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Farook Mohammed and the CIA Conspiracy Theory

Operation Crossed Swords Double Cross sm
John R. Houk
© April 24, 2012

I received an email which appears to be from a Farook Mohammed. He was commenting on a World Net Daily (WND) article entitled “Muslim threats against WND heat up.” In that article a one Faarooq al Mohammedi is reported to have warned WND about writing negative articles on Islam. I am going out on a limb that my “Farook” is the same person as WND’s “Faarooq”. WND was not intimidated. Here is a part of that article dated 02/29/2012 at 2:24 PM:

He initially contacted WND with a warning to take “extra precaution when publishing religiously sensitive material or in creating religiously sensitive suspicions about peoples (sic) religious beliefs and practices.”

He also warned in his original email that, “We would appreciate it if you could tighten your screening and moderation processes of articles to be published, any fake material published by WND will be taken as a breach of world news standards, religiously sensitive matters are to be based on solid and undeniable facts, failure to produce proofs of such published articles will give us no option but to bring about the complete removal of WND online as well as from the public in any print media.”

Contacted by WND at a telephone number in Africa, Mohammedi could cite no specific issues with WND’s reporting. Nor would he immediately provide information on how he has dealt with other media reports he’s found objectionable.

Instead, he promised to respond to WND by email with documentation about those cases.

Today, he contacted WND again, but not to provide documentation he had promised.

“Before I send you an example of how we dealt with other media outlets regarding Islamophobic and religiously racist content I would like to share with you our latest message from the global caliphate to the Muslim world; I’ve taken the time to have it translated for you in the attached,” Mohammedi’s email said.

“You see … there’s an easy and peaceful way in which people can come to terms based on common grounds of mutual respect and there’s the other way and it’s called silence,” he continued.

“I hope you will take the time to try and extract the value and much needed understanding from this communication. I have referred the matter of monitoring WND and it’s (sic) employees to our higher council of senior Ulama for instructions based on what we have found on the history of WND’s online activities.”

The attachment was a 23-page brochure promoting a worldwide Islamic caliphate. Called “The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power of a Nation Revived,” it said, “People who follow Islam are divinely selected and guided by the Almighty Allah Himself, these people then form part of a great Islamic civilization, that are united as one nation. a universal empire, known as the Muslim Ummah.”

Now Farook may have sent a rebuttal to me because I seem to remember somewhere writing or commenting about the links in question. I am too lazy to verify my suspicion of the reason Farook sent me an email; nonetheless here is that email:

Apr 18, 2012 at 7:12 PM Farook wrote:

Yo John,

Today is your lucky day...

The UMN Intl, is a political group and is linked in the American Govt. System.

The CIA is headed by a devout Muslim codenamed (roger) ask Pamela Geller even she will confirm it (no jokes), "agent roger" he is also a member of the United Muslim Nations International and forms part of their UIA agents (short for United Intelligence Agency aka "The Anonymous Group")

You have to understand geo-politics and the global financial situation to understand it all but anyway it all boils down to the 21st Century Caliphate (see CIA and MOSSAD official publications about the inevitable Caliphate). American society is being prepared for the establishment of the Islamic State of America via a strategic plan using the Anti-Islam groups to create enough fear of Islam and Muslims so that the Govt. can get the public to freely give away more rights and freedoms (in the name of protection). So you'll start seeing online censoring and media censoring etc... Which you are probably experiencing already? This will lead down to the creation of martial law in America at first by the US soldiers returning from the Middle East who's actual purpose was not removal of terrorists but in fact anti-caliphate groups.

The Muslim Brother Barak Hussein Obama assured the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt "in private" after his speech in Cairo of the fall of Hosni Mubarak, thereafter they will start their visits to America to set up the Shadow Islamic Government in America.

America will then lead the Islamization of Europe and advance the Global Rule of Islam over the world.

WND did not receive a threat but a request from a UMN Rep to cut its Islamophobic publications so it may conform to the new norms, WND then in turn took the matter to the authorities only to be ignored because the authorities (govt., CIA etc... is part UMN) in turn the UMN contacted the CIA to monitor WND and the like thereof.

WND then received an email from the UMN Rep again, this time openly giving it a 20odd paged document outlining the planned Ideology for America over the next 10 years.

