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Kafir Drinking Muslim Water Receives Death Sentence

Asia Bibi
John R. Houk
© November 18, 2010

I first wrote about Asia Bibi in a post about persecuted Pakistani Christians that are the victims of Islamic Sharia Law HERE. Asia Bibi was charged in Pakistan for the religion of peace’s maxim of blasphemy. The Quran and Hadith spell out the penalty for blaspheming in Islam is capital punishment, i.e. DEATH. Blasphemy is usually related to insulting Islam, Mohammed or the Islamic deity Allah. What I did not know was the reason for Asia Bibi’s blasphemy charge.

Bibi blasphemy is based on her being directed to fetch water by a village elder from a well. How in the world did Bibi become charged for blasphemy for merely getting water out of a well? She drew water from a Muslim well. GASP! How dare a 45 year old Christian Pakistani mother get charged for blasphemy for going to a Muslim well? The MUSLIMS were offended and stated that they could no longer draw water from a well contaminated by Christian hands. The act of drawing water from a Muslim well then offended Islam because Bibi was a Christian.

I found out today that Bibi was actually convicted for this capital crime of drawing water from a Muslim well. It would be bad enough to go to a Muslim managed prison for this idiotic verdict, but the penalty goes beyond prison. Bibi was sentenced to death on Monday for drinking water!

The information is from Pirate’s Cove that Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for the life of Asia Bibi. Here is the story.

JRH 11/18/10
RoP Plans To Execute Christian For Drawing Water From A Muslim Well

Posted by William Teach
November 18, 2010 – 3:35 pm

What was all that we heard about Islam being tolerant and peaceful? The Pope is appealing for the victims life

Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday made an appeal for a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy after she collected water from a well to be drunk by Muslims.

“I today express my spiritual closeness to Asia Bibi and her family while asking that, as soon as possible, she may be restored to complete freedom,” said the pontiff at the end of his weekly general audience at the Vatican.

(45 year old Asia) Bibi was charged with insulting Prophet Mohammed, after she was sent by the wife of a village chief in her village in eastern Punjab province to fetch water. Muslim clerics reported her to police after villagers claimed it was sacrilegious to drink water collected by a non-Muslim, Bibi’s husband was quoted as saying.

Following a year-long trial, Bibi was sentenced to death Monday by a court in Nankana, about 75 km from Lahore. Her family announced it would appeal the sentence.

Liberal apologists to attempt to find some sort of similar action by Christians in 3..2..1….

Meanwhile, a father of 6 will face a judge on November 21st in Afghanistan for converting to Islam from Christianity, a capital crime…oh, sorry, had that conversion part backwards.
Kafir Drinking Muslim Water Receives Death Sentence
John R. Houk
© November 18, 2010
RoP Plans To Execute Christian For Drawing Water From A Muslim Well


  1. One Of your website saying that crime is fetching water from muslim well.

    second is saying that crime is praising jesus to muslim women.

    third is saying something else

    just face the truth

    if someone will use the same words about Hazrat Issa (Alaih Salam)he will also being charged in blasphemy case
    this is justice

  2. Typical Islamic Supremacism: a death sentence for drinking from a Muslim well and praising Jesus is thought of as Justice.

    Sharia Law is evil!