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Here is another section from Global Watch Special Report 2011. A previous section was entitled, “From Obscurity to President in 24 Months

JRH 8/31/12


Freemasonic Brotherhood-Intelligence Agencies Compartmentalized Power Structure

The Pyramid structure is based on the concept that there are many different groups, societies and initiatives as seen below, who are all contributing to the global emergence of the New World Order. These groups are defined as “the workers”. However the elaborate and deceptive connection between all of these groups is that their goals, ideals and objectives are directly or indirectly contributing to the eventual objective of the Order of the Illuminati who are also known as the “Black Nobility or the “Illuminated Elite”. It is this group that controls the world banking and political system and has a significant influence over the ecology and environmental movement and it is this group which sits at the top of the pyramid as a representation of the all seeing eye through their ritualistic allegiance to whom the Bible called the Prince of this World” otherwise known as Lucifer.

Conspiracy to Rule World - Illuminati

The noticeable gap between the Illuminated Elite and “The Workers” is a relationship which is a hallmark of freemasonry with the fact that there are different degrees or levels, for instance a first degree mason is known as an Entered Apprentice until such time as he is "Passed" into the Second Degree when he becomes a Fellow Craft. Ultimately it is only those at the very highest degree (33rd) of freemasonry who have full access to the full occultic understanding of the Masonic agenda.

Could it be possible that Barack Obama as a worker was chosen to further the reality of a New World Order because in essence his political ideology is one that would manifest itself and which is manifesting itself through his financial reforming of the American banking system, the American health care system and Homeland Security.

Is it possible that whilst he attends Bilderberger meetings and has surrounded himself with significant influential members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission world government groups) that his disconnect from the real power brokers at the top of the pyramid means he does not fully understand the implications of why he was brought into office and why he is making the political and economic decisions that he is making.

Is it possible that whilst trying to further his aims with an honest and contrite motive, his aims are actually contributing to the wider evil design of those above him. (?)

One would have thought that Obama as a professing Christian would be aware of Bible Prophecy in some shape or form considering that before becoming president he and his family had for many years attended Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), a mega church in Chicago with around 8,500 members.

However the paradox is that whilst the Bible is filled with significant detail regarding the end times and a specific time table of events to occur, many of today’s mega churches hardly focus on biblical eschatology or the study of things to come. Whilst there is a general understanding on general events to occur such as Jesus Christ returning to earth, a period called the Tribulation, and a coming Millennium, many churches and congregational members have no exposure to the New World Order danger and as such are vulnerable.

For instance how many times have you personally heard Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, Billy Graham, Creflo Dollar and some of the world largest Christian ministries educate their TV audience about the coming deception of the last days. There is significant focus on being a better Christian from a spiritual and practical perspective but very little attention to understanding the world we live in and the covert plans of the global elite.

The choice of Barack Obama to spearhead the progression of world government has not only been to appeal to a wider audience base in the United States but it is also because of his appeal on a global level. For instance his very being and multicultural and multi faith heritage is such a powerful weapon that its even caused significant confusion within the Muslim world which is normally very unilateral in their view on individuals associated with Western Zionism or the “Great Satan” as they refer to the United States.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Obama’s presidency is studying the dynamic with the Muslim nations brought about by Obama’s change of policy from that of former president, George Bush Jr. The Middle East and Africa at large have been untrusting and hostile to past US administrations yet now there is an element of possible change with Obama now in the office.

Obviously, many will allude to the obvious such as his first name “Barack”, and his past connection to a non practicing Muslim father and schooling in a Muslim school in Indonesia but it is apparent that the election of Obama has caused confusion and a been the source of a major debate within the Muslim world.

On one hand there are those like the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who views Obama as an apostate who is simply a different man in new suit but with the same agenda as George Bush Jr. whereas there were others such as former Libyan Leader Colonel Gaddafi who had nothing but plaudits for Obama. During a United Nations conference in New York in August 2009, Obama was rushed away from the auditorium after making his speech because of the fear that Gadaffi who was present would attempt to try and embrace
Obama which from a publicity perspective would have serious implications for the US administration.

The Muslim world has always been a problem for the global elite because of the fact that the Muslim World associate the agenda of the global elite as political Zionism because of the elites need to control Israel and Jerusalem. However this should be no surprise considering that the Illuminati agenda is one which has no place for Islam.

However with the Middle East being the nerve centre of the world and the frightening reality that a sudden war in the Middle East before its appointed time could seriously and negatively impact the agenda of the global elite as they build their infrastructure for world government, the choice of Obama has been a cleverly disguised ploy to bring confusion within the Muslim world and to give the global elite a footprint of political influence in the region through the likes of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia who have seemingly been welcoming of Obama much more than the previous US administration.

Control of Muslim states of North Africa and the Middle East for the time being is paramount to a successful rollout of the global world government because the oil rich nations of the Middle East have the potential to wreck the world economy through oil embargoes or creating alliances that pose a threat to the Illuminati.

In a previous report we made mention of how on Tuesday 6th October 2009 a report was published in “The Guardian” regarding the fact that the Arab States, Russia, France and China had launched secret moves to stop using US currency for oil trading.

“In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning along with China, Russia, Japan and France to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.”

Obama has thus been brought in for a specific reason and the jury is out on whether he is fully aware of where his new world order agenda is leading or whether at some point, the penny will drop and like Kennedy he will attempt to resist and put the brakes on the wheels of the global elite world government train.

This is why we need to continually pray for our president because the legacy of John F Kennedy’s brave resistance to the power structures who attempted to control him is one that provides even greater strength to those who seek to repel and resistance global tyranny today.

Whilst we know that world government will eventually come because it is clearly prophesied to be a final chapter in this episode of human history, resistance gives rise to curiosity and knowledge which will help to educate the masses of the need to seek salvation because world government will eventually give way for the establishment of God’s true government on earth through Jesus Christ for which we need to be ready as only those who are worthy will be able to enter.

An ongoing further affirmation of our thoughts and conclusions are also addressed in an interview with David Icke which you can see later in this report.

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