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Who Prevails in the NWO Struggle for Dominance?

Family Ties - MB and Soros
John R. Houk
© September 26, 2013

Danny Jeffrey writes about a letter exchange between himself and some like-minded friends in the UK. The theme of this post is that Leftists (Danny uses ‘Progressives’) have an agenda to control the world, George Soros is the felicitator-in-chief of this agenda AND Soros is using Islamic hatred to further chaos globally to create the conditions for global Leftist hegemony.

I have to tell you that Danny’s predictions make a lot of sense. I just am not sure if I am on board lock, stock and barrel. I believe the Left has a global agenda to transform the world into a society of top-to-bottom governance with the ruling elite telling the people what is moral and good along with the concept of spreading the wealth. Except the wealth will probably be spread among the ruling and intellectual elite while the rest of humanity will have their minds numbed into complacent dependence to the directives of the ruling elite.

Danny considers Islam and its followers to be a mere unwitting tool of the Leftist agenda as directed by puppeteer George Soros. And you know, I believe Soros at the very least in clandestine mode has the intention to use Islam as a tool. However, I am completely certain the rabid followers of the Quran, Hadith and the Sira believe that the Western Left is the tool of Islam. Islam has honed their craft of civilizational transformation over nearly a 1500 year history. The Western Left began to develop their theories of utopia in the early to mid-1800s. Karl Marx managed to stamp a One World Order international agenda. Lenin and Stalin took the stamp to use military force to encourage little national revolutions to move toward a Leftist utopia – uh – Russian style. Soviet Marxism unwittingly unleashed Mao Zedong’s oriental form of Marxism which had developed its own thoughts on global hegemony.

Western Capitalism – especially American Capitalism – proved to be too competitive with the Soviet and Maoist paradigm as money plus resources buried the USSR paradigm into collapse. And Communist China was forced to develop a Market-Socialist paradigm vastly divergent from the original theories of Marx, Engels and Lenin. The true downfall of the Marxist Utopian paradigm is the proven fact of those Communist regimes slaughtering tens of millions of their own people to eliminate dissent and brainwash their populations.

The irony is that the deadly Communist path to transform the thought processes of those they governed was perfected by Islam under the guidance of Mohammed and Islam’s earliest Caliphs. The combination of Islamic Supremacism (absolute submission to the principles of Islam) and dhimmitude transformed the people subjected to Muslim conquest. The conquered non-Muslims lived under three absolute directives:

1)      Convert to Islam becoming a part of the global Ummah.

2)     Choose to keep their religious faith (initially only offered to Jews and Christians as people of the Book) but live in oppressive dhimmi submission to the laws of Islam (viz., Sharia Law). As Muslim rulers realized the utter destruction of polytheists and other non-people of the Book (e.g. Zoroastrians) would diminish the exploitation to Muslim coffers. So even a harsher standard of dhimmitude was offered. Just imagine of the slaughter of India’s Hindus until dhimmitude was extended.

3)     No submission to Islam meant death.

Is it possible that Lenin, Stalin and Mao studied Islamic history? Civilizations, Cultures and Societies experience unwanted transformation through brutality.

Danny Jeffrey believes the Leftist transformationists under the nefarious guidance of George Soros is in the driver’s seat. And as I said his reasoning is fairly solid. Nonetheless, history often turns on a dime. It is entirely possible that Caliphate-minded Radical Muslims will cooperate with a Soros agenda until Muslim blood thirst turns on Soros.

Obviously Soros’ Western resources outweigh the hardly united Radical Muslim movements. Unfortunately Radical Muslims have been rather creative in developing ways to kill people with far less resources. Just think how creative Radical Muslims could be if the Soros perceived chaos tool of Islam acquires more sophisticated violent tools via an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend temporary union (Muslims would call it a Hudna).

Where Danny is certain that Soros is the top dog with a New World Order agenda, I am more willing to see both the Soros-Left and Radical Muslim view each other as useful tools.

Of course I also believe a NWO is coming that has nothing to do with despotic Leftist utopianism or a global Islamic Caliphate. The Jesus that both those sides hate will come in the clouds and defeat them both at His Second Coming in which ultimately Jesus the Christ will reign over the New Earth and the New Heaven. I read the end of the Good Book. I know how it ends I just don’t know how it gets to the end.

JRH 9/26/13

By Danny Jeffrey
September 24, 2013

Since first logging onto the internet some years ago I have encountered many fine people whom I have never actually met, and yet regard them as dear friends. The internet has given me the power to connect with like minded people around the world, and thankfully there are many out there. Yes, without a doubt, I have encountered a few abject fools as well, but fortunately they are few and far between as I waste no time debating liberals.

