Sunday, January 31, 2010

Corporate Businesses also War against Christianity

John R. Houk
© January 31, 2010

The war against Christianity is more than Leftist, Secular Humanist, atheist and homosexual activists attempting to impose there vision of a “Living Constitution” that interprets the First Amendment law that keeps the government from enfranchising a Christian Church as a State Church. Corporate America that takes the same position of the Left leaning activist blocs is also obstructing the foundational faith of America.

Now I realize that Corporate America may view an interaction with Christianity as detractions from their capitalist bottom line of profit and that corporations in general should have the freedom to manage what happens on their property. However corporations must follow the rule of law as much as any individual. This means a corporation cannot discriminate on the basis of race, religion or creed (i.e. a creed not harmful to the rule of law). Again this means corporation owe the same deference to Christians as they due to races. This means if a person shares the Good News of Jesus Christ in an open market mall, they have as much right to do so a corporation would allow a homosexual activist event or marketing tool to be found in their mall.

The pure Libertarian might say the Christian can exercise their right to shop somewhere else if the mall is to an individual’s disliking. Fortunately America has not become the Libertarian Utopia in which the main of rule of law is founded on harm no one. Take note the kind of “harm” spoken of is aggression. “Harm” does not refer to hurting someone’s feelings or forbidding entrance based on a proprietor’s preference. If the foundation of the rule of law was do no harm to anyone then a whole slew of discriminations could evolve in which the class in a Libertarian Utopia can discriminate against another class in the Libertarian Utopia based on ability to pay. Although I doubt monetary inequality is the design of a Libertarian Utopia, which is exactly what would evolve if Christian moral principles are deleted as the rule of law. Christian morality calls the same rule of law for all is based on the ubiquitous Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

I just read a WorldNetDaily (WND) article in which a Christian Youth Pastor was beat up by mall private security for engaging in a conversation about Christianity with a couple passers by. The private security evidently wanted the Youth Pastor to leave for sharing his faith in the mail they were contracted to keep secure. Actually, this understandable to me if it is a distraction from the transactions of the various mall store businesses. For I am sure Fredericks of Hollywood would not look too kindly if a group of people were quietly sharing the Gospel in the vicinity of their store. It might slow business.

Is this a reason for security to smash the Youth Pastor against a wall and place hand cuffs on so tightly that his wrist bled?

One might answer in the affirmative if the group of people or in this case person violently proclaimed he would not desist in sharing the Gospel. Guess what? The Youth Pastor willing told the security personnel he would leave the mall. According to what I gleaned from WND, the Youth Pastor assurances to leave did not deter mall security from smashing against the wall and violently hand cuffing him. Then the Youth Pastor was the one charged with assault. Sounds like discrimination against Christians to me.

As atheist activists, homosexual activists and Separation of Church and State activists scream to exercise their right to be excluded from the moral foundation of Christianity; should not Christians also have rights in which they are not discriminated against for their faith? After all the part of the First Amendment that proclaims the government shall not establish a State Church (specifically a State Religion) also says the government will prohibit the free exercise of religion.

JRH 1/31/10

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