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There is a Dark World of Mind Control You and I are Blind to

John R. Houk
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Soleilmavis is an oriental gal that I developed a friendship through Yahoo’s now defunct social community Yahoo 360. I call it a friendship but really the relationship was and is more of an acquaintance. It has been so long since we have exchanged personal messages that I am uncertain she even remembers who I am.

At Yahoo 360 we connected because of the mutual interest of Christianity. At the time I thought she was a missionary in the Philippines and that is really all I knew about her. I later discovered she was a victim of mind control and that she had become involved in exposing some sort of enigmatic world in which people victimized others with mind control.

Even now I am pretty sketchy on her personal story. I am uncertain if some freaky scientists, a cult or a government agency (from whatever nation) was experimenting on Soleilmavis.

Frankly as Soleilmavis’ posts gravitated more toward mind control information and less from her Christian thoughts I began to read less and less of her writings and posts. As Yahoo 360 shut down she invited me to join a Ning Group she was an Administrator of called peacepink. I took Soleilmavis up her invitation but I still avoided the nefarious world of mind control exposés. Then Soleilmavis found me on LinkedIn. I’m at LinkedIn because of blogging and Soleilmavis is there as an activist promoting “Peacepink: Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/Directed Energy Weapons”.

I am now thinking I should have read more of Soleilmavis’ post because I just finished reading the first chapter of a book she has written that reads as an autobiography of her victimhood. I found out about the book because Soleilmavis is trying to raise funds to have it published.

In her efforts to fund the publishing of her book she is utilizing a fund raising website called GoFundMe. The book is entitled, “Twelve Years in the Grave”. Here is an abstract found at GoFundMe:

This book is about the true stories of Soleilmavis, one of many civilian citizens to discover that they are test subject victims for the study of electromagnetic radiation technologies and global surveillance equipment. During the horrible period in the grave her soul was waylaid but her cries were answered by Gods love and support. Losing her life to find God was a true consolation and brought joy to her soul and gave her strength to be a soldier rather than a victim. She worked hard to seek justice by exposing the horrible crimes to the public, which, without public knowledge and it's voice, the future of humankind would no longer know the meaning of the word privacy.
First three chapters of the book:

The above Zip is a sponsor of our Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control Technologies and Directed Energy Weapons.

I think Soleilmavis’ book may need to go through more editing. I am going to cross post the First Chapter of Twelve Years in the Grave as found on the peacepink website. The First Chapter reads like a gal slipping into insanity. You will have to read on to discover when Soleilmavis realized she was a victim of mind control.

JRH 8/20/12

[Blog Editor 8/1/15: When this was first posted I used the title "Ten Years in the Grave" for Soleilmavis' ebook. At this point I don't know if I cross posted the way it was written on peacepink or if I just got it wrong. At any rate the the title is "Twelve Years in the Grave" and I have so adjusted the title through out this post. BTW the peacepink link so listed here is no longer available at peacepink.]

Soleilmavis' Story (Dec2001- Feb2002)

Posted by Soleilmavis 
October 12, 2008 at 12:30pm

I want to write a fact book about my story. Can you kindly give some comments on my writings?

Any other suggestion on how to write a book?

Due to the horrible harassment and torture of voice to skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies, I could not write properly. Could anyone help to make my manuscript to better structure and proper arrangement?

Twelve Years in the Grave

Chapter1: Falling Without warning into the Grave

Proverbs 1:

11 If they say, ‘Come along with us; let's lie in wait for someone's blood, let's waylay some harmless soul;
12 let's swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit;
13 we will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder;
14 throw in your lot with us, and we will share a common purse’;

As we ventured further into a new millennium, the whole world was entering into a challenging new era. I also wish to improve myself by studying for a Master Degree to adapt to the challenging world. It was at the turn of the new millennium, that I came to Melbourne, the southernmost city of Australia, the South Land, to study for a Master Degree. Some people all over the world had started celebrating the new millennium since December 2000, but in Melbourne, people were preparing to celebrate the new millennium at the end of 2001.

Following the warmest summer in Melbourne since 1855 the string of warm days far exceeded the previous record of 78 days, set between 29 December 2000 and 16 March 2001 [1), this December of 2001 seemed a normal summer. But while the police officers were wearing their short-sleeved uniforms, I still wore a thick black jacket with a blue downy collar and lining.