I have had the good fortune of being invited to join a rather unique collection of individuals in a group that is based in London, with members scattered worldwide. Lately I have had a running debate with some of my fellow members as they all reside in places with a burgeoning population of Muslims, and in their eyes Islam is the greatest danger that the Western nations face. I disagree, believing that Progressivism is, and that Islam is but a tool they are utilizing in the pursuit of power. A tool, I might add, that will be greatly reduced in numbers should the Progressives succeed in their goals.
Needless to say, I am outnumbered, but not necessarily outgunned, and cannot help but feel that we all gain from our discussions. I am convinced that the different views that we have stem from the fact that we view world issues from a different perspective. England, unfortunately, is being overrun by Muslims, who are draining the economy and demanding that our English cousins cater to their twisted 'religion'. Meanwhile, we here in America are far more aware that the fundamental changes promised by Obama are being enacted by the master puppeteer George Soros, and his followers.

That is not to say that England has far more than their share of Progressives as well. Their media is not even allowed to mention the term 'Muslim' when writing of criminal activities. They are restricted to a far less descriptive term of 'Asians', or 'Youths'.

Yes, Progressivism is alive and well in jolly old London town. The difference is that George Soros has a greater hands on approach in the U.S. knowing that when we collapse, the rest of the Western nations will follow suit. Consequently when American foresee danger they see the hand of Soros at work. When a citizen of the U.K. perceive a problem they see encroaching Muslims, demanding their 'rights', and prepping for civil discord.

Recently I wrote an essay entitled 'Egypt-Soros-The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood' (Listed below in Suggested Reading) and it broke all existing records of anything that I have ever written before. One of my friends in London read that essay and several others that I had written and contacted me stating that he was 'confused' and asked me to clarify certain points that I had brought out.

Believe me, nothing confuses that man. He is simply too polite, being the English gentleman that he is, to put it like an American and tell me to provide some hard evidence if I wanted him to believe what I had written. And so, I set out to provide further information.

A great deal of the problem is that the people of the U.K. and Europe are simply not aware of the fact that Obama does not, and cannot, and is not allowed to think on his own. He is owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by George Soros and his fellow power masters. Actually I believe the same thing could be said about the politicians of England but the connection is less apparent.

The following, which is virtually an essay in its self, and why I am publishing it is a slightly edited version of the evidence that I sent to my friend. Several points in it are in reference to earlier contacts between us and should still be apparent in the context that you read it.

The letter to my friend:

Back when I first wrote about the Egyptian revolution that was then in progress, I attributed it to the machinations of George Soros. A funny thing happened. A week later Glenn Beck did a show on exactly that, and a friend named Shelley commented that he had copied my thoughts to the letter. I told her to write it off as a coincidence as he and his staff had simply come to the same conclusion as I.
Recently another funny thing happened. I wrote the essay you refer to and, lo and behold, a week later Glenn Beck did a show on exactly the same thing. He naturally went into more detail as I try to limit my essays to six to ten minutes reading while he has an hour to work, but he promoted the exact same concept.

I am not accusing Mister Beck of plagiarism. He does what he does and he does it well. He often uses the material revealed by David Horowitz, Trevor Louden, Frank Gaffney and others. I feel honored that he picked up on my thoughts on two separate occasions and put them before millions. Getting the word out is what it is all about, but someone on his staff does indeed read some of my material. That pleases me.

And now I shall try to dispel some of that 'confusion'.

When Soros gets up and promotes the lunacy of Karl Popper and his open society ideas he manages to look like a fool to you, as he should. You see through the Progressive veil and will not be led, but most of the others in that auditorium were probably quite captivated with the nonsense he promoted.

I see Soros as a diabolical genius for several reasons.

One is his ability to read trends in the market and capitalize on those trends. Profits thus accumulated have given him such leverage that he can now influence those trends. This ability has led to his enormous wealth and, being the diabolical bastard that he is ole Georgie has managed to finance his every evil whim.

His use of Non-Profit groups is a stroke of pure genius. Such groups allow him to greatly leverage his own investments. He ennobles his fiendish plot with high sounding titles such as "The International Crisis Group". Now that sounds like he is trying to curtail crisis worldwide and bring unicorns and rainbows to the human race, while in fact he is generating crisis. Due to such groups and their titles, many organizations, both religious and secular, wealthy individuals, and western nations, gladly contribute. Also, Non-Profits also allow him to dispense with most of the money trail normally imposed on other organizations.

I would like to answer points you brought up in your comment in the order you mentioned them but perhaps a timeline of events would be more effective.

First off, George Soros has long been a regular guest at the White House. Back on October 28, 2010, Bill O'Reilly reported that since Obama had taken office in 2009 Soros had visited the White House at least four times.

