Monday, November 1, 2010

Mary Fallin: I ask for your vote tomorrow

I am an Oklahoma resident. As such I need to promote the Republican running for the Office of Governor in this. Below is the ‘day before election day email’ from Mary Fallin representing traditional Conservative Republican ideals of less government, lower taxes and job creation.

JRH 11/1/10
Mary Fallin: I ask for your vote tomorrow
Sent: 11/1/2010 11:15 AM

Dear Friend,

For a year and a half, I’ve traveled across Oklahoma meeting with farmers and ranchers, seniors, veterans, families, small business owners and countless others to listen to what issues concern them.

And what Oklahomans told me is that they’re concerned about the economy and whether they’ll continue to have a job.  They’re concerned about whether they’ll be able to pay the bills and whether their children will get a great education.

And Oklahomans are concerned about the job-killing policies of President Obama and the direction our country is headed.

That’s why I’m running for governor of Oklahoma. I believe our state has tremendous potential and a great future ahead of it. But that potential will only be reached if we select the right leader as governor.

I have a plan to create jobs and bring more opportunities to Oklahoma, to lower taxes and to reduce spending and “right-size” government. And I’m the only candidate for governor who will stand up to Washington when they attempt to interfere with our ability to govern our state as we see fit.

Let’s send a message to Washington on Tuesday, that we don’t agree with the direction they’re taking our country, by electing a conservative, principled leader as governor of Oklahoma.  I’m ready to work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to move Oklahoma forward.

It’s been an honor to visit with so many Oklahomans during the course of this campaign and I greatly appreciate the support
.  I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday and I promise no one will work harder for Oklahoma.  No one.

God bless,
Mary Fallin 
Paid for by Fallin for Governor 2010

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