WND did not publish all its findings because it was prevented from disclosing everything. The document was translated and I managed to find a PDF published one here:

[SlantRight: This link did not work for me; however you can go to a page entitled, “The United Muslim Nations (UMN) International” on the blog The True Religion. On this page scroll down to BREAKING NEWS: Global Caliphate NOW REVIVED (Download PDF Message to Muslim World). Click the link on the page and it send you to the link Farook provided me in his email; however be sure NOT to click Download PDF Creator, rather scroll down to the title in question click “download”. At this point you may be required to do a captcha code to proceed with the PDF download. If these pain in the butt directions don’t work email me and I’ll send an attachment of the PDF for a limited time.]

It's all about long term goals and gradual Islamization of America. The groups such as SIOA, EDL etc... Are all mainly groups to be used to create enough hype in society, psychologically and naturally any hype dies off after some time but this in itself creates curiosity and an opportunity to explain Islamization convincingly.

Anyway you will start to notice all these things yourself in the coming year or so. The CIA has years of experience in psychological warfare and the same tactic is now used in America.

The US has a high rate of Crime and a Massive Moral Decline, after in depth study for a solution the American Govt. realized only the Middle East is free from high crime rates basically almost zero and a good moral standard.

The Ideals are now being imported into America, this deal will secure America’s Financial Future and its standing on the world stage which has hit an all time low.

Your most valuable asset will be that document so make sure you get to read it before writing any article.

NOTE: the UMN Intl is established inter-nationalisticly [I am leaving this odd spelling alone]
I hope this info helped a bit? If not ask then I'll try to explain more but this is as far as I can get info, the rest is an enigma to me. I'll try and see if I can find more information via the grape vine because infiltrating this hidden world is a bit tricky.

Here's the CIA's publication:

[SlantRight: This link did not work for me either. Using Google this is the link to the CIA document entitled, “Mapping the Global Future.” This document is dated December 2004 and is part of the National Intelligence Council’s (NIC) 2020 project. More on this below.]
Take care bro!
The Undercover Investigator
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Now Farook has quite the Conspiracy Theory working here. You know this is a load manure. I am just uncertain if Farook actually believes this or just messing with a kafir blogger. I emailed Farook that I could not get the links to work, he replied with this advice:

Hi John,

Try to Google it, I couldn't find an article that puts it on the spot since many people don't really know how to put the puzzle together nor do people know much about these things.

Search for CIA's 2020 Caliphate Vision (Note: It's Propaganda they are involved secretively, had a problem downloading the file. Perhaps you will have better luck)

Then search for PDF Revived Global Caliphate Message to the Muslim World (Note: this is the Ideology planned to inspire the world with, I've downloaded a copy and attached it to this email)

Also look for #CreepingIslamophobia

(Note: It relays to a discussion of how Anti-Islam groups are actually used to create fear and a hype around Islam so that Govt. can use people’s fears for political adventures and unsettle the nation)

If the links I sent are inactive then I believe they are trying to hide this information from the American public.

Take Care Mate!
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Using Farook’s Google suggestions I found the two PDF documents of which I provided workable links for access. Perhaps I will spend some time on the PDF file entitled, “The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power of a Nation Revived”. The PDF is part of Farook’s Conspiracy Theory. I should mention I found a similar title on the blog The True Religion. I actually posted an excerpted form of the similar blog post preceded by some brief thoughts of my own. You can read “Examine Islam Before Face Value Acceptance” which is the title of my thoughts just prior to “Global Caliphate Revived: A Message from the 21st Century Caliphate.” After I found the PDF document a quick glance shows there might be a difference of content from my initial discovery.

Now to the CIA document which Farook implied was a part of a grand CIA plan to aid Islam take over the world with the unwitting help of people like me – anti-jihad writers. He actually included MOSSAD in this fictional belief the CIA believes the global Caliphate is coming.

An examination of the NIC Intelligence Report known as part of the 2020 Project does not predict the inevitability of a global Caliphate. The Report does provide four “fictional” accounts of possible futures of which one is an establishment of a Caliphate that is an effort to unite Muslims of the Middle East to possibly begin an Islamic style Golden Age of spreading Islam globally. There is no support by the CIA that such a Caliphate will succeed in such a global take over.

Below is that CIA fictional scenario so graciously provided by someone else’s scanning of the PDF document.

