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Re: How many times must I point this out? Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 Evil

NoGuff adds more thoughts to the post “How many times must I point this out? Agenda 21.
JRH 8/29/12
Re: How many times must I point this out? Agenda 21.

By NoGuff
Sent: 8/28/12

Thanks a lot, John.

The elimination of our sovereignty is spot on. The food reduction is not necessarily to make us dependent, but to reduce our ability to produce food and to reduce the amount of food produced worldwide to create famine. This will reduce the human population, or at least slow its expansion, and subjugate the masses.

The end goal of Agenda 21 is to have a Neo-Communist one world government, under the control of a few Elitists, where 99.99% of the world's population is oppressed with no real rights, only "collective" rights, and never allowed to prosper, revolt, or share in any of the Earth's abundance. Oppression for the masses, luxury and power for the few.

This is how they'll sell it. Peace, because of no countries or borders. Equal rights for all, because of no countries or borders. Prosperity and safety nets for all, with jobs for all, because they'll take from the rich and give to the poor. Environmental care. And "the end of racism."

The problem is, as usual for Leftists, everything will be for the opposite reason, and have the opposite effect. Their "peace" will bring sectarian war and strife, with violence by the government forces toward the citizens. Their "equal rights" will mean no rights for anyone but the Elitists. We will "all" have "collective" rights, so the rights of the individual can be trampled for the sake of the collective. Their "prosperity and safety nets" will mean poverty for all but the Elitists because that economic model cannot work, and because the Elitists simply don't care about giving the masses rights, prosperity, or opportunity. And the "jobs" will be manual labor to serve the Elitists, or mostly will be just the dole, where you're given minimum sustenance. And with that, licensing & approval for having children. The environment will be given priority over humans. And Leftists are inherently racists, and will end nothing.

Again, science fiction writers have been saying the same thing since Progressivism first gained power with Woodrow Wilson.


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