Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are Nephilim Ruling the World Again Today?

Nephilim Agenda
I’m a bit of a Christian Mystic (though necessarily practicing) and so esoteric Christian thoughts are things of interest to me. Now I realize many of my Christians readers will accuse me of Christian heresy but I am still a Conservative-anti-Jihad blogger with a Christian Right moral disposition. In line with my Christian leanings I find this information about the Nephilim mentioned in the Old Testament fascinating. I know this is a bit dated and that is because I copied this email and filed it away. The links still work so enjoy.

JRH 9/12/13
Are Nephilim Ruling the World Again Today?

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Get ready. This episode of Everlasting Love TV kicks off a three-part series that just may be our most controversial shows ever. Randy DeMain joins Patricia King to talk about his new book, The Nephilim Resurgence, and to dig into what he believes the devil is doing behind the scenes today to establish a wicked Last Days Army throughout society to accomplish his dark plans around the world.

What are the Nephilim? What parts of society do they control? How are they working to lure humanity into extreme wickedness and take over the world? Watch Part 1 of THE NEPHILIM RESURGENCE and find out!

CLICK HERE to watch "The Nephilim Resurgence Part 1"now!

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