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Cry Freedom

Pigman Breaks Sharia

I became acquainted with Justin O. Smith via his essays on the dark side of Islam. Mr. Smith has sent a link to an essay on the wickedness of Sharia Law. I do emphasize wicked. There is no place for Sharia in America that has made the Bill of Rights the foundation of American Liberty.

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Here is another article of mine, "Cry Freedom”, which was published in Nov in 'The Rutherford Reader' and then was picked up by Brigitte Gabriel's ACT NOW and most recently by Jihad Watch. Perhaps your readers would like to view this also. Here is the link My Friend; I hope you will find this a good read.

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Cry Freedom

December 28, 2011

This past Veteran’s Day an intellectually intriguing group of scholars and leaders gathered for ‘The Preserving Freedom Conference’. The ensuing conversations focused on Sharia Law, individual rights and freedom for future generations. These were discussed in the certain knowledge that the ideas contained within Sharia Law are antithetical to our American culture, the U.S. Constitution and Western civilization, rather than from a position of fear of Islam and Sharia Law. Most Americans, who have familiarized themselves with Sharia Law, are disturbed that anyone could adjust their intellect or apologize for Sharia Law’s tyranny and Islam’s core of fascism inherent within its fundamental strictures, fatwas and edicts. I reject those individuals so destitute of knowledge, such as Charles E. Carlson of Project Strait Gate, whose fallacious charges of intolerance and racism stem from our opposition to the introduction or implementation of even the slightest hint of Sharia Law into the United States legal infrastructure, when our plain belief is Freedom for All!

Veejay Kumar, 4th District Congressional candidate, was in attendance. He has first-hand experience with Sharia Law. Twenty-five years in the U.S. has left Mr. Kumar with a perfect colloquial Southern dialect that makes me smile, and a short conversation reveals the benevolence behind the man and a real American fighting the imposition of the yoke of Sharia on anyone…no racism…simply a man fighting to preserve freedom in America.

Dr. Wafa Sultan is a psychiatrist from Syria, the author of “A God Who Hates’ and an outspoken critic of Muslim society and “radical Islam”. Her evening speech concerned her love for America, and it was her finest moment. In part, Dr. Sultan loved that her daughter could share the details of a lunch with her boyfriend without any fear. She was thrilled to be able to engage her male neighbor in conversation without any accusations or fear of being killed. And, as her voice caught and tears formed, she said, “I love America for the American doctors who saved my daughter,” which brought the crowd to their feet in a rousing ovation, many with tears in their eyes too.

Also on Nov. 11, ‘The New York Times’ reported the death of Vita Petersen (1915-2011). Mrs. Petersen’s father was Germany’s Secretary of State in the 1920s. Her mother was a direct descendant of Moses Mendelssohn. Vita fled the Nazis in 1938, made her way to New York and continued on to become an internationally renowned artist with exhibits at the Stable Gallery and the Betty Parsons Gallery. Such a full life lived; the world is a lesser place now that her bright light no longer shines.

Mr. Kumar, Dr. Sultan and Mrs. Petersen exemplify strength of character and will with their improved version of the American Dream that they created for themselves and anyone choosing to follow, as they arrived on America’s shore. They are American success stories, and they accomplished their goals by working within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. All immigrants, such as these, who attempt to improve the quality of life for themselves and others in a socially redeeming manner, deserve to be applauded, embraced and loved by all America.

The conference heard staggering details from barrister Paul Diamond (Cambridge & the Hague Academy of International Law), such as Christianity being described in U.K. courts as “pestilence” and entire sections of London, “Londonstan” in his words, with signs declaring “Sharia Law fully enforced here.” Unfortunately, even the Archbishop of Canterbury has called the introduction of Sharia as “inevitable”, and he has called for its acceptance, as Paul Diamond fights U.K. employers and the U.K. government for the right of Christians to wear their crosses in plain view.

