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Bob Simon interviewing Michael Oren
60 Minutes of CBS evidently has trashed Israel (again). I have not seen the episode yet. I found out about it by being on the email list of the San Fernando Valley ACT for America Chapter. The alert is provided via’s Yuval Zaliouk. Or at least that is the claim of the SFV ACT email and I will go with that. Yuval was riled that 60 Minutes places the blame on Israel for Arab-Christians leaving Samaria-Judea (aka West Bank) rather than the majority Arab-Muslims.

JRH 4/24/12


By Yuval Zaliouk
Sent by: SFV ACT for America Chapter
Sent: Apr 23, 2012 at 3:55 PM


Dear friends,

The program 60 Minutes on CBS tonight was reduced to the lowest level of anti-Israel bias and propaganda bordering on anti-Semitism. Half truths, deliberate or out of ignorance, were perpetrated on Israel while setting up a trap to Israel's Ambassador to the US Michael Oren. The editing of the interview with Oren was so blatantly obvious, it left not the slightest doubt that most of what he said ended up on the cutting-room floor.

The program, prepared and narrated by the Jewish Bob Simon (who is made of the same genetic material as Tom Friedman), put the blame for the dwindling numbers of Christians in Bet Lehem on Israel.

Here for example is one most glaring omissions of the program:

According to the 1993 Oslo Accords, the so called area A, which includes Bet Lehem, is under the total control of the "Palestinian" Authority. Israel has no presence in this area. In fact, if Israel continued to control Bet Lehem, the situation of the Christian population in that city would have been thousands times better.

Area 'A' (2.7 percent of the West Bank) - full civil and security control by the Palestinian Authority. This area includes all Palestinian cities and their surrounding areas, with no Israeli settlements. Entry into this area is forbidden to all Israeli citizens. The Israel Defense Forces maintain no presence, but sometimes conducts raids to arrest suspected militants.[1]

Persecution of Arab Christians by their Muslim "brethren" is a known and proven fact. Obviously, due to their precarious position, the Christians who were interviewed by Simon would not dare speak out against their Muslim neighbors for fear of retributions, just as the Copts would not dare talk against Muslims in Egypt.

This is yet another unforgivable outrage by a major US liberal network and program. Correspondents like Bob Simon should not be given access to broadcasting.

Today, 60 Minutes suffered a terrible blow to its reputation.


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