In the classroom, I studiously and carefully continued writing notes on the details from the lesson while the teacher was assigning the homework. This was today’s last class, at 4:00 pm the classes were finished. Some classmates had already packed their schoolbags. As soon as the teacher finally said: ‘Goodbye everyone!’, the voices of the classmates said in unison, ‘Goodbye Mr. Julian’, followed by the noises of moving tables and chairs and the buzz of conversation. Some classmates left hastily and waved at me as they went: ‘Goodbye Liu.’

I smiled at them from my chair. It was already 4 pm but I wanted to finish my homework, as well I was waiting for my roommate, just like every day.

She was a beautiful Malaysian Chinese girl of twenty one years, her name was Ellen. Having learned to cook any kind of western-style meal from her grandmother made my stay with her extra delightful. We rented a small two bedroom apartment. Since we had both come alone to Australia, cooking and eating together, going to school and the library together, gave us the feeling of belonging to a small family.

I liked this girl, not only because she was good at cooking and housework, but also because of her attitudes towards school. She always said that she was going to study hard in school and she tried to learn as much as she could. It was a pleasure to see that a girl who came from a rich family could take her studies seriously.

Almost all of my Asian schoolmates were from rich families, I was a rarity among them. I used to study in one of the top primary schools and entered into one of the top secondary schools in China; I stayed away from the chaos in the university during the 1989 movement of China. My father and mother had worked in rural areas for almost all their life; they could not earn enough money to support me overseas. I worked in China and abroad for several years earning and saving for my studies, and I applied to a university to studying a Masters Degree in Melbourne. I valued my time and money; I studied hard to be one of the most diligent students here.

At about 6 pm, Ellen and I walked to our flat to have dinner. After dinner, we went to the library together and stayed there until 8:30pm, as usual.

Staying with such a young girl, being a student who was studying for a Master Degree, the life was like a pure fairy tale, so free and unfettered, it seemed that I had never experienced pressures from working and life.

This was a very normal summer afternoon. Because it was so normal, I could not even remember the date. It was indeed a warm day. Feeling hot, I took off my thick black jacket, wearing only a pale yellowish green shirt before we went shopping. At 160cm in height, 48kg in weight, People said that I looked younger than Ellen.

Ellen and I bought some Chinese food and went back to our flat.

It was a three-story flat which was still under renovation, construction workers were still working on the first floor.  There used to be a window at the end of the corridor, but the builders had built a small room at the end of the corridor where they put a washing machine, so the corridor was rather dark, even in day time.

Ellen always said that she feared the dark, so I always talked loudly when we walked in the corridor. Carrying two heavy bags and walking all that distance, we were both sweating by now. I leaned against the wall near the door, looking at Ellen intentionally with helpless adoration and affection.  She let out a laugh, ‘Lazy girl', and put down her bags and took out the key.

I was about to rush into the room as soon as the door opened but Ellen suddenly dragged me back, and said nervously ‘Wait! There is something wrong.’  ‘Wrong? What’s wrong?’ I looked at her uncomprehendingly. Ellen opened the door all the way and said: ‘Look at the floor.’ I looked at the floor of our room in the dim light; there were several looming big footprints.  The idea …. ‘thief?’ flashed in my mind. I looked at Ellen and we stepped back together. We should not feel too scared I told myself, it was day time, there were others living in the nearby flats, and we heard the reassuring sounds of the construction workers talking and their banging hammers.

There was no mistake - we had cleaned the floor before we went shopping. These footprints were big; they were obviously from tall men. I was often oblivious to my surroundings and the small details of life, but I knew that Ellen was meticulous and I could trust her completely.  If Ellen had not seen the footprints, I might not have noticed them.

We stood listening in front of the door for at least 3 minutes, the room was quiet. ‘Even if a thief did enter our room, he has already left.’ I said to Ellen, and walked into the room in front of her.  She rushed to her room and checked her new computer and belongs, I checked my stuff too, we did not lose anything.

This little incident did not spoil our good mood for the rest of the day. Ellen prepared western food, roast young beef, I cooked rice. We had a good dinner. I also finished the leftover milk which we had put inside the refrigerator after breakfast. Ellen and I never waste food. 

