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It Says It All! (Response to the 2nd Flytilla)

Pro-Israel - anti-flytilla

Globally people that normally would be considered upstanding citizens have been flying to Israel to support Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. Dimwittedly these people in essence are supporting Islamic terrorism and condemning the only representative democracy functioning in the Middle East.

Below Ari Bussel writes about these poor deluded individuals.

JRH 4/15/12
It Says It All! (Response to the 2nd Flytilla)

By Ari Bussel
Sent: 4/15/2012 11:36 AM

To all whom Israel is in their hearts:

Dear Friends and Enemies of Israel, Supporters and Detractors of the Jewish Homeland,

At the eve of the last day of the Jewish Passover Holiday, Norma Zager and I sent out our latest Postcard "Comes a Judgment Day" or "I am a Giant Failure."

In the Postcard, Zager talks about her disappointment at a generation that fought and marched for peace, "young people that once cared about the world, children, peace and human suffering."

"Let tomorrow bring a commitment to loftier goals from a generation that espoused peace and brotherhood," said Zager.

Today's misguided generation has no less a platform full of lofty goals.  They are committed to destroying Israel, one action at a time.  Thus, they fly to Israel to protest and sow havoc. 

They, only they, see the evils in Israel's very existence, while Sudanese refugees walk hundreds of miles through the African desert to reach the oasis called Israel, the refuge and safe haven for their troubles.  Thousands of them today live in Tel Aviv.

They, only they, come to Israel to protest, and act to boycott, sanction and divest, since there are no repercussions whatsoever to their actions.  In Syria, protesters are butchered, in Gaza reporters are kidnapped, in Turkey they are detained and in Egypt human rights activists are imprisoned. 

It is the first time in recent years that Israel actually did something extraordinary.  Rather than absorb the bullying, let go and ignore, Israel responded.

Israel presented the reality to those "peace activists" and said:  "really, stay out!"  Not the typical hospitality of Israel, this unwillingness to go like sheep to the slaughter.  Possibly one should start another campaign to complain, to highlight another awful misgiving of those Zionist Occupiers?!?

Has the lion finally woken up?  Has the lioness finally started to wake up?

The following letter was distributed to those who call themselves and their descendants for five generations "refugees" who intended to board flights to Israel on this latest "Flytilla."  Remember - the only perpetual refugees anywhere in the world are those who call themselves "Palestinians."  It is an excellent business to be in, an indefinite status of a "victim" who is paid, and paid and paid ad infinitum.  Come to Israel and see how close to a million refugees from Arab lands are today indistinguishable from any other Israeli!

Others received the letter too, the cohorts who espouse the same hatred toward the Jews and intended to board the same flights.  Possibly they only craved a sunny vacation along the shores of the Mediterranean.  Or possibly they are determined to fight, to be the Davids who use a sling and deadly stones against the Zionist Colonizer?  Indeed, they serve well in the army of the Ayatollahs, and thus the letter is to them as it is for Israel itself.  For the former a response, for the latter a reflection.

We thus must be grateful, in a similar way that we remember Haman of the old Persian Empire.

A required reading, a first step in fighting back.  There must be consequences for madness.

While the letter was readily disseminated in Israeli media, we are grateful to Mr. Gabbai for providing us a copy.

Letter to Flytilla II Activists
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First Published Apr 15, 2012

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