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Stockman and Texas District 36

Texas Congressional District 36 map
John R. Houk
© April 18, 2012

I received an email today from a candidate running for Congressman representing Texas District 36. I found this interesting because I don’t live in Texas. I live in Oklahoma. Now I have promoted Congressmen/women on my blogs that are outside of Oklahoma; however I believe in every case these were Congressmen with a national profile; e.g. Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Peter King and probably a few others.

This is not the case of the candidate email which in this election cycle is a call for support with votes and money. I can’t vote for him so the email is aimed at money.

The candidate’s name is Steve Stockman. It took me awhile to find some info on Stockman and this is what I found:

Steve Stockman

AKA Stephen E. Stockman

Born: 14-Nov-1956
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Gender: Male
BaptistRace or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician
Party Affiliation: Republican
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Congressman from Texas, 1995-97

Extremely conservative Republican who defeated forty-two-year incumbent Jack Brooks during the Republican Revolution of 1994, largely based on the fact that Brooks had supported the federal assault weapons ban enacted earlier that year.

Arriving in Texas in 1980 bankrupt and living in his station wagon, Stockman quickly gained notoriety in the House for calling the Clinton Administration's raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas a 'conspiracy to build support for the banning of assault weapons', as well as an incident in 1995 where he reportedly received a fax about the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City moments before it happened.

Stockman was defeated for re-election in 1996 by Nick Lampson, attempting to return to politics twice after the loss; subsequent attempts at Texas railroad commissioner in 1998 and U.S. Representative once again in 2006 (a race that, coincidentally, Lampson won in his own return to politics) were unsuccessful.

Stockman currently works as an accountant and occasional Republican consultant.

Wife: Patti Bullock Stockman

High School: George A. Dondero High School, Royal Oak, MI (1975)
University: San Jacinto College
BS Accounting, University of Houston (1990)

US Congressman, Texas 9th (1995-97) Leadership Institute Campus Leadership Program Director (2005-06) National Rifle Association
Young Conservatives of Texas Chairman (former)
Drug Possession Valium (1977), charges dropped
Risk Factors:

[Source: NNDB]

I am unaware of NNDB’s political leanings of Left, Center or Right. I am guessing by the “Risk Factors” NNDB is either Center-Left or Left Wing. As far as I am concerned when one is labeled as homophobic they are taking a stand for Biblical Morality. The implied meaning of the label of homophobe is as an epithet as of a bigot.

Stockman’s email indeed promotes himself as a card carrying Conservative with the proud rating of 100% by the American Conservative Union (ACU). Stockman’s source of pride is unseating the District’s - where he had run at the time – 40-plus year Dem incumbent.

Stockman fails to mention the very next election he was voted out of Office. Evidently Stockman turned out to be a bit too far to the Right for District constituents that had been used to a Democrat for forty years. So Stockman served as Representative for two years from 1995 – 1997. Another Republican that had won that District has painted a picture of Stockman as a nut job. So the question becomes: Is Stockman a fringe Right-Wing nut job or is he a Conservative disliked by Establishment Republicans?

The District Stockman is running in for 2012 is not the same as in 1994. Steve Stockman is running for Congress in a brand spanking new District 36 created after the 2010 Census. There are a bunch of Republicans running in District 36 with a Primary scheduled for March 29, 2012 after a bunch of litigation surrounding gerrymandering accusations. Here is the list of the GOP candidates according to Ballotpedia:

Republican Primary

·         Keith Casey

·         Jerry Doyle[4]

·         Jim Engstrand: [5]

·         Ky D. Griffin[4]

·         Mike Jackson [5]

·         Charles B. "Chuck" Meyer[4]

·         Kim Morrell[4]

·         Lois Dickson Myers[4]

·         Steve Stockman

·         Stephen Takach[4]

·         Daniel Whitton

·         Tim Wintill

Yep, that is a long list of Republicans running for District 36.

At any rate I like what I read in the Steve Stockman email. So I am posting that email and let you do the digging if this is someone you wish to support financially.

Steve Stockman


By Steve Stockman
Sent: 4/18/2012 10:07 AM

Obama's socialism makes me sick!