After dinner, I lay on the bed and continued to read a book of HTML. After reading only a few pages, I was starting to feel terrible.  My whole body became very hot as if I had a high fever, and then I felt very cold. Ellen did not notice anything similar. I opened the electric heater, and tried to sleep. Next morning, I felt normal. I looked in the mirror and did not find anything strange about my face. I was attentive in class as usual, but soon got a slight headache.

The next week the headache was getting worse and worse. And I got a strange feeling that there were some eyes from a far corner glancing at me, but when I tried to look for those eyes, they disappeared.

The pain got worse and worse in the following weeks. Because of the terrible pain it felt like I was living in a dream. And I felt colder and colder. Walking along the street, I felt that I was like plankton floating in the water, and people around me looked like swimming fishes. I felt eyes flickering at me, which were like frozen fish eyes floating up from below the glacier of the South Pole. Sitting in the classroom, I felt that the voices of the teachers and classmates were coming from far distances. Sometime I saw their lips were moving, but I could not hear what they were talking about.

And occasionally near midnight I started to hear whispers in my ears in my dreams. But when I would suddenly wake up from the dream there was silence. I could only hear the sound of a lone car passing through a far street in the cold night of Melbourne Summer.

One very cold summer night, I heard vaguely in my dream: ‘She is ugly! She is dirty!’ I suddenly woke up from the dream and heard a clear voice: ‘Quiet!’ and there were few young voices shouted: ‘She is ugly!’ One voice in Chinese said: ‘She is awake, don´t talk!’ and another voice in Chinese said: ‘We will let other people know about her.’

Hearing such vivid talking on such a quiet night at midnight made me break out in a cold sweat. I held my breath and wanted to hear more, but it was quiet again. I could not sleep well that night.  For the next few days, I did not hear the ‘voices’.  I started to suspect that it had really been just a dream when I heard those voices a few days ago. But one week later, I heard them again, in the middle of the night. The voices were so clear, it sounded like they were from just downstairs. They made my flesh creep. I held my breath, straining to hear, but most of the time, the voices were just whispering, and I could not hear clearly what they were talking about.

One night, I heard that they were talking about what I had been doing in my room. ‘Are these people watching me?’ I suddenly remembered the big footprints and wondered if someone had fixed a secret camera in my room.  I assumed, that if f I could hear their voices, they must hide in some places nearby to my room.

I went to the third floor and the first floor and tried to find out who was living there, I did not find anything strange. But those voices sounded as if they were coming from downstairs. I talked to Ellen about the voices I heard at midnight, Ellen said she heard nothing.

The voices were like demons which had just come out from their dens. They kept sucking my spirit and consuming my energy. They were waylaying my harmless soul; and swallowing my alive, like the grave.

In some mythologies, there were poltergeists which could occupy human bodies, but I did not believe in poltergeists. I was 100% positive that they were human beings who were watching me with high technologies.

I became wan and sallow. I wanted to get rid of the voices but the midnight voices became more unbridled, noisy and louder. I just didn't know how to make those demons disappear from my life. My headache was grievous. Sometimes I had blurred vision and poor hearing because of the headache; even my teeth felt loose. It was just like walking through a deep and secluded dead valley; I became more and more reticent day by day, my face was becoming a stone statue. And helpless as a death rattan, spreading to the bottom of heart. My heart always rained.

In December 2001, I decided to move out from this building. Ellen was very reluctant to let me move out, she said she really wanted to stay with me for the rest of her studying life in Australia. I tried to comfort her and explained that our flat was near a main street, and the noise interfered with my sleep. I promised that I would find a good roommate for her before I left.

In the next few days, I looked for a roommate for Ellen and found a nice Japanese girl who also enjoyed cooking and housework. She liked Ellen had a gentle personality and I thought they would be able to live together peacefully.

In the newspaper I found a one-story house in the suburbs and called to make inquiries. A young man (who was named Russel) answered and offered to drive me the next day to have a look at the house. I felt that it was a quiet and good place, and not too far from school. Ellen and I invited Russel for a dinner, and a few days later he drove me and my luggage to the one-story house.

Russel rented out the house and wanted to find other people to share the rental fees. Russel was a young western boy who was about 24-25 years old. At this age, the young boy always had a happy face, and of course he had a happy heart. Russel seldom stayed at home. His girl-friend who had white hair came to see him once a week from another city.

