Thursday, November 18, 2010

Legal Jihad of Omar Tarazi

Pam Geller target of Islam lg
John R. Houk
© November 2010

I had been following the plight of Rifqa Bary. Bary became an apostate Muslim converting to Christianity as a young teen age girl. Bary’s problem is that her dad was attending a Mosque in Ohio that has a Salafist affinity. Salafi means dad interprets the Quran in the way that Islam’s founder meant for the religion to be interpreted. Mohammed and the following Caliphs politicized their religion to make sure adherents force or voluntary never left Islam. Among all the harsh punishments involved in literal Islam is that apostates from Islam should die.

Rifqa claims her dad threatened to kill her and physically harmed her after dad discovered her conversion to Christianity. She packed up and fled to a Florida Church she had been in contact with via the Internet. Unfortunately for Rifqa, Salafi Islam which means dad as well, were very adept at Taqiyya. Investigators could not discover evidence corroborating Rifqa’s claim nor could investigators find evidence disproving her claims. Evidently with the lack of evidence it is a minor’s word against the word of an adult. State governments and Courts of Ohio and Florida leaned to the concept that the adult word carries more weight than a panic stricken fearing for her life teenage girl.

The entire she said/he said legal arguments became moot when Rifqa became the age of majority at 18. Rifqa managed to acquire legal residency in America at the age of 18 effectively ending legal rights to her dad meddling in her life decisions. I am certain that drove the Salafi Muslims of dad’s Mosque nuts as well as the Muslim relatives back at Sri Lanka in which the Rifqa family came to America.

How can I make this educated guess? The guess is based on the number of honor killings that occur in Muslim nations and among Muslims living in the West even in America.

The lawyer representing Rifqa’s dad is showing his fury of losing the battle to acquire Rifqa and probably send her back to Sri Lanka and certain death by suing the most avid public supporter of Rifqa Bary during her exile protected by a Florida Church and then her near incarceration in some-kind of juvenile facility in Ohio. That lawyer’s name is Omar Tarazi. That Rifqa supporter is Pamela Geller (Oshry) of Atlas Shrugs and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA).

Omar Tarazi is exacting Islamic Supremacist anger on Geller with Lawfare (Legal Jihad) civil suit against Geller for the tune of $10 MILLION. This is a common practice by Salafi/Wahhabi/MB/Hamas Muslims to silence critics into legal debt. Lawfare is an instrument utilized both globally and in America. Robert Spencer has the story on Omar Tarazi’s vendetta to punish Geller for daring to insult Islam by resisting the ideology. Evidently Tarazi is specifically upset with Geller associated him with Hamas and CAIR.

JRH 11/18/10

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