This is more recent from Daniel Greenfield, via Front Page Mag:"George Soros has leased the White House as a summer home for eight years, and appointed a number of his stooges to Cabinet positions, including Chief of Staff. It’s a great triumph for the wanted criminal who has gone from collaborating with the Nazis to controlling the greatest country in the world."

The Chief of Staff that is mentioned is Denis Mcdonough

Also from FPM:

"Denis McDonough’s appointment as Chief of Staff is probably the biggest win for the Soros Lobby since the Obama victory. Denis McDonough was a Senior Fellow at the George Soros funded Center for American Progress, which is the criminal brain behind the Frankenbody of Obama Inc."

New White House Chief of Staff Blamed Mo Video, Called for a World Where Islam is not Disrespected

This image was not included in the letter but take a close look at it. Obama is doing his natural waving at his fans. Denis BHO & Chief of Staff Denis McDonough 2008McDonough is not waving. That man is a control freak, and he is in control. Now back to the letter:

It must be an awkward situation to be President and presumably the most powerful man in the world and have to have to take orders from a so called subordinate who is the mouthpiece of the true ruler of America. But, there is something very revealing in that headline. Why is Soros promoting Islam, if not to spread chaos as I have suggested. Surely he is not planning to convert in his old age.

From the very beginning of Obama's reign his advisers were chosen by the powers that be. He brought a few cronies with him from Chicago. They have returned to the Windy City and now he is surrounded only by Soros loyalists.

You point out, quite rightly, that the visitors log at the White House reveals all who have been there. That is true and Soros is a regular, along with many from the MB, as well as some who are on a No-Fly list.
From NBC we have this:

Obama Blocks List of Visitors to White House

Soros and Obama do communicate on a regular basis and even when that it not practicable we have one of Soros' attaches, Samantha Power, to tell Hussein what to do. This power she wields was well demonstrated when the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Obama that we had no reason to intervene in Libya. These are people that the President should listen to; however...

Obama's Women Advisers Pushed War Against Libya

Not in the same sense as Israel, but Egypt has been a long standing, westernized, ally of the U.S... Soros lacks an army with which to confront America and Israel, but he is hell bent on destroying both nations, both financially and internationally, and he wants an army of his own, namely hate filled Muslims.

Controlling Egypt while still taking money from our empty coffers to support that Arab nation will hurt the U.S... Controlling passage in the Suez Canal, now that is another way to add to this Nazi collaborator's power. Soros is famous for his hatred of Jews in general and Israel in particular, and all weapons reaching Hamas do so via Egypt and the Sinai. Egypt's strategic location is a lynchpin in the Middle East. They can enable the flow of weapons and disable the flow of commerce. Sounds custom made for a master of chaos.

A little tidbit of information: Did you know that Clinton's daughter was married at Soros' daughter's estate? George Soros is far more powerful than people in Europe and the U.K. can imagine. He controls the entire Democratic Party and a great deal of the GOP as well. Even the diehard republicans in D.C. who will warn of Islam and financial ruin are afraid to bring up Soros' involvement in our national debates, but folks like David Horowitz and Frank Gaffney discuss it openly. They are both well aware of the Progressive/Islamic alliance and the mutual goals of both groups.

One more tidbit before getting back to Egypt. Trevor Louden is one of the finest investigative journalists in the world and he discovered Van Jones to be a communist working in the White House. Glenn Beck learned of this and proceeded to make Van Jones a common name in every household. Political pressure forced Jones to retire from his appointed Green Czar position and go to work for The Center For American Progress, founded by John Podesta and funded by none other than Soros.

Now, on to the Egyptian revolution/election.
We all know that the Muslim Brotherhood had been banned in Egypt and most of the nations of the world, for good reason I might add. It was that infamous Cairo speech by Hussein Obama and brought them back onto the world stage. The goal was not for them to rule Egypt. They were only meant to be foot soldiers in creating chaos in the Middle East. This is one of the few times that Soros has been outmaneuvered; not by the MB but by millions of Egyptians who wanted hope and change. They rejected ElBaradei and his more liberal western philosophy and empowered the Brotherhood, and they soon learned, the hard way.
For the next year ElBaradei was still leading the opposition, sowing discord wherever he could because the master plan did call for him gaining control of Egypt and its strategic location. One year and the masses were once again calling for change, giving Morsi the bum's rush.

As for Morsi, he was simply the waste product that floated to the surface when the septic tank of Islam was opened in Egypt. He just happened to be elected and deposed, not by Soros but the people of Egypt. Now, as soon as the military took over and removed Morsi from office they were planning to make ElBaradei the interim President. Why? Because Soros said so.

Obama had nothing to do with deposing Morsi, but was happy it happened, after all, the puppet master had other plans. Hussein continued to pay lip service to the MB as they are essential in future plans for the region but Obama was glad to see Morsi tossed under the bus, just another "bump in the road", so to speak.