I spent several days cleaning the house and garden. I found a big piece of cloth in the storeroom. After washing it, I made two tablecloths to cover the old and shabby dining-table, and one writing desk which was about to fall apart. I picked some flowers and leaves from the garden, found two glass jars to put them in, they became beautiful decorations for the tables.  Now walking through the house it looked much better and was more comfortable.

I often went for walks near my house. One day I came upon a small second hand antique shop, and inside there was a small off white vase with one yellow rose and one pink rose painted on it. I liked it very much with its classic elegance, and immediately bought it.

It felt good to see the house become progressively more clean, tidy and comfortable. Russel was very happy too. He borrowed a mower and cut the lawn all around the house. He also cleaned the garden and fixed the broken furniture. He drove me to the supermarket to buy food and daily necessities. But when I cooked some Chinese dishes and invited him to eat together he remained shy.

Russel worked as a landscaper who was also studying for a Bachelor degree in Melbourne University. My pronunciation always made him laugh, soon he began to help by correcting me. He also helped me with my homework. One time the teacher assigned homework that involved doing a survey and writing a 1000 word essay. Russel drove me to the busy streets, asking passersby to fill in questionnaires. With his help, I finished the essay successfully.

I was always reluctant to see the doctor when I was not feeling well; but this time, the horrible pain really made me suffer too much. I found a China Herb medicine doctor; it was only a ten minute walk to his clinic. He was Vietnamese, and could speak Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. He was also fluent in written Chinese. The first day, I went to his clinic, he warmly welcomed me and examined me, and gave me some Chinese herbs with no charge. I called my parents and told them about my headache; my parents also posted me some Chinese medicines.

My headache was not cured after taking these Chinese herbs and medicines. And I did not get rid of those voices after I shifted to the new house. Those voices now not only harassed me at night, but also the daytime. Sometimes the voices sounded near; sometimes far. Soon I started to experience a wide variety of symptoms. Majority of the symptoms were; pain all over the body, stomach pain, toothaches, headaches, and leg and arm pain. All these symptoms would disappear without any medical treatment, but they recurred over and over and over again.

I still went to school every day. When I was suffering the headache, the faces of the teachers and classmates seem blurred, like glasses drenched by rain. Everything looked as if it was soaking in water. My classmates were still very nice to me. Each time the teacher asked me a question, they would tell me which question the teacher was asking. When the teachers assigned the homework, they would write it down for me. They all noticed that I was becoming more pale; and urged me to go to see the doctor

The suffering made me very tired and always in a bad mood. When there were no classes, I preferred to stay at home rather than going out with classmates.

My house was facing a big grassy area. Sitting in front of the window, I could see the whole area. I often sit there in the evening darkness quietly looking there; Everything seemed to float to the surface of the water. There was a tree with golden leaves shinning in the darkness with a clear outline. The leaves were dancing softly with the wind. I always wanted to pick a branch of that tree whenever I saw it dancing in the wind, but I never did.

When I first moved to this house, those voices sounded as if they had moved to my neighbors’ houses. I used to hear a voice shouting: ‘Stop abusing her!’ I would hear another voice: ‘She is not the one we are looking for!’ But the most frightening thing was that I heard those voices talking about my thoughts and my dreams.

One midnight, I heard a voice: ‘If you like her, you can rape her!’ I roused suddenly from sleep and broke out in a cold sweat. I felt more and more tired, lonely and helpless. I felt that I was trudging over the desert alone and people looked like floating shadows.

I did not believe that crap that ghosts might possess mankinds' bodies and thoughts. I would rather believe in science. I searched the internet to look for the reason why they could know my thoughts and my dreams. From the internet, I found a term---lie detector— a kind of machine which might know what you were thinking.

I went to the police office to report what happened to me. A very young and tall boy asked me some questions. I told him: ‘I was under surveillance by a lie detector.’ He asked: ‘What´s that?’ I told him: ‘A machine that lets other people know your thoughts.’ He said: ‘We never use that in Australia, it is illegal to use that in Australia', and then asked me if I have enemies in Singapore or China.  I told him that I don´t think so, and then I said 'I don´t know who would use that to do surveillance on me, but a group of people are following me, they are dangerous in my life! Some of their voices sound as if they are from neighbors’ houses." He said: ‘We will check out your neighbors.’

Coming out from the police office, a sense of hope of getting rid of those voices rose up in me. Taking a taxi home, I still felt that I had so many grievances from all suffering I had endured so far. Silent tears fell involuntarily. The taxi driver must have observed me for a long time; he slowed down the car and finally said: ‘All will pass by and everything will be over.’ He took only half the usual rate from me.