And I have the barf bag to prove it!

I'm Congressman Steve Stockman, a proud, principled conservative Tea Party Republican.

And I'm saying what no one else in Washington has the backbone to say.

It's why I have perfect 100% ratings from the American Conservative Union, Gun Owners of America, the National Right to Life Committee and every conservative out there.

Even the liberals at TIME magazine had no choice but to call me "the leader of the Republican Revolution."

Believe me, they weren't happy!

I've spent the last few years defeating liberals by helping train and launch the Tea Party.

And those liberals are going to hate what I have planned to undo the Obama agenda when I return to Congress!

You see, even if we overcome Obama's mainstream media cronies, Democrat dirty tricks and his billion-dollar campaign we still need never-compromise conservative leaders in Congress to undo his damaging policies.

Will you stand with me and take back our country from the creeping advance of socialism?

Just go here to chip in $10 to make your Tea Party friends jealous and get your Official Obama Barf Bag.
Official Obama Barf Bag
For $25 you get three (a savings of $5,) for $50 you get six (a savings of $10) and for $100 you get 15 (a savings of $50.)

Obama's job-killing, freedom-stealing socialism makes me sick to my stomach.

And it makes me sick with anger when I see him shredding the Constitution, exploding our debt, bowing down to foreign dictators and plunging this country into European socialism!

So angry I'm ready to march back to Washington and take down liberalism again!

You see, I've done it before.

In 1994 I did the unthinkable – defeating the 42-year incumbent Democrat Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in a district that was two-thirds Democrat.

I beat the most senior Democrat in Congress in a district where no Republican had ever won in 150 years.

But I didn't stop flipping liberal wigs there.

The Establishment told me to keep quiet and not cause a stir.

I'm a never-compromise conservative leader. I didn't listen to the liberal Establishment.

•    I introduced a constitutional amendment to stop illegals from using their kids as "anchor babies," 15 years before anyone else talked about it.

•    I introduced a bill to end all abortion by making it the official policy of the federal government that life begins at conception. No ifs, ands, buts or compromises.

•    I introduced a bill to repeal federal gun control and eliminate background checks, waiting periods, and registration requirements for firearms nationwide.

•    I co-sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act to end homosexual marriage.

•    I co-sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment.

•    I co-sponsored the Partial Birth Abortion ban.

•    And I co-sponsored the bill that would have made English the official language of the United States.

I refused to back down and refused to keep quiet.

And now I'm marching back to Washington to pick up the fight where I left off.

Will you help me take back our country?

Just go here to chip in $10, and I'll send you an Obama Barf Bag so you can show everyone what you think of Obama's socialist aggression.
If I win this race, you and I will be able to spend decades repealing Obama's radical bills, unseating Obama's radical appointees and ripping out Obama's radical regulations.

Very few candidates will tell it like I just did.

And none of them have my record of backing it up.

Obama's socialism is too dangerous to send timid conservatives to Congress.

We need take-no-prisoners, right wing leaders who will rip apart, tear out and blow up everything Obama has touched.

Obama's socialism makes me sick!

I'm offering you a change to undo the Obama agenda...

...and enrage liberals in the process.

Go here to chip in $10 to show me you support me in my campaign to return to Washington and pick up where I left off – defeating liberalism so it will never return.

And in return I'll send you my Offical Obama Barf Bag so you can show everyone you won't back down.


Congressman Steve Stockman
Conservative Republican – Texas

P.S. Obama's socialism makes me sick! And together you and I can stop it! I'm Congressman Steve Stockman, leader of the "Republican Revolution" that took Congress.

I'm a never-compromise fighter for conservative principles. I revolutionized D.C. before, and I'll do it again.

I need you to show you stand with me against Obama. For your gift of $10, I'll send you one of my Obama Barf Bags. For $25 you get three (a savings of $5,) for $50 you get six (a savings of $10) and for $100 you get 15 (a savings of $50.)

Lead the new revolution. Go here to order your official Obama Barf Bag today!
Stockman and Texas District 36
John R. Houk
© April 18, 2012

Stockman for Congress on Issues

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