powerhouses to choose sides causing a global effect. If a nation (e.g. Israel) entertains a preemptive strike against a rogue nuclear armed nation then it is undoubtedly the case the rogue nation and its clients (Nations or Terrorists) will respond, the effect will be felt globally according to the certain escalation.

There will come a time when nations will have to count the cost of threats to their economy, vitality and security. The nation or nations that feel the most existential threat no doubt will make a decision that will have a global effect. If the threat is felt that an action must be taken because the circumstances have gotten so geopolitically out of hand, it is certain the decision will be based on desperation to survive. There will be no amount of pressure from a bigger dog power to forestall an act of desperation.

Israel has experienced time periods in which desperate decisions became gambles since the Land became sovereign in 1948. If the gambles had not paid off, Israel would have ceased to exist in a second bloody holocaust years ago.

Israel is nearing another period of desperation to survive. Western governments are forcing Israel to accept an Arab nation to come into existence whose sole purpose is the termination of Israel and massacre of Jews. Those Arabs have formed numerous umbrella and independent Islamic terrorist organizations. Shi’ite Muslims beginning to control Lebanon are part of the craziness of Iran’s radical Islam. Their reason for existence is to destroy Israel and massacre Jews. Long time rogue nation foe Syria has become emboldened of late threatening war with Israel. Syria and Hezbollah are clients of the radical Islamic nation Iran who undoubtedly will procure nuclear warhead tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles very soon unless aggressively slowed or outright prevented.

Here is the picture: Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map; Iranian client Syria joins Iran in rattling sabers; Hezbollah has chimed in as well; Gazastan’s Hamas vowing Israel’s destruction – O yeah, Hamas receives arms and money from Iran. The so-called Palestine Authority (PA) is really a Western propped up bunch of thugs from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) umbrella. The PA lies to the West about intentions and tells the truth to their own about intentions. Those intentions are to destroy Israel and annex the Land into a so-called greater Palestine. With Arabs being trained to graphically and pathologically hate Jews, one could probably come up with a good guess of the pseudo-Palestinian intention for Jews.

Even in the ever increasing envelopment of hate surrounding Israel, its government attempts to placate the Western nations that could be called friends by caving into diplomatic efforts to solve its existential crisis. Ironically two nations that have not exactly been friendly to Israel over the years may be the last key to a diplomatic solution to a nuclear armed Iran (and clients). Those two nations are Russia and China. Both have economic, arms dealing and oil interaction with Iran.

President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia has recently indicated a willingness to take a tougher stand with Iran’s nuclear warhead capability. I am uncertain how much credibility should be placed in Medvedev’s public rebuke of Iran. After all Russia is the primary reason Iran has a nuclear program at all.

It is in Russia’s National Interest to spike up Iran’s power to a certain degree to cause uncertainty of America’s interests and influence in the Middle East.

Israel is initiating diplomatic efforts to get China on board to place pressure on Iran. Israel’s Haaretz reports that a team of diplomatic Israelis have been dispatched to China to show evidence of Iran’s building of nuclear warheads. China is truly dependent at the time on Iran’s oil. Also China has numerous money making ventures involved with Iran’s national infrastructure. Apparently the deals are quite lucrative for China. Even if Israel succeeds in demonstrating Iran’s nuclear weapons aspiration, the money deals may keep China in Iran’s global camp.

Sitting here doing some armchair speculation, it seems China should truly consider the effects of a nuclear armed Iran toward China. China certainly has a stake - like Russia - in lessening American power and influence. On the other hand China’s society is still a Marxist-Maoist State in its foundations. This means the forbidding of ideology that might rock China’s cultural control. Iran may call America the Great Satan; however its political Islamic ideology is such that Iran could eventually turn its attention to an officially atheistic nation such as China. China has already had Muslim troubles with its indigenous Islamic Uighurs rebelling with terrorism against Chinese authority.

Since radical Islam’s radical Sunnis and Shi’ites expect to establish a global Caliphate (SA HERE) or global rule by the Mahdi, it is not a far stretch that Iranian nukes could be pointed toward atheistic China. Indeed in the globalist economy, a nuke strike on China would truly affect the American dollar which in turn has a global effect.

China’s evident desire to be a regional super power hegemon might tempt the Marxist government to listen to Israel’s diplomatic efforts in regard to a nuclear Iran.

JRH 3/3/10 (Hat Tip: CUFI)

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