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Oklahoma GOP Unites Behind Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstein & Eric Cantor 8-10-12
Republican congressional nominee Jim Bridenstine (left) shakes hands with house majority floor leader Eric Cantor after they met with media at Hilton Southern Hills, Friday in Tulsa. CORY YOUNG/Tulsa World
John R. Houk
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I’m a Jim Bridenstine guy in the 1st District of Tulsa, OK. Bridenstine defeated incumbent John Sullivan in the GOP Primary on June 26. Sullivan of course was Republican Party choice to retain his seat and indeed Sullivan did have a good rating as a Conservative voting Representative.

Bridenstine however is the local Tea Party Choice because his campaign presented a more activist candidate than Sullivan has been. Frankly I was ready to vote for incumbent Sullivan until I saw an attack ad aimed at Bridenstine.

The attack ad questioned that Bridenstine had not voted in the last election and mentioned Governor Fallon in particular. Also the ad implied that Bridenstine was not a bona fide Oklahoman accusing him of being a transplant.

When I saw the ad I began to wonder if Sullivan was concerned about losing his Primary to a relatively unknown person. That thought bugged me because the Tulsa GOP voting base is definitely a Conservative voting base. So I checked up on the accusations from the Sullivan attack ads

I discovered that Bridenstine was a Jenks High School graduate and a combat veteran. Bridenstine is not only an Oklahoman but he also a war hero in the GWOT. My discovery really bugged me that Sullivan would take such a tact when it was probably unnecessary. I am guessing without the attack ads Sullivan would have won on incumbent GOP name recognition alone campaigning as a Conservative.

I am guessing I am not the only one that felt that way because Bridenstine came from nowhere to win the June 26 Primary.

I am writing all this (probably repetitively) because the GOP establishment has gotten over animosity and is showing support for Bridenstine to keep the 1st District as a Republican Seat.

The Tulsa World reports that not only was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor at a Friday (August 10) fund raising breakfast but so were other Oklahoman GOP Representatives INCLUDING 1st District incumbent John Sullivan.

How awesome is that?

JRH 8/13/12
Bridenstine breakfast attracts GOP supporters

By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer Published: 8/10/2012  12:39 PM
Last Modified: 8/10/2012  12:40 PM

Oklahoma Republicans put on a display of unified support Friday for 1st District congressional nominee Jim Bridenstine, with about 170 people showing up for a hastily organized fund-raiser breakfast at the Southern Hills Hilton.

The event featured U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, who was introduced by current 1st District Rep. John Sullivan -- the five-term incumbent who was defeated by Bridenstine in the June 26 primary.

3rd District Rep. Frank Lucas and 4th District Rep. Tom Cole also attended, as did Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, City Councilor G.T. Bynum and former Mayor Robert LaFortune.

Kathy LaFortune, wife of former Mayor Bill LaFortune, served as a greeter.

Cantor, who supported Sullivan in the primary, said he thought it was important to come to Tulsa to meet Bridenstine and to demonstrate the party's support of him.

"It is a testament to the Oklahoma delegation and John Sullivan himself that all of us were here today in support of Jim's candidacy," Cantor said.

Bridenstine's Democratric (sic) opponent in the general election, John Olson, also tried to capitalize on Cantor's visit. His campaign sent out an e-mail noting that tickets to Bridenstine's breakfast cost a minimum of $250 and promising doughnuts and coffee with Olson for everyone giving at least $30 by midnight Friday.

Bridenstine will meet Olson and independent Craig Allen in the Nov. 6 general election.
Oklahoma GOP Unites Behind Bridenstine
John R. Houk
© August 13, 2012
Bridenstine breakfast attracts GOP supporters

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