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Tyranny in America or Obama: The Despot

Agenda 21 - Crime Against Humanity
Agenda 21 is something I have labeled Conspiracy Theory. I do so because it falls under the conspiracies that have the agenda of forming a New World Order or a One World Government. The thing is Agenda 21 is in fact a program under the auspices of the United Nations which is a global organization in which legitimate nations desire membership.

The nefariousness of Agenda 21 is a projection of concern for global health, global hunger, the global environment, and global agriculture that will sustain the global population in peace and comfort on a collective basis. It sounds outwardly great until you read the “collective” part.

I post often on Agenda 21 yet I often allow other authors to be the contributors. Below is one of those cases. Justin O. Smith writes a great article on Agenda 21 that should encourage you to do a little digging yourself on how the Conspiracy will affect your life if keeps going unchecked.

JRH 4/9/12
Tyranny in America or Obama: The Despot

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: 4/9/2012 11:57 AM

Contrary to assertions by the Obama administration, the Progressive Democrats and the liberal "mainstream media", i.e. 'The Tennessean', President Obama's adoption of UN Agenda 21 through his June 9, 2011 Executive Order 13575 is far from innocent or innocuous, especially when combined with his March 16, 2012 National Defense Preparedness Resources (NDPR) Order. Order 13575 controls all of rural America through the newly created White House Rural Council, while the NDPR essentially gives the President complete control over the nation's entire infrastructure, as well as the power to declare martial law during peacetime; both orders integrate and include every U.S. department from the EPA to the Department of Defense, and as such, these three entities represent the greatest threat to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. sovereignty and individual freedom, in the history of our nation, especially in light of Obama's desire to "fundamentally transform" America!

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is an Agenda 21 agency, and it has been inconspicuously allowed entry into many U.S. communities prior to Obama's order largely due to a vagueness of language that would clutter and confuse any normal person's thought process; however, some communities like Irving, Texas now recognize the dark and nefarious intent behind ICLEI and have nullified ICLEI based codes. By infiltrating the smallest levels of local government, the ICLEI advances a globalist initiative for a post-industrial America/world that creates requirements for city planning and local laws. These ICLEI initiatives also essentially erase personal property rights, and they even steal land from rightful owners under new guidelines for "sustainable rural communities", which are based on environmental impact.

"Sustainability" has replaced Cap and Trade and global warming Marxofascist schemes designed to redistribute the wealth under the guise of "clean air and water" and "environmentalism", however, Agenda 21 goes well beyond environmentalism, as it professes a desire to end poverty, change consumption patterns and promote health. Agenda 21 also seeks to reduce private property ownership, private car ownership, single family homes and privately owned farms, as it squeezes people into small livable areas and implements population control.

Already numerous property owners in rural and urban areas of the nation, especially California, have been issued codes violations citations for "living on land illegally" by Nuisance Abatement Teams following newly created codes that comply with Agenda 21. In some instances, even when the private owners were unaware that these ridiculous codes had been adopted, they still effectively lost their property to the county without compensation. Similarly, the federal government has imposed this same plan in order to protect endangered species and "wetlands" and to implement numerous other dubious land-use control policies that have no constitutional basis. This is "Amortization of Non-Conforming Uses" under sustainable development.

The Habitat Agenda, a subsection of Agenda 21, limits the size of the world population, sets parenting regulations described in the 1989 UN Convention of the Child, and it controls housing, communications and religious expression. It greatly resembles the old USSR constitution, and while many specifics were discussed at previous UN conferences, this agenda delivers only greater restrictions on individuals and a progressive plan for global governance.

Truth and facts matter little to Pres. Obama and the Progressive Democrats, and we certainly know that they prefer stories and "scientific" arguments that evoke the "correct" response, such as the falsified evidence from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. None of the IPCC studies contained clear evidence that climate change can be attributed to increases in green-house gases or man-made causes. Now without "proof" of a human impact on global warming, the Leftists, globalists and Obama lose their strongest argument for world governance.

Any activity described as "sustainable" should be recognized as a "government controlled activity". The first paragraph of Obama's Order 13575 reads: "...Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. Strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future and ensuring American competiveness...The Federal Government has an important role to play in order to expand access to the capital necessary for economic growth, promote innovation, improve access to health care and education, and expand outdoor recreational activities on public lands".

Obama's 13575 references "sustainable rural communities" as it employs Agenda 21 language verbatim and its blueprint for sustainable development. Many authors of Agenda 21 have admitted that regulation would severely limit water, electricity and transportation and even deny us access to our most treasured wilderness areas, and it would basically monitor all lands and people. Within Order 13575, an admission exists of government intent to seize greater power over food, fiber and energy...items that are key to human existence.

The National Defense Preparedness Resources Order basically redefines "national defense" and completes the mission initiated by 13575. The NDPR empowers the Secretaries of Energy, Defense, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Transportation and Agriculture to confiscate food, water resources, all forms of energy, all forms of civil transportation ( any vehicle, plane, boat), livestock, farm equipment, and any other materials from wherever they are available, including construction materials. Specifically, the government is allowed to allocate facilities, services and materials as it deems necessary or appropriate, and the bureaucrats decide what necessary or appropriate means.

The NDPR in part states: (Sect. 301 title 3 (b) The Secretary of each agency... shall ...issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources and establish standards and procedures... to promote the national defense, under both emergency and non-emergency conditions. In essence, this is giving the President and his cabinet the power to declare martial law even during peacetime!

It is now evident that State Rep. Rick Womick's assertions regarding Agenda 21 are fact. The proposed legislation to nullify any Agenda 21 codes within Tennessee was both necessary and proper; next, our legislators must focus on neutralizing the extensive and overreaching power contained in Obama's recent Executive Orders, since America cannot trust Obama with any power.

Obama's vision for the "fundamental transformation" of America has ushered in a nastier regime of government regulation and oppression, as his administration moves forward with anti-American, anti-freedom UN agendas and attempts to persuade the American people to accept unthinkable limits on consumption, family size, transportation and land use by scaring them into compliance through environmental risk "facts", in order to redistribute the world's resources and create "global equality"/communism; the NDPR authorizes cabinet heads to offer loan guarantees for whatever they need or, in a crisis, take whatever they need and redistribute it as they see fit, which serves the politically connected through corruption of heretofore unseen proportions. From Obamacare's individual mandate and a corrupt Stimulus (i.e. Solyndra) to an energy policy designed to crush fossil fuels, Obama's vision is morally and economically bankrupt with an inherent core of destruction that reduces America and the world to the lowest common denominator...poverty for all but the elite ruling class!

"The most striking success of a revolution will always have been achieved when the new philosophy of life as far as possible has been taught to all men, and if necessary, later forced upon them." -'Mein Kampf'/ Adolph Hitler

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