Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks: Red Crescent smuggled weapons for Iran

I came across a series of News stories and blog posts about the latest Wikileaks deposits that are usually focused on American embarrassing news about sensitive material somehow retrieved by the Wikileaks king Julian Assange. Normally I am a good Conservative and would condemn the constant publishing to the public of American documents. This is so especially because Wikileaks has gone to notorious lengths to place Americans and American military personal in harm’s way with the data being made public.

However, this time the American embarrassment leaves one asking legitimate questions from a Conservative perspective. The primary concern on my mind runs something like this: With both Israel and Middle Eastern Arab  Muslim nations calling for America to stop Iran’s nuclear program even if it means meant military action, why did not President G.W. Bush step up to the plate and work some allies in which could have forged better relations between Israel and Israel’s hostile Muslim-Arab neighbors?

There are other questions as well. Check the next series of posts to see if you agree.

JRH 11/29/10

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