In Egypt, the ultimate power comes from the military. Muslims can only live under either a dictator or a theocracy. Soros has a vast control of the military commanders in Egypt, else why would they have proposed ElBaradei as their first choice for interim President?

Running into severe opposition, that idea was shelved and Prime Minister suggested. That too met obstacles and so Vice President was the ultimate appointment...He had to keep his name before the public.

ElBaradei is no simpleton. He knows full well that Egypt must be governed with an iron fist, and when he gains power he will not find blood shed to be so distasteful. His resigning in protest of the military's confrontation with the MB was a stroke of pure genius. This, was staged for the sake of the coming election. It establishes him as a man of peace, serving all the people, and he will gain much of the militant vote by this action. His resigning comes with an insignificant penalty clause, well worth paying:

'Ateeq said that, if found guilty, ElBaradeai could face a three year prison sentence. But a judicial source said the maximum sentence in a case of this kind was a fine and a suspended jail term. ElBaradei left Egypt this week for Europe and is unlikely to attend any hearing in the case.'
ElBaradei has long served Soros in the International Crisis Group and left the group to concentrate on Egypt.

Kofi Annan, ex Secretary General of the U.N. is still a member of the board of trustees of the ICG.

Obama is not a member. He serves Soros from the oval office.

What do these men have in common? An allegiance to George Soros and Peace Prizes. Soros is very generous with his influence in Norway.

The ICG is worth VERY serious investigation. This from Discover The Networks:

How deep does this Soros cancer go? It has metastasized.

The Benghazi debacle occurred over a year ago and the public cries out for justice. None will be found! The Accountability Review Board (ARB) is headed up by Ret. Admiral Mike Mullen and Thomas Pickering; an interesting scenario to say the least.

Mike Mullen is nothing less than a traitorous Progressive. He supports the Obama plan to withdraw from Pakistan and also supports a future agenda, most likely in Syria.

"Quite the contrary,” he said. “We will have at our disposal the great bulk of the surge forces throughout this — and most of the next — fighting season.
Covering for Obama, Mullen denies that a 'Stand Down' order was ever issued during the attack. He supplants reality with a more politically correct posture informing Congress that a 'Hold in place' order was given.

Let us check on Mullen's associate Thomas Pickering, a name that sounds alarm bells with me for I have often encountered him in my investigations of Soros' International Crisis Group. Small world isn't it?

Yes, it would seem that he is chairman of the board.

While once again on the ICG, there is one man whom I find to be totally fascinating, Gareth Evans, who is pretty much under the radar. Even Discover The Networks, does not have a file on him, but this is one dangerous man. I have written extensively on 'Responsibility to Protect' and how one day it will become a tool to use against Israel. This man is the brains behind that U.N. initiative.

'R2P focuses on preventing and halting four crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing, which it places under the generic umbrella term of mass atrocity crimes.[3]'

R2P was called upon to support the 'civilians' attacking Qaddafi, thus aiding Al Qaeda and toppling Libya. Now John McCain and Lindsey Graham want it once again enacted in support of AQ in Syria, and yet we hear nothing from them or the ICG calling for protecting the Christians of Egypt and Syria who face massacre on a daily basis.

You are quite correct in stating that the powers that be in Egypt are far more interested in their own problems than the possible invasion of Israel but when ElBaradei manages to get elected, those problems will disappear like magic. Morsi was a mindless fool incapable of running a nation and so he was given time to play his hand. Our support of him gained favor with the MB and caused the average Egyptian to scorn America. Now the stage is set to empower Soros via ElBaradei, man of peace, leader of a people; harsh dictator to be. Just one election to go and if Soros prevails, and I believe he will, he becomes Pharaoh.

He has come a long way since he was a fourteen year old collaborator for the Nazis.


And so ended the letter. I am hoping that it does manage to clarify all of the issues in question.
The world has long held the U.S. in awe and has looked to the President as the most powerful man in the world. It is only natural that anyone in another nation would question some of the premises I put forth in the essay below, but we who live in America are well aware that we have indeed been transformed and many of us are equally aware of the fact that our so called President is but a smooth talking sock puppet with no power of his own.

One fact remains certain. A collapse is coming, and when it does it will be far worse in the U.K. than here. During World War II England absorbed the wrath of the Nazis allowing us time to prepare. When World War III begins, they are already heavily infiltrated by Muslims. It is no real wonder that they fear Islam while we fear the Progressives, but it is the Progressives who are writing the laws that empower the followers of Allah, and they are the ones manipulating all of the unrest in the Middle East.

Suggested Reading...
Who Prevails in the NWO Struggle for Dominance?
John R. Houk
© September 26, 2013

FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.

Danny Jeffrey

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