Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hillary goes weak-kneed on Iran sanctions

Morris castigates Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for offering Leftie sanctions (i.e. worthless and ineffective) to stop Iran’s nuclear program from producing weapons grade enriched uranium.

To be sure I have never been a Hillary fan so I just want to be clear I am not finding excuses for any porous sanctions against Iran.

We have to remember President Barack Hussein Obama’s initial agenda of negotiations without preconditions. I sense this has to do more with the Secretary of State’s weak sanctions than Hillary herself. Morris himself points out that hubby Slick Willie as President ignored the weak sanctions advice against the bloody Serbia/Bosnia conflict in an effort to halt the mutual atrocities between Muslim Bosnia and Eastern Orthodox Serbia. (Serbia’s atrocities gained more attention for they were the most recent in the effect of human misery.) President Slick Willie utilized stiff sanctions followed by NATO military action to stop the atrocities.

President Obama is taking the appeasement Leftist road for it will be politically correct and more in alignment with his fringe voting base.

Anyway that is my opinion. Here is Morris’ opinion.

JRH 1/16/10

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