Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Until the Last Breath

Justin O. Smith writes about the lax standards the USA implements with its immigration policy. Particularly Smith writes how those lax standards allows Muslim immigrants into America that desire to live an Islamic Supremacist life in this land of Liberty as established by our Constitution. Islam’s Sharia Law and the American Constitution cannot both be law in this country because they contradict each other. So my fellow Americans do we accommodated Sharia Law loving Muslims placing them above the Constitution or do we apply the Constitution to all that live in America?

JRH 8/21/12
Until the Last Breath

By Justin O. Smith
8/20/2012 11:57 AM

From an accurate historical perspective, the Arab world, other than the Arabian Peninsula, was claimed by Islam through conquest and seizure of land. This includes Turkey and Egypt, which at one time were both 90% Christian, and "Palestine", which before the Muslim conquest was known as Judea, Sumeria and Canaan ...populated by Jews and Christians. And to this day, a cultural and civilizational war has persistently been waged against the West, because the West knows that Islam has no true basis in the Abrahamic passages and European theologians were the first true interpreters of Christianity ...a Christianity as distorted or betrayed as one may view it... but Christianity; Islamists want a war that strikes at our soul, our way of life and our philosophy of life... Our Freedom!

Unfortunately, the Islamists and other enemies of America are aided through the Immigration Act of 1965, which is a liberal Democrat and ACLU initiative from the Johnson era that withdrew the use of quotas and screening for education, skills, and criminal activities, as well as any adherence to radical political views in opposition to democracy. As a result, subsequent groups of immigrants entering the U.S. have been significantly poorer, less educated and skilled and offering less to the growth and prosperity of America. And many, such as the Hispanic illegal aliens riding the "Illegal Alien Bus" into Nashville last Thursday, many of which wore masks (because their cause/actions were so noble and honorable?), have little or no regard for U.S. law; or, they are like the tens of thousands of Somalians, Egyptians, Saudis, Palestinians, Bosnians and many others across America who have brought with them jihadists and the warped Islamic Sharia ideas that mock Judeo-Christian principles and violate our civil rights and the U.S. Constitution.

Most Americans would be shocked to find that U.S. immigration policy regarding refugees has essentially been entrusted to the U.N High Commissioner for Refugees which predictably favors Muslims, who face no religious persecution in their home countries, while refusing refugee status for Christians facing real persecution and the threat of certain death for their religious beliefs. This travesty has occurred due to the inordinate influence of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the U.N.'s largest bloc of nations and one of the world's largest intergovernmental organizations; the OIC is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, and likewise, it is dedicated to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within."

Tariq Ramadan, renown Islamic scholar and terrorist/terrorist sympathizer, states, "Muslims are bound by the law in their country of residency to the degree that they are not compelled to act against their Muslim consciences." So, to what extent does their "Muslim conscience" compel them to violate the laws of their host nation?

Currently the Obama administration is allowing entire Muslim communities to enter the U.S., due to his own Islamophilia and coercive Islamists' argument that in order for them to be more tolerant of the West and Christianity, the U.S. must become more tolerant and sensitive towards Sharia values and Islam; one must also consider that the Obama administration may be doing a quid pro quo to acquire cheap oil in exchange for loosened immigration policies for Muslims, much in the same manner as occurred throughout the European Union after the 1975 Strasbourg Treaty, since U.S. dependency on Arab oil has increased by 20% this year. And, just as these policies have failed in Europe, they will certainly fail here, and they will serve to establish a monstrous Islamic empire of oppression within the 21st century, rather than one of free peoples!

In France, public officials meet with imams at the edge of Roubaix's Muslim district, because these imams have "declared" the area to be "Islamic territory". In Britain, the government has acquiesced to Muslim demands for Sharia law in areas like Bradsford. This same dynamic is seen in Copenhagen, and the Muslims in Belgium already view the Brussels neighborhood of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek as under Islamic jurisdiction, with Belgians not welcome.

This April, islamofascists took to the streets in Luton, U.K. in protest over the arrest of the wife of a terrorist convicted of a bombing three years earlier. Chants of "British government go to hell" and "British police go to hell" were conspicuous, as well as signs declaring "Sharia law will rule the UK", just as CAIR suggests will happen in the U.S.; in June, a man was beheaded by the new Islamist government of Tunisia for apostasy; two weeks ago in Mali, the islamofascist "revolutionaries" controlling Timbuktu casually lopped off the hand of a man merely accused of theft, and over the past two weeks, ten U.S. Armed Forces members were murdered/assassinated by Afghani police force "insider attacks" (our allies?)... Yes indeed... Islam... "the religion of peace, tolerance and mercy!"

Retired General W.G. "Jerry" Boykin remarked a short time back, "Take a walk through Dearborn and you'd think you were in the middle of Islamabad." Recently in 'The Tennessean', it was suggested that, with hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Dearborn, MI has few Islamic related problems, even though just over a month ago Christians were actually stoned inside its city limits... Yes! Right here in the middle of America!... In part, the suggestion is true only because they represent the majority in this area, however there have been several terror plots squashed in this community and several "honor killings" that were not intercepted, since 2004; in conjunction, Sharia law has persistently been introduced into Dearborn's city codes, phenomena America has witnessed in too many of its cities.

Islamic expansion only needs the hordes of immigrants who daily arrive by jets and ships. And it needs time, patience and new generations to grow. British Muslim terrorists of  "July 7" were second and third generation. The French rioters in the fall of 2005 were second, third and even fourth generation. Even here in the U.S. we have witnessed second and third generation Muslims turn to terrorist activities and membership in Al Qaeda.

The first steps in this war are waged through immigration, fertility/procreation, presumed multiculturalism, and Islamic demands: the Islamic holidays, the five prayers' interruptions, the halal meat/food, the Sharia compliant schools, the face covered also on identity papers to begin with: then follows the Islamic marriage, the polygamy, the stoning of women, and assets deemed offensive to Islam removed from museums and libraries and archives and continuing... until?

Hirsi Ali was ritually circumcised by her grandmother without the knowledge or approval of her father. Although she grew up Muslim, she left Islam and escaped from Kenya to the Netherlands, and she eventually worked with a think-tank researching the lives of Dutch Muslim women. Due to many uncivilized and harsh cultural norms taught by imams and Islamic "scholars", Ms Ali now advocates for closing Islamic schools and curbing Islamic/Muslim immigration. As an ex-Muslim, Hirsi Ali fully understands and credibly expounds upon the inherent dangers of allowing any form of Sharia to enter a civilized nation's infrastructure... And some of our Rutherford County and Tennessee State officials want to legitimize Sharia compliance in our schools?... Really?!? Shouldn't we be listening to people such as Ms Ali... the real experts... Islam's victims?!?

War Islam wants? Good. As far as I am concerned, war is and war will be... until the last breath.

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