After celebrating Christmas and New Year’s alone, January 2002 had come. One Sunday afternoon, I tried to sleep for a while, but got a high fever again. I felt very cold and shivered all over with cold. But I felt a fire burning from the stomach, slowly spreading to my arms and legs, and finally to my head. My body was so hot that it seemed as if I was on fire. The fever lasted for 30 minutes and then I tried to sleep for a while. I felt my body floating in the air in my dream. I prayed to God: ‘If you are really there, why do you just watch me suffering so much? Why don´t you just let me die!’ This was the first time in my life I called to the Lord; I cried to God for help. I did not hear an answer from God but the clear sky soon darkened with clouds; it rained heavily that whole night and the golden tree danced all night in my dreams. A warm feeling spread in my heart, I felt that my calls were answered. When I was crying, it was raining; the heaven was crying; God was crying.

Examination days were coming. The morning of the exams, I went to see the school doctor. After hearing my complaint about the horrible headache, the doctor gave me some panedals and also gave me one day medical leave. I insisted on taking the writing examination which was in the afternoon. When the examination paper had been distributed to me, the vision seemed to become blurred; the words looked as if they were floating on the paper. I didn't know how I finished the paper, but I did, and then went back home. I fell on to the bed as soon as I arrived and slept for the whole night; but roused suddenly from sleep several times.

I successfully took other examinations during the next few days. On the day, just when I finished the last exam, my teacher came to me, and asked: ‘Do you have a medical leave for the first examination day?’ I said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘Give it to me and I will apply one more chance for the writing test. Your writing examination result is bad.’ A few days later, a lady arranged another writing test for me. I got 17 out of 20.

I felt as if I had fallen into a nightmare. I still went to school every day and made contacts with people around me, but I became more and more lonely and spent more time staying at home alone. People could easily see that I was suffering as I was becoming steadily thinner and more pale from illness. They indeed did show great concern as they did not forget me even though I was willing to stay alone at home.

After the exams, one of our teachers invited all the students to a BBQ at her house. It was a big house with a big garden and 2 dogs—a big white dog and a very small black dog. Looking around, there were some bare hillsides with dried grasses. Another nearby house was about 300 meters away. Standing silently in the garden, hearing everyone laughing heartily, I was thinking that if all the hillsides were covered by trees, we could hear the sighing of the wind in the pines on windy days; we also could hear birds singing. Everyone had a good time and returned home after thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Few days later, some students arranged a BBQ at the bank of Melbourne River. A Thailand classmate insisted on inviting me to the join them and said: ‘You have been ill for a long time, you shall come out with us and have some fun.’ Even those voices were still harassing me; I could at least have a little joy when I sit silently on the grass ground; hearing their laughing and talking; looking at the boats on the river; seeing sea birds flying across the sky; and watching some elders having BBQ just next to us.

Two days later, Russel invited me to visit his home which was about 100 km away from Melbourne city. Having suffered for such a long time, I did not expect too much fun from this tour; but while driving along the road to the countryside, I was still in a good mood. Russel corrected my pronunciation -  we even repeated the pronunciation of ‘A’ many times. We laughed and talked, the trip seemed very short. We arrived at a place which Russel called it a village but there were only 3 houses, a large grape plantation and a meadow.

That night I slept in his sister’s room. I had heard those voices during the trip and also in the room at night. I started to realize that those voices were not watching me through secret cameras, but I wondered what kind of technologies were they using, that even 100 km away, they still could watch what I was doing, and I still could hear their voices?

In the following week, I found that the hinterurbia near my house became more and more bustling. Traffic flow increased in the streets near my house; there were a new pub, some new shops and a new beauty parlor.

One day, I took the train from Melbourne station; a man about 50 years old followed me to Footscray Train Station. When I got off the train, he got off the train too and quickly walked over to me and asked: ‘Are you a student in Melbourne?’ I warily looked at him and just as succinctly said: ‘Yes.’ Seeing my precaution, he said in a hurried tone, ‘I think you might need a job in Melbourne to earn money to support your studying. I can offer you a job opportunity.’ Even though I still felt strange, I loosened a bit. He then gave me his phone number and told me that if I need a job, I could call him. He also asked my telephone number, I took his number and gave him my telephone number, and said goodbye to him.

