Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Supporting Palestinians is to Support all that is Negative in Islam

John R. Houk
© March 30, 2010

President Barack Hussein Obama’s public stand that Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea are occupied lands at the instrumentation of Israeli conquest is either a display of acquiescence to Arab/Palestinian propaganda or willful ignorance of the reality of who conquered what.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to the Obama Administration that Jerusalem will not be a part of any negotiations of allowing the Islamic terrorists of the PA (which is primarily the PLO ran by Fatah) and potentially Hamas establishing another Arab sovereign nation to be known as Palestine. Netanyahu said at a recent AIPAC speech:

Jerusalem is not a settlement, it’s our Capitol.”

Now this is a strong statement by Netanyahu especially since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was on before Netanyahu. So I applaud Netanyahu for standing up to the political pressure of a super power nation administered by President Barack Hussein Obama. And yet there is a political concern that Netanyahu wittingly or unwittingly indicated that Judea and Samaria are on the table for negotiation for a Palestinian State.

The problem I have with politically indicating Judea and Samaria are open for negotiation is because that area also known as the West Bank is no more occupied by Israel than the area was occupied by Jordan between 1948 and 1967. In 1948 Jordan’s Arab Legion was actually trained and commanded by a British military officer who led his British trained Jordanian troops to the eastern side of Jerusalem. The eastern side of Jerusalem was known as “Old Jerusalem” and there was a huge property section within the Old City of Jerusalem that was known as the Jewish Quarter. After Jordan secured Old Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria they officially annexed the area and gave ALL Jews living in the area the boot and proceeded to allow the desecration of ancient Jewish holy sites as well as Synagogues.

If BHO is ignorant of these facts it is another display Foreign Policy ineptitude, UNLESS … BHO is aware of the facts and is heartily courting Muslim Arab nations because of the power of petro-dollars. Either instance is gravely insidious for an American government to be a part of. It is not only abandoning an old ally in the Middle East that effectively supported the American National Interests, it is abandoning the only Western style democratic nation that is surrounded by despots, monarchs and an inimically intolerant Islamic Sharia mind set.

There are Conservatives and Liberals alike that are preaching the politics that Israel’s National Interests no longer match-up (See this about CNI) with American National Interests. This kind of American political thought places developing a relationship with intolerant and an intolerant culture of Islamic Sharia above the traditional American Way of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. How can choosing an evil society’s way of life as friends that are a direct contradiction of the American Way of life be good for America and the American National Interests?

My fellow Americans, you have to wake-up to the reality there are some powerful adherents of Islam that believe America is the great Satan. The Muslim solution for the great Satan is to destroy the American Way of life via two lines of thought:

    1. Jihad-minded Islamic terrorism

    2. The Trojan-Horse and Fifth Column method of infiltration and the utilizing of American laws to bring America down gradually from within.

Now I am convinced that a majority of Muslims love and take advantage of the good life available to Liberty-minded citizens and legal residents in America. On the other hand I am convinced that a majority of Muslims residing in America will not condemn any radical agenda espoused by a minority of Muslims. Why? The scriptures of Islam command that the kafir (infidels) be made into Muslims. As long as Muslims in America do not become targets from the radical Muslim few, then the Muslim majority will not participate in any major public denunciation of Islamic terrorism.

Experts that recognize the potential Islamic evil that often emanates on global history, the global present and probable global future; have indicated that the truly good Muslims are those that practice the scriptures of Quran, Hadith and Sira.

In America it is tempting to step into the realm that freedom of religion protects the practices of Islam. This is particularly the case in Europe in which the reigning concept of multicultural diversity has diluted Liberty and Freedom to allow harmful societal religious and contra-normal secular thoughts to be protected by counter-productive hate-crimes laws.

When an ideology or religion becomes the same as yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater when in fact there is NO fire, then it should be criminalized. The scriptures of Islam do not obey Western rule of law or Western social norms. Islam only benefits Muslims and in this case ONLY the Muslims that do not insult Islam by apostasy or by criticism of anything considered holy by Islam. Those outside of Islam are subject to the cruelty scriptures inherent Islam. Those inside of Islam that insult Islam and Mohammed are subject to cruelty to bring a Muslim back to Islamic approved thinking or to death itself assuaging Islamic honor.

President Barack Hussein Obama is attempting to force Israel to divide its cultural Capitol city to Muslim Jew-haters in the name of peace. You have to know that has a 1938 “Peace in our time” ring to it. Forcing Israel into an existentially threatened State will only make it easier for either a global conflict to ensue or worse – The West looking the other direction as Israel is obliterated off the map and millions of Jews go through yet another Holocaust.

JRH 3/30/10

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