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Seriously, just lighten up…

Criminalizing Christianity
Should Biblically-minded Christians just lighten up and go about their merry way by looking the other way relating to Homosexual Activism and Left Wing Secular Humanism? I mean this is the modern world and the Living Constitution advocates state culture is ever evolving; thus Christian Morality and Christian cultural morays are outdated in this new age of tolerance and diversity, right?

Even if it is the minority stand, I say that is a bunch of Leftist green-bull-pie propaganda attempting to denigrate Jesus Christ the Son of God and Savior of humankind.

Below is Dr. Gary L. Cass showing that Christians do not have to be in submission to moral depravity as defined by the Word of God.

JRH 9/10/13
Seriously, just lighten up…

By Dr. Gary L. Cass
September 5, 2013

I recently had a conversation with a church-going friend who was helping me with a home remodeling project. He mentioned that we needed to go to Home Depot in order to get some supplies. I replied that I didn’t frequent Home Depot because I didn't like their politics. He asked what I meant, to which I responded that they promote the homosexual agenda to children. My church-going friend looked at me and said “You need to lighten up.”

Is this true? Should Christians be indifferent to the homosexual agenda? Or are homosexual activists a real threat to our faith, liberties and our children?

With the newest Supreme Court decision denying hearings on California's Proposition 8, the amendment that defined marriage as between one man and one woman, religious liberties are under attack in the state. As predicted, homosexual activists are seeking to legitimize their sinful behavior by forcing Christian businesses to participate in their faux marriages.

Recently Defend Christians was contacted by a Christian businessman who was approached by a homosexual "couple" wanting to use the Christian's privately owned facilities to conduct a wedding. His property has multiple uses, one of which includes a wedding venue. This wedding business brings in around $400,000 a year.

After referring this businessman to a Christian attorney, the businessman decided to close the wedding business down. The respected attorney informed the businessman that he had two choices: accommodate homosexuals or get sued for discrimination and then be forced to accommodate homosexuals AND pay damages. The only other option was to get out of the wedding business altogether. So, rather than participate in homosexual marriages, this Christian decided to close down his lucrative business in order to protect his conscience.

In Oregon, a bakery owned by a Christian couple recently shut its doors after it was threatened with a lawsuit for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Melissa and Aaron Klein, owners of "Sweet Cakes" bakery in Gresham, Oregon were the victims of an economic war when homosexual activists harassed and badgered their business for months. The business also came under investigation by Oregon state officials for violating the Equality Act of 2007 which states that people cannot be denied services due to their sexual orientation.

Below is a list of similar attacks on Christian businesses and even churches who have been forced to either compromise or to stop offering any kind of wedding services. Some have even been fined for not participating in illicit homosexual marriage.

o   Vermont 2005: The Christian owners of the Wildflower Inn were sued for refusing to host a homosexual wedding. In a settlement, owners ended up paying the homosexual couple $30,000 and agreeing to no longer host any weddings at their inn.

o   New Mexico 2006: Elane Photography declined to photograph a homosexual civil union ceremony. The company was sued under the state's anti-discrimination laws. A judge held the company in violation. The New Mexico Supreme Court upheld this ruling last month.

o   Hawaii 2012: A same-sex couple from California sued a Hawaiian bed and breakfast privately owned by a Christian woman for not allowing them to rent a room. A recent ruling held that the bed and breakfast violated the state public accommodations law and was ordered to stop discriminating against same-sex couples.

o   Illinois 2011: Another bed and breakfast in Alton, privately owned by a Christian couple, was sued when they would not host a same-sex civil union ceremony.

o   Kentucky 2012: A T-shirt company, Hands On Originals, was approached by the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization about printing shirts for the group. When they politely declined, referring the organization to another t-shirt company instead, they were promptly sued by the group under Lexington's anti-discriminatory laws.

o   New Jersey 2008: A Methodist church was sued for not offering its facility for use during same-sex weddings. A judge ruled against the church.

o   Massachusetts, Washington, D.C. and Illinois 2011: Catholic Charities was prohibited from assisting in adoptions and excluded from future state contracts because it declined to consider same-sex couples.

o   Washington 2013: A lawsuit was brought against a florist by the state for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex marriage. The florist, Barronelle Stutzman, simply said "I could not do it because of my relationship with Jesus Christ."

So, was my church-going friend right? Do Christians just need to lighten up?

I believe that this is a true threat that Christians must be serious about. Are you prepared to answer when someone asks you why are a “bigot” or “unloving”?


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