Monday, November 1, 2010

America’s Foundation is Christian, Yes Sir

One Nation Under God - Jesus lg
John R. Houk
© November 1, 2010

When you hear or read a Left Wing pundit or a MSM pundit tell you that America’s political Right is revising America’s history to proclaim a Christian foundation, KNOW that America does indeed have a Christian Foundation. When you are told that America’s Founding Fathers were not Christian but rather Deists, KNOW that it is the Left revising history by warping the truth.

You see it is true most of the Founding Fathers may have been described as a Deist. Yet the Deists in America were quite different from the Deists in Europe. Nearly all of the Founding Fathers – both traditional Christians and Deists – believed in the Truth of the Holy Bible. Indeed a more apt description of American Deists is the appellation of Christian Deists. Christian Deists differed from Christians in one doctrinal element. Christian Deists denied the occurrence of supernatural miracles could have scientifically occurred. Perhaps some Christian Deists believed in miracles but denied that supernatural acts occurred in the present. The one doctrinal element all Christians and Christian Deists agreed upon was the efficacy of Christian Morality as the standard bearer that makes a person good and thus makes a nation good.

Examine this essay from Marcello Pera and discover the true nature of America’s Foundation as intended by America’s Founding Fathers.

JRH 11/1/10

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