JRH 4/24/12


The fictional scenario portrayed below provides an example of how a global movement fueled by radical religious identity could emerge.  Under this scenario, a new Caliphate is proclaimed and manages to advance a powerful counter ideology that has widespread appeal.  It is depicted in the form of a hypothetical letter from a fictional grandson of Bin Ladin to a family relative in 2020.  He recounts the struggles of the Caliph in trying to wrest control from traditional regimes and the conflict and confusion which ensue both within the Muslim world and outside between Muslims and the United States, Europe, Russia and China.  While the Caliph’s success in mobilizing support varies, places far outside the Muslim core in the Middle East in Africa and Asia are convulsed as a result of his appeals.  The scenario ends before the Caliph is able to establish both spiritual and temporal authority over a territory which historically has been the case for previous Caliphates.  At the end of the scenario, we identify lessons to be drawn.
June 3, 2020

Grandfather would have been frustrated. The proclamation of the Caliphate has not yet turned out to be our Deliverance. As you know, dear brother, Grandfather believed in the return to the period of the Rightly Guided Caliphs when the leaders of Islam ruled over an empire as true Defenders of the Faith. He envisaged the Caliphate holding sway again over the Muslim world, reconquering lost lands in Palestine and Asia, and rooting out the infidel Western influences or "globalization" as the Crusaders so euphemistically call it. The spiritual and temporal world would once again be in single obedience to the will of Allah, refuting the West's division of Church and State. In the end, as we've seen, the proclamation has not yet overcome these divisions even if the emergence of the Caliphate has put the fear of Allah in the Crusader powers (and Grandfather would have been pleased at this). Westernization has certainly lost its luster with many Muslims, and the Caliphate has rent asunder a number of contrived nation-states that were figments of the colonizers' imagination.

When I think back on it, I don't know how we missed seeing the emergence of the young Khalifah, but then we were all surprised, believer and infidel. The young preacher suddenly had a worldwide following. Even before he was proclaimed Khalifah, successor to the Prophet peace be upon Him, he was revered everywhere among the faithful. Maybe it was because he was not al-Qa'ida and had not led a political movement like Grandfather. He appeared all the more spiritual. He wasn't tainted with the unfortunate killings of innocents which, whether Grandfather admitted it or not, deterred some from supporting al-Qa'ida. From Muslim lands halfway around the world in The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the expressions of allegiance and money came pouring in. Some in the ruling elites also embraced him, hoping to bolster their shaky grip on power. In Europe and America, non-practicing Muslims were awakened to their true identity and faith and, in some cases, left their bewildered Westernized parents to return to their homelands. Even some infidels were impressed with his spirituality; the Pope, for example, tried to initiate an interfaith dialogue with him. And anti-globalizers in the West idolized him. Within a short period, it became clear there was no alternative but to proclaim what so many had yearned for a new Caliphate.

Oh, what confusion did we sow with the Crusaders. An almost forgotten word reentered the Western lexicon and histories of early Caliphs suddenly rose to be bestsellers on They had been so smug thinking we had to trudge the same well-worn path behind them toward secularism if not outright conversion to the so-called Judeo-Christian value system. Can you imagine the look on their faces as Muslim athletes at the Olympics eschewed their national loyalties and instead proclaimed their allegiance to the Caliphate? All was being brought down: the very structures that the West had wrought to imprison us in their worldview - democracy, nation-states, and an international system run by them appeared to be in tatters.

Oil was also on their minds and we had them over a barrel like never before. As uncertainty raged in the marketplace, rumors circulated about the US or NATO seizing the oil fields to secure them against a takeover by the Caliphate. We heard later that the US could not get its allies to go along with military intervention and Washington was itself worried about creating a worldwide Muslim backlash.

At this point, violence with the Shia started somewhat suspiciously, increasing the confusion. The Caliph suspected Iran was stirring up trouble. Iran had been upset ever since the Caliphate was proclaimed. Saudi's Eastern Province with its large Shia population where the oil fields are located was particularly vulnerable. The Gulf state rulers also played their part.

And then we suspected Shia-dominated Iraq and behind Iraq the US and the CIA of fomenting the trouble. But if the American infidels were behind it, which I believe was the case, they suffered the consequences. The tenuous peace inside Iraq that America had stitched together so laboriously came undone with the sudden re-igniting of the Sunni insurgency; the insurgents proclaimed themselves the true Caliphate and battled anew both Shia and the American garrisons.

