Saturday, March 20, 2010

BHO Healthcare Reform and Socialist Transformation

John R. Houk
© March 20, 2010

I have written little on President Barack Hussein Obama’s healthcare agenda. There is a reason for that. I am the rare Conservative (Neocon) that believes health insurance should exist in some kind universal format.


That’s right I am for universal insurance. This is an extremely anathema concept among Conservatives particularly among the blogosphere. This is so anathema that I am certain I cannot provide a credible defense for such a position; hence I have avoided the issue.

BHO’s health insurance agenda is actually something I support. The problem I have with the BHO health insurance agenda is the emphasis on socialism rather than mandated affordability that a market economy could more effectively manage than the government. And yet … I support the current legislation for the special interest groups representing the Insurance has so influenced Republicans that NO health insurance reform on a market paradigm has ever been seriously proposed EXCEPT as a response to the socialistic Democratic Party willingness to tackle reform.

The two times that health insurance reform has been seriously approached have been under Democratic Party Administrations – Clinton and BHO. When Clinton was shot down, did the Republicans even make an attempt to reform health insurance? NO!

As much as I believe that BHO stands for a socialist transformation of America that will change the original intent of the Founding Fathers and eliminate Christianity as the foundation of American culture and morality, I have to support the BHO health insurance reform bill if for no any reason other than personal experience. My economic status is that of one on a disability income married with three grandchildren living at home or disappears into State foster care. After years of plugged arteries to the heart and diabetes (and all that entails), health insurance was at first unavailable. Then after receiving formal State recognition of being disabled (that did not happen overnight), I had inadequate insurance. The coverage did not meet the demands of the bills. This brief personal history is the reason I am very much for health insurance reform.

If Conservatives in Office in the executive or legislative branch would have been diligent to enact a socialist reformation that would be a market economy and affordable; I would have been all for it. Unfortunately the Conservatives failed. I believe that failure was the result of a very powerful Insurance Lobby who had the perception of making more money under the status quo than under a serious affordable and effective reform.

I am willing to live with a socialist intervention in health insurance reform than no reform whatsoever.

Having sending the blood of my fellow Conservatives to the boiling point I have to say that I fear the socialistic health insurance reformation is part of the BHO agenda to transform America into to a socialistic secular humanist nation that emphasizes the civilization killer of multicultural diversity over melting pot unity.

BHO has roots in Marxist utopianism as represented by Italy’s Antonio Gramsci and America’s Saul Alinsky. Both men advocated a Marxist transformation in gradual long term steps that would not shock society with the ends that are imagined. Gramsci was an outright Communist. Alinsky never formally joined any formally open Marxist organizations in America. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals offers the socialist/Marxist end without formally declaring Marxism. Alinsky’s method was to deceive Americans by utilizing respected individuals in a community while demonizing a person that the masses could easily be convinced to be the object of the masses “angst.” [More on this in later posts]

BHO is as close to being an ideal disciple as one can be without actually meeting their master. BHO has been a director in Alinsky’s legacy of community organizing which is a euphemism for a gradual Marxist transformation of American society. My concern is not that socialistic medicine or universal healthcare due to reformed insurance is wrong, rather my concern is that the BHO health insurance reform is the foundation leg to speed up the transformative process envisioned by Saul Alinsky.

I desire BHO’s reform to be initiated; however I pray that a Conservative retaking of Congress and ultimately the White House will bring healthcare reform back toward American Judeo-Christian values.

JRH 3/20/10

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