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Palin Barks Back at Cheney

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John R. Houk
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Sarah Palin joins the call for Chick-fil-A day support on August 1 AND faces up to former VP Dick Cheney’s criticism of her selection as the 2008 VP nomination.

Here is a snippet Cheney’s criticism of Palin:

Palin was just as qualified to be a Presidential candidate as then Senator Barack Hussein Obama who was a first termer with no Executive experience. On the other hand Palin had a successful Executive Branch in her first two years as Governor of Alaska. Palin’s only weakness was growing weary of Leftists lying about her family and her own Alaskan Congress coming up with frivolous ethics investigations in which she was CLEARED; however Alaskan Dems were relentless as was the MSM in smearing Palin.

So Palin packed her bags as Governor of Alaska and has proceeded with a hugely successful campaign of supporting Tea Party candidates across the USA. Alaska’s loss was the Tea Party Movement’s gain even though to my knowledge Palin has no formal ties to any particular Tea Party organization.

I am about to cross post an article from The Blazes that talks about Palin’s support for Chick-fil-A first and then addresses Cheney’s criticism. The Blaze has some video from a Greta Van Susteren interview. At the end of my thoughts here I am going to snip the part in which Palin quite correctly points to the error of Cheney’s thinking on her being a VP choice in 2008.

JRH 8/1/12
Sarah Palin Delivers Passionate Response to Dick Cheney‘s Claim That She Was a ’Mistake’ & Calls Chick-fil-A Protests ‘Bigoted’

August 1, 2012 at 7:47am

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was in rare form last night when she joined FOX News’ Greta Greta VanSusteren to discuss issues ranging from the Chick-fil-A controversy to Vice President Dick Cheney’s statement that she was a poor choice for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008.

The segment opened with the controversy surrounding the fast-food chain. VanSusteren asked Palin why she was jumping in to support the restaurant (recently, Palin Tweeted in support of Chick-fil-A). Rather than focusing upon the issue of gay marriage, Palin said her support was rooted in a dislike for the ban that has been advanced against the company.

“I’m speaking up for him and his First Amendment rights and anyone else who would wish to express their — not anti-gay people sentiment — but their support for traditional marriage,” Palin said, referring to Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy. “President Obama and Joe Biden — they both supported the exact same thing until just a few months ago when they had to flip-flop to shore up the homosexual voter base.”

The politician went on to call the poor treatment of Chick-fil-A and the calls for bans on the food establishment ”intolerant, bigoted, hypocritical“ and ”narrow-minded.”

As for Cheney, who recently said that it was “a mistake” for Palin to be chosen for vice-president in 2008, the former Alaskan governor had plenty to say. When VanSusteren asked Palin about this statement, she passionately responded, saying that she was honored to have been chosen as a candidate and that it would have been a mistake for her not to accept the nomination. Here’s her full response:

“The mistake would have been me just deciding that, ‘Hey I love my 86, 87 percent approval rating up there in Alaska as the governor moving and shaking and watching corrupt politicians and businessmen to go prison for crony capitalism. Working on 16 to 20 percent of domestic energy supplies being able to be increased via Alaska’s resource development. Ethics reform legislation that I was working on — that led to that 86 percent approval rating.

I could have decided, you know, I don’t want to be blooded up, I don’t want my family to go through what we will have to go through in order to put ourselves forward in the name service to this country. But I did it. It would have been a mistake to have hunkered down — just lived that luxurious…comfortable lifestyle in Alaska…We like so many people in this country decided, we will do all that we can in order to defend our republic, put America back on track. And I believe I did the right thing in accepting that call.”

Watch the entire interview, below (passionate response to Cheney starts around 7:23):

Palin Barks Back at Cheney
John R. Houk
© August 1, 2012
Sarah Palin Delivers Passionate Response to Dick Cheney‘s Claim That She Was a ’Mistake’ & Calls Chick-fil-A Protests ‘Bigoted’

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