Dr. Justin Akujieze revealed that the entire northern half of Nigeria had already been, in essence, conquered by the Islamists, as they have unilaterally declared Sharia Law without comment, debate or media discussion. At the same time, Muslims are committing genocide against the Christian Igbo tribes of Nigeria by burning them alive by the thousands, and these Islamofascists are now moving to control the entire country. As Dr. Justin appealed to those in the audience for their help in saving the rest of Nigeria from this Islamofascist onslaught, the emotion in his voice rang true, “Today is the last day and we must not wither. We must confront this head-on and together we will win.” Winston Churchill would have been proud!

In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton’s advisory staff convinced the President to enter the Serbian-Bosnian conflict basically on the side of the Muslims, due to erroneous intelligence that suggested the Serbians started the conflict. However, in reality, Muslim jihadists returning fresh off the cusp of defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan, with the aid of our CIA, convinced their brethren to start taking Serb properties; Serbian Muslims looted Christian treasures as they destroyed 107 churches and monasteries. Today Serbian Orthodox Christians still suffer extreme persecutions as they cannot openly spread their faith or build new churches in Kosovo, even though their churches and monasteries pre-date Islamic mosques and their ancestors laid all the foundations of this land.

The agents of destruction in America are represented by Muslims such as Ibrahim Hooper and Nihad Awad through groups like CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America. They preach political jihad and work to subvert the U.S. Constitution as they erect the legal framework for Sharia Law to become a parallel legal system or eventually actually supplant the U.S. Constitution; they also erect mosques and Islamic schools that teach this ideology along with hatred for Americans and Israel. John Guandolo told the conference that he could take us inside any Islamic school 7th grade classroom and find literature telling these children to convert or kill Americans, Jews and infidels.

A Muslim Brotherhood Progressive syndicate has formed around this Sharia threat according to ex-FBI Special Agent John Guandolo and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Frank Gaffney. CAIR and the ISNA are tied to the largest terrorist financing scheme in U.S. history through their Holy Land Foundation, and yet they are still operating freely within the U.S. Some of their agents work in the upper levels of the U.S. government, and they have heavily influenced the last three administrations, including the Obama Administration, through Grover Norquist’s actions as an Islamist agent of influence; Norquist has mounted attacks on state level legislation and individual Americans against Sharia Law through his Center Right Coalition and an alliance with the ACLU. In the words of Guandolo, “We have an insurgency long underway in this nation.”

Brigitte Gabriel, president of Act for America, weaved a riveting story that revealed a tortured and stolen childhood of enduring extreme privation, nearly freezing and starving to death, surviving being seriously wounded and hiding from Hezbollah in a bomb-shelter for ten years during Lebanon’s civil war. Ms. Gabriel eventually escaped to the U.S. via Israel; however, after 9/11 she realized that she had not really left the terrorists thousands of miles away and decades in the past. It was like a renewed wound for her when her young daughter asked, “Mommy…why do they to kill us,” much as she had asked her own father years earlier. Ms. Gabriel gave her daughter the words of her father, “Because we are Christians and they hate us.”

America is caught in a civilizational war between Sharia Law and our U.S. Constitution, and previously mentioned problems associated with Islam will arise with increasing frequency in Our Beloved America, unless we act now to defeat violent and political jihad and the infiltration of Sharia Law. As any Muslim population grows so too does its propensity towards Sharia Law, and even all of Mustafa Ataturk’s work to ensure a secular Turkey is unraveling today, in the face of the current world-wide ascendancy of Islamofascism and Sharia doctrines. And, certainly we all recognize that slavery is still practiced in Islam, especially in North Africa. Allowing one shred of Sharia to stand parallel to any portion of our law could eventually force all Americans of all ethnicities and religions to endure harsher conditions than the black community endured during the U.S. Reconstruction era at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan, because during the War to Free the Slaves there were Americans who, no matter the debate over the cotton economy or states’ rights, were willing to die for the right to own a “nigger”, or “kafir” to the Islamist; today these are the Islamofascists and their appeasers and apologists. Hundreds of thousands of other white Americans were prepared to die, because God wanted all of his children, including the black ones, to be free; today these are the Americans of all colors and creeds who oppose any Sharia Law aspirations under any set of circumstances in America. I am in love with Freedom, and I am fiercely opposed to anyone beginning to adjust to fascism simply because some success has been achieved by the Islamists and their “Arab Winter!”
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