This has been a difficult challenge for the Caliph. The Caliphate represents wholeness and we risk seeing the unraveling of the Caliphate if the age-old Sunni-Shia division cannot be overcome. As a Sunni Arab, I should not show any compassion for a division the partisans of Ali brought upon the Dar al-Islam centuries ago, but, as then, not dealing with the breach has turned out to be a mistake. Some of their new thinkers are joining the likeminded reformers among Sunnis and winning the praise and support of the infidels. The reestablishment of cooperative, even if not warm, relations between the Persians and the Americans would be dangerous for us.

Our people are also too tempted and seduced by Western materialism. Oh the internet - both salvation and a trap set by the devil. It is what is bringing the Caliph so near to total power, spreading his appeal widely. But it is also a weapon wielded by our enemies. More and more of the faithful see how others in the West live and they want those same things, not understanding the vice that accompanies it.

That along with the Sunni-Shia violence flusters the middle class. They have begun to try to leave our sacred lands. This has had the ironic result of distressing the Crusader powers in Europe and America. They do not mind seeing the Caliphate in trouble, but accepting a million or more refugees, most of them accustomed to a high standard of living, has been another thing. They are on the horns of a dilemma, more Muslims in their midst could stir up resentment; not accepting them could once again underline their hypocrisy.

Confusion reigns elsewhere. When the Caliphate was proclaimed, the expectation was that regimes would topple immediately. But that has not happened yet. Instead there are pockets of followers, undermining many states but not yet succeeding in toppling regimes. We are very close in Central Asia and in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan where a civil war rages. Russia is bogged down in fighting insurgencies and propping up Central Asian autocracies. In a paradoxical twist the United States is Russia's ally this time: instead of supplying money and arms for the mujahidin to fight the Soviets, they are helping the Russians to fight the mujahidin. In some countries two sets of authorities rule, neither of which has full control. Pashtunistan is declared but has not yet fully established its power. All of this has begun to deter the Crusaders from exploiting our resources. No pipelines are now being built and some were put out of business. Rising Asia has been hurt because construction of new pipelines has come to a halt. China eschewed any help from the US but has become increasingly concerned about Muslim bourgeois "irredentism" in its midst.

Southeast Asia and parts of East and West Africa are going almost the same way. The proclamation of the Caliphate emboldened the insurgents but has so far had its most powerful effect in driving a wedge into states and creating pockets where the Caliphate and Sharia rule. The Asians are difficult, though. They think they have discovered an Asian way.

The struggle continues in Palestine too, despite the creation of a Palestinian state. The Zionists still occupy Muslim lands and share control of Jerusalem. The Europeans thought they could dodge a clash of civilizations, but they now see that growing numbers of Muslims in their midst are turning to the Caliph. The US also has infidel followers of the Caliph, including a senator's daughter. The US is caught in the middle, trying to buy off those supporting the Caliphate in order to pacify the Iraqi Sunnis, but not wanting to alienate Israel. Europe is piling the pressure on the Zionists for the first time, talking of sanctions against Israel.

So much confusion and turmoil, but this is great for us. At first with the new Caliphate our numbers dwindled and the core al-Qa'ida went out of business, but then began so many new struggles. We can fight to regain Muslim lands, even if the Caliph has turned its back on some struggles and is in danger of becoming soft. We cut deals with the local warlords, exploiting their hospitality or paying tribute and are largely left free to operate as we see fit. I'm hopeful.
"Lessons Learned"

A Caliphate would not have to be entirely successful for it to present a serious challenge to the international order. This scenario underlines the saliency of the cross-cultural ideological debate that would intensify with growing religious identities.

·         The IT revolution is likely to amplify the clash between Western and Muslim worlds.

·         The appeal of a Caliphate among Muslims would vary from region to region, which argues for Western countries adopting a differentiated approach to counter it. Muslims in regions benefiting from globalization, such as parts of Asia and Europe, may be torn between the idea of a spiritual Caliphate and the material advantages of a globalized world.

·         The proclamation of a Caliphate would not lessen the likelihood of terrorism and, in fomenting more conflict, could fuel a new generation of terrorists intent on attacking those opposed to the Caliphate, whether inside or outside the Muslim world.

Farook Mohammed and the CIA Conspiracy Theory
John R. Houk
© April 24, 2012
Fictional Scenario: A New Caliphate

I believe this “Fictional Scenario” was probably copied with OCR technology after a printed copy was made from the PDF file. I am guessing this because I had to do some editing in which the web page had question marks where spaces and other forms of grammar might have been. The spaces were easy to figure out. The other forms of grammar are guesses because I chose not to compare this with the original PDF version for clarity.

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