Two days later, he called me and invited me to go out for a tea. We met at the bank of Melbourne River, he bought a cup of orange juice for me.

That summer, the sun in Melbourne always looked as if it was covered by dirt, and it was grey. I was still suffering the headaches. Even when I was sitting in front of the guy, his face looked hazy. He asked me: ‘What are you supposed to do in Australia?’ I answered him: ‘concentrate on studying, but if I have enough time, I can do some business.’ He asked: ‘do you have a boyfriend?’ A low unpleasant feeling flitted across my heart, I blurted out: ‘Yes, he is in another country.’ He then said: ‘If you like, I have a job opportunity for you.’ I told him ‘I am suffering horrible headache and other diseases now, I cannot handle any work.’ He said: ‘Don´t go to see the doctors, don’t take any medicine.’ Hearing his words, my heart moved abruptly; from his words, it seemed that he knew that doctors could not cure my symptoms. Since I suffered a wide variety of symptoms and heard voices, I had tried to explain to some people, including the doctors, I also tried to get help through internet, but no one could understand my suffering. ‘Does this man know my suffering?’ I thought to myself. I had not figured out what caused my symptoms and why I could hear voices; I wanted to ask something, but I did not know where to start; so I had to remain silent. I just said: ‘I would take Chinese herb medicine instead of Western Medicine.’  We only sat together for about 10 minutes, and then I went back home.

After receiving the exam results, there were 2 weeks holiday. I stayed at home almost every day. Looking at myself in the mirror, I looked like a stranger, pale and haggard. I remembered the first day I had come to the school, wearing a grass green shirt. Ellen asked me: ‘how old are you?’ ‘Guess?!’ I asked with a mischievous twinkle in my eyes. ‘20?’ she said with the tone for sure. I looked at her archly and laughed: ‘Maybe!’ Ellen looked at me solemnly out of her fine eyes and said: ‘I am 21, one year old than you. I will care for you, don´t worry that you are alone in Australia.’

Why had I suffered such a wide variety of symptoms, such as pain all over the body, stomach pain, toothaches, headaches, leg and arm pains, and high fevers? All these symptoms would disappear without any medical treatment. Why could I hear voices talking to me day and night, but others could not hear? At first I believed that those people hid in the place near my house, and they needed a secret camera to watch me. But now I understood that they could ‘see’ me without camera even I was 100 km away from home. And I knew that their voices could reach me even I was 100km away from home. How advanced their technologies were!

In some Chinese Kung-fu novels, there was a kind of Kung-fu which called ‘transmitting sounds to one person’s ear from distance.’ In Chinese myths, Ghosts could possess mankind and make a person lose himself. I believed neither in ghosts possessing mankind nor super Kung-fu. I indeed believed that it was some kind of high technologies. I suspected a possibility that they put some elements in my body and made my body become a GPS machine which could receive their voices. And these elements inside my body made me suffer symptoms. I remembered the first time I got the high fever, Ellen and I ate the same thing for the whole day. At dinner, I drank the leftover milk, Ellen did not drink milk. Could it be possible that they had put some elements into the milk?

Seeing me becoming more and more pale, Russel told me that he had a sister who was a mother of two children and lived alone in a small house, it was more convenient for me to stay with her. One day, Sandy came to visit Russel, she wore an old red jacket and played wheel shoes, She had short brown hair.

At the end of January 2002, I shifted to Sandy’s house. The first day in the new house, I did not hear those voices. But few days later, I heard those voices again and it sounded as if they had moved to my new neighbors’ houses again.

I stayed alone, drenched deep in sadness. I went to see doctors, but no doctors could cure me. Lucky Sandy appeared to be very friendly to me. In the first two weeks, she always showed me the way to the bank, post-office, supermarket, and to see doctors. Sandy was a nice looking girl. One day she borrowed my green skirt and dressed up, looking very brilliant. I gave my green skirt to her because I thought that this was the right clothing for her

There were a lot of people visiting Sandy, people of different skin colours, and different races. But I did not have the energy and curiosity to show solicitude for what she was doing every day. I suffered other symptoms as well, aside from
the pain all over the body, such as, my hands couldn't stop shaking and couldn’t hold anything, my legs were unable to stand. I lay down on the bed almost all day, only sometimes went for a walk for a while around my house.

