Friday, August 31, 2012

‘The Newsroom’ bashes Tea Party

NoGuff watched an episode of HBO’s “The Newsroom”. The show is Leftist propaganda and because of this I have chosen not to let curiosity draw me to this entertainment.

Below are two Personal Messages sent to my YouTube account concerning the political theme behind The Newsroom.

JRH 8/31/12

‘The Newsroom’ bashes Tea Party

By NoGuff

Newsroom demonization of GOP, T Party & Conservatives

Everyone please read this. On my personal FB account a friend of mine posted this picture. The text is from "The Newsroom" show and what was said about the Tea Party, Republicans, and Conservatives. It's all empty bumper-sticker petty insult Talking Points which cannot be supported with facts, reason, or anything else. Only lies. The show's writer, Aaron Sorkin, was Hillary's speechwriter, and is a crackhead.

I'd love it if someone reading this could come up with the Conservative equivalent to this BS. THANKS.

Hi friends,

You had to see this coming. Aaron Sorkin, Hillary's former speechwriter and former "West Wing" writer, gives the Tea Party a piece of his crack-head mind with his latest "Newsroom" episode.
VIDEO: Newsroom - Tea Party, American Taliban

A Liberal friend of mine on Facebook posted a picture showing all the points listed in the (empty, bumper sticker, petty insults) diatribe disguised as elevated political commentary.

Of course, with my personal group of friends, it’s perfectly okay for them to post Liberal nonsense, but if I post something Conservative in nature, no one joins in the discussion, or I get some hate messages disguised as "helpful advice" not to write such things.

I'm going to post that picture on my NoGuff Facebook account ( and see if anyone can come up with a counter message to this. I ask you to try the same thing.

Thanks very much.

BTW, no love on my video about the Cabinet? Is it that bad? Or just too long?


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