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Statement on Tea Party Victories in 2010 Elections

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One of the large Tea Party groups known as the Tea Party Express lauds the Tea Party Movement for influencing a Republican majority in the House of Representatives BUT issues a warning to Republicans to not expect a Tea Party Movement rubber stamp of Republican actions if they do not line up with Tea Party Movement expectations. In other words the RINOs and Republicans that ignore the voters mandate which is in reality a Tea Party mandate will become political targets for another ‘throw the bums out’ vote in 2012.

JRH 11/3/10
Statement on Tea Party Victories in 2010 Elections
Turns Attention to 2012 Elections and Holding 2010 Victors Accountable

From: TPE Press Release
Sent: Nov 3, 2010 at 4:02 AM
Tea Party Express

The Tea Party Express issued the following statement regarding the 2010 election victories by tea party candidates across the nation:

"The Tea Party Express congratulates the scores of tea party candidates who won campaigns across this country, including hundreds of candidates who were supported by the Tea Party Express and our membership.

"The biggest victory might be the fact that the impact of the tea party movement was so strong that everyone - even many Democrats - started adopting the messaging  and positions of the tea party movement.

"There weren't all that many candidates running on the platform defending tax-spend-bailout policies or big government excess, such as ObamaCare.

"In one race where a candidate turned against the tea party principles, and was closely linked to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the candidate lost.  That candidate was Congressman Walt Minnick (D-Idaho) who had been endorsed by the Tea Party Express in the primary.  After he turned against the Tea Party Express, rejecting our endorsement, accepting the endorsement instead of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and refusing to commit to the repeal of ObamaCare, the Tea Party Express endorsed his Republican challenger, Raul Labrador.  After a late blitz of radio and TV ads by the Tea Party Express opposing Minnick and supporting Labrador, Minnick found himself voted out of office once the election returns came in.

"There were a few races where tea party candidates came up short including Senate races in Delaware and Nevada.  In those races, the tea party candidates had to battle both the Republican and Democrat political establishments during their quests for election victory, and this is exactly as it should be.

"We cannot simply say that the Republican Party's preferred candidate should be the tea party candidate.  Winning Republican control of the Senate at the expense of the platform and principles of the Republican Party is no victory.  Our nation got itself into the mess we face because Republicans sold out their principles and joined Democrats in supporting the policies of tax-spend-bailout.

"The tea party movement will continue to hold both political parties accountable as the 2012 elections approach, and we at the Tea Party Express look forward to building on the election gains of Tuesday, to further strengthen and build the constitutional conservative constituency in the House, Senate and White House in 2012."
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