In Russel’s house, I only heard those voices that sounded as if they had come from two houses which were just next to my house; but in Sandy’s house, I the voices sounded as if they came from many houses in that area. How horrible it was! Why were there so many people joining them? ‘Had they chosen me to be part of a human experiment for new technologies? It must be!’ I thought my surmising must be right.

But who were they? I wanted to find out who lived in my neighbourhood. This was a remote and quiet blind alley; there were only seven semi-detached houses along this quiet alley. I often held a book and sat in front of my door; I wanted to see who walked in and out from neighbors’ houses.

Three houses looked empty. I never saw anyone go in or out.

There was a western couple who lived in the opposite house with their two young children who were about 10 years old. One day, when I was lying down on the bed, one of the children came to see me and played in my room for a while.

On the right side of my house lived two old western men. I heard most of the voices seem to come from their house. And I even heard those voices say that they were Australian police officers. The old man had a big dog; when I came to the garden, it always barked furiously. I found a long stick, and put the bread at the end of the stick, and tried to feed it through a chink in the wall. Gradually, it stopped barking when it heard my voice. This big dog looked really like a patrol dog. Since I used to feed three big police dogs in the rural area that I lived in when I was a teenager I was familiar with the breed and noticed that this big dog looked like the same breed as the dogs I had known.

I only saw once an old man walking out from the house. I smiled to him and said: ‘Good morning uncle!’ He smiled to me and said: ‘I am going to buy some food.’

There was a tall wall between my small garden and his, and I could not see into his garden. But there was a small window in my house facing his house; I stood on a chair and could see a corner of his room through my window. But I could only see a man about 50-60 years old sitting on the sofa watching TV.

But I did hear so many voices come from his house: young males and females; middle aged males and females; old men. And I could hear the treads approaching and leaving; and cars parking or starting. How could such a small house hide so many people? I knew that there were ventriloquists who could imitate many sounds. But why should they imitate so many sounds?

I walked further when I went for a walk. I wanted to know what was at the right side of his house. It seemed like a motel on the right side. Maybe this would explain why I heard so many sounds, but I still felt sad that those voices kept talking about what I had ate today, when I had slept, what I was doing.

On the left side of my house, there were two semi-detached houses. In one of them lived an old women, I only saw her once. Another house lived a young Asian girl and a young Asian boy. But I used to hear middle aged female’s voice coming from their house.
I still went to see the doctors, but no doctors could cure my symptoms. I complained to the doctors that some people were watching me with lie-detectors, and their voices harassed me every day from my surrounding houses. Doctors could not understand what I was talking about.

Sandy seemed sick too, when I was lying down on the bed, she lied down on her bed too. I really did not have energy to pay attention to her; she had a close boy-friend who came to see her almost every day. How to get rid of those voices was the biggest concern of me.


[1] Melbourne warms to a record long, hot summer, 19 March 2010

Other Chapters of the Book

There is a Dark World of Mind Control You and I are Blind to
John R. Houk
© August 20, 2012
Soleilmavis' Story (Dec2001- Feb2002)

Kidnapped by Mind Control Weapons, and Sent to US Embassy in Hong Kong Soleilmavis

Nickname: Soleilmavis
Citizenship: Chinese
Year Torture began Dec. 2001

Here I wrote the Facts and Evidences, Not the Arguments of my story.

On Apr 2002, I was kidnapped by mind control weapons and was brought inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong. Because I was harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control weapons, I could not remember clearly all the details, but I tried to write more details.

Even I did not know WHO used mind control technologies and brought me inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong; and WHY?  But I tried to write details of 'WHAT Happened'.

Details of my stories:

I became a victim of mind control weapons abuses and tortures, when I was studying Master Degree in Australia on Dec 2001.
I had reported to police but I could not get help to stop the abuses and tortures in Australia.

I tried to talk to many people about such matter; most of them said they never heard such technologies,

Some voices said to me:" USA has the most advanced technology in the world. You can go to USA; maybe you can cure your diseases there."

I went to the USA embassy in Melbourne to apply visa, paid the application fee. But when I came back home from Embassy, Some voices said to me:" Go to USA, we will arrange for you, don´t have to apply visa." They also said:" We will apply medical leaves for you."

Because I thought those voices would not lie to me, and my brain was being harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control weapons, I could not READ THE REST

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