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Exposing the Heretical Faith of Our President

Obama Anti-Christian
Four years ago I wrote often about Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged Christian faith. I say alleged because BHO’s associations with Jeremiah Wright (SA Here), Louis Farrakhan, Black Liberation Theology and the various Marxist oriented mentors and associates display an utter abandonment of the Christ of the Bible and Biblical Values. AND I was definitely NOT the only blogger that did this.

Despite the verifiable connections to pseudo-Christianity rather than a real Christianity a majority of voters cast their lot with BHO. Four years and still today BHO’s historical documentation is obscured or just plain hidden; nonetheless the President’s religio-political leanings were openly evident. Sure the then future President went out of his way to proclaim a Christian faith and to distance himself from his religious and political mentors; however this distancing was more akin to deception than reality. The sadness is that voters believed BHO back in 2008. It will even a sadder day on that first Tuesday in November 2012 vote for the President knowing that he pretty much has ran his Administration as a Socialist mover and shaker denigrating Christianity in America at every political turn.

I am gratified to read that stalwart defenders of Christianity are stepping up to the plate to again expose Obama’s Marxist style Christianity which in essence is an anti-Christ situation. I read an email from Dr. Gary L. Cass of that is a reminder of the real Obama and a promotional to acquire funds to distribute information put together in exposing Obama.

JRH 4/26/12
Exposing the Heretical Faith of Our President

Gary L. Cass

By Dr. Gary L. Cass
Sent 04/24/2012 07:05 PM

It is infuriating to watch President Obama claim to be a Christian when his words, beliefs and actions don't correspond in any way to Christianity. To this day many Evangelicals are so ill informed they let Obama get away with it. We can't keep letting that happen! We plan to expose Obama's radical political agenda based on his radical religious values.

In just the past few weeks Obama's former pastor and spiritual mentor for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright, has resurfaced. Known for his controversial statements, Wright said Allah and Jehovah is the same God. But Allah is not the Christian God because Allah is not Triune. This is another heretical lie with which Obama appears to agree.

Christianity has always confessed there is only One true God [Deuteronomy 6:4; Galatians 3:20] who eternally exists in three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit [Matthew 28:19]. Muslims do not worship Jesus and deny He is God's Son. The very idea deeply offends them.

Black Liberation Theology

Obama operates under Jeremiah Wright's misguided theology and regularly gives Islam preferential treatment. Before becoming President, Obama said the Muslim call to worship is "the most beautiful sound he's ever heard at sunset." Both Obama's father and stepfather were Muslims.

Jeremiah Wright's magazine, "Trumpet," once had Obama and his Chicago ally, Louis Farrakhan, the racist founder of the Nation of Islam, on its cover. Farrakhan is known for his outrageous racist diatribes like "white people are potential humans who have not fully evolved." Recently, Farrakhan said Jesus was a Black Muslim. Wright, Farrakhan, and Obama are all part of a fringe, race-based religious movement that operates out of Chicago.

Jeremiah Wright proudly says he is a Black Liberation theologian and a disciple of James Cone. James Cone wrote the seminal works of Black Liberation Theology. But it has been relegated to the radical fringes, having been thoroughly discredited by real theologians decades ago.

Cone admits the goals of Marxism and Black Liberation Theology are compatible. Critics would say they are identical. Obama's church in Chicago for twenty years is considered to be a model of Cone's Marxist philosophy. Not surprisingly, Obama's radically left political positions are the same as Cone's and Wright's.

The premise of Cone's work is God is essentially about liberation. Liberation for Cone is not spiritual, but political. God is working on the side of oppressed people against their oppressors. Blacks are oppressed by whites in an America which is irreparably racist. In order for blacks to be liberated, they must assert their power, by whatever means necessary, even violently.

Cone concludes his argument with questions that sum up the heart of his theology. "Where is your identity? Where is your being? Does it lie with the oppressed blacks or with the white oppressors?"

The Fundamental Flaw

The fundamental flaw for Cone's theology and Obama's worldview is the assumption that man is to relate to God and neighbor on the basis of his race. For a Christian, racial identity must be subordinated to the Gospel.

The biblical basis of a person's identity is threefold. By creation all people bear the image of God [Genesis 1:28f.] and are of one blood [Acts 17:26]. All men share a common, fallen humanity [Romans 3:23]. In redemption, there is no longer "Jew nor Gentile, male or female, slave or free"[Galatians 3:28].

A Christian's identity is primarily spiritual and founded upon Christ. All ethnicities are welcome in Christ's church. In heaven there are people from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation.[Revelation 5:9] Cultural and racial differences are not essential factors since we are all one human race and are all one in Christ. 
But James Cone says,

"[T]he fact that I am Black is my ultimate reality... it is impossible for me to surrender this basic reality for a 'higher, more universal' reality... The idea of heaven is irrelevant for Black Theology. The Christian cannot waste time contemplating the next world (if there is a next)."

No one denies that some blacks have suffered wrong at the hands of some whites and vice versa. But the problem is not essentially racial. Racial differences are being exploited to foment prejudice and hatred to seize political power. The real problem is man's sin. Jesus died for people of all ethnicities and unifies them under His Lordship.

Is Obama "Wright"?

Cone's and Wright's Marxist ideology is Obama's political agenda. Obama will sometimes pull out a scripture and try to use it to justify his agenda. But Marxism and racism are contrary to the clear teaching of scripture.

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Ironically, although Obama is half-white, raised by his white mother and white grandparents, and attended elite white schools, he chooses to identify with a fringe, angry, black culture. This only makes sense if you believe you are a perpetual victim and America is irreparably racist.

Class warfare, envy, victimization and government intervention, not individual responsibility, self-reliance and freedom, are at the heart of Obama's classic Marxist worldview.

For Obama, the poor are the victims of the rich, Blacks and Hispanics are victims of Whites, women are the victims of men, Muslims are the victims of Christians and Jews and homosexuals are victims of heterosexuals. There it is, the Obama agenda. An agenda based on envy and covetousness, licentiousness and lies.

Obama's values are not Christian, biblical values that unite us. His values are the discredited Marxist values that pit entire classes against each other. No matter how hard Obama tries to sugar coat his radical ideology with religious rhetoric, he is not a Christian by any historic standard, nor do his policies reflect Christian values.

The dominant voices in Obama's head are the angry voices of Jeremiah Wright and James Cone, not Christ and His Word.

We can't let these lies go unchallenged. Please, help us as we produce and distribute our hard-hitting video series, "10 Reasons why Barack Obama is NOT a Christian." We need to raise $3,500 to create and distribute our next video. It will expose Obama's radical Anti-Christian judicial appointments, including his Supreme Court appointments.

We need to hear from you today so we can keep rolling them out though October and expose Obama's Marxist, racist, pro-Muslim agenda. Obama's own words, actions and policies have revealed Him to be among the most radically liberal Presidents in American history.

We must get out the truth so people aren't deceived by Obama's "Christian" faith. Please, help us with your prayers and with your most generous financial support. Click here to donate online today.

For the Defense of the Gospel,

Dr. Gary Cass, D.Min.

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