Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Time is short...

Jesus Christ the Son of God and Savior. If you do not have a personal inward witness that the Blood of Jesus has redeemed you from this dark and twisted world this video will speak volumes to you.

JRH 9/23/13

Published: Sep 22, 2013

A short video showing how short our time is and what we can do to make sure that we are ready!
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I wanted to share this short video with all of you and encourage you to share it with all your friends and family members. It's only 18 minutes long but it really packs a wallop and we have already received a lot of truly awesome comments:


- ...... Joshua 24:15,"As For Me And My House, We Will Serve The LORD"
Listen To The Message Of The Cross; JESUS Did Give His Life For You.
Accept His Free Gift Of Eternal Salvation Today, 'Being Left' Behind Is Forever!

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem, GOD Bless ISRAEL - RANJO517



We prayerfully and humbly ask for your Support and help

Folks, each DVD that we make is made up of hundreds of static images video clips, the longer the video the more clips it takes to produce the finished product. The saying is really true that a picture is worth a thousand words, well, multiply that with a video clip made up of 100's of pictures then it's worth is even more. In the short video above, Our Time is Short, we used many of the video clips in our library to portray an idea or provoke a thought and we are always adding images and clips to our library so that we can keep our videos fresh and contemporary.
These video clips are very expensive, a 30 second clip can cost as much as a $100 dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the contents and the source. We purchase a lot of our clips in sets to help reduce the cost, sometimes you can get 20 to 30 clips as a set for a couple of hundred dollars.
One of the major suppliers of video clips, Digital Juice, is having a half price special on their animated video clips of which we use all the time, several of them were used in the above video. We have already purchased 14 of their 27 volumes that they have available, we would like to be able to purchase the remaining 13 volumes that they have available. They are normally $199.95 for each set but for the next few days they are only $99.95, so we would need about $1300 to purchase the remaining sets for our library. Would you please pray about helping us to make this purchase, we use these all the time and the bigger selection we have to choose from the better we are able to convey our message.

Our Mission Statement

Prophecy Update is a ministry solely dependent upon the grace of our Lord for support and direction. Its purpose is to distribute God's word in the form of Bible study teaching materials on the web and through print and DVD's as well other media applications as the Lord leads.
Our prayer is that you will be blessed through the material that we have produced and that it will increase your knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and through this you will draw closer to Him!


We pray that our website and various media resources that we have produced will help to keep you informed of current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy.


We pray that by being informed you will be inspired to draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


We endeavor to daily provide believers worldwide with sound doctrinal teaching and with the practical tools and scriptural perspectives needed to successfully tackle the myriad challenges of being salt and light in today's world.


We endeavor to provide relevant educational and informative inspirational tools that enable Christians around the globe to encourage and build one another up in the faith.

Are You Being Blessed Through This Ministry?

One of the most reliable ways to determine if a ministry is worthy of your financial support is to examine its fruits. If Prophecy Update is keeping you informed and if that information inspires you and causes you to draw closer to the Lord, if Prophecy Update equips you with valuable information and knowledge to share with and encourage other believers and open the eyes of non-believers and if Prophecy Update keeps you connected to current events relating to Bible Prophecy then you are partaking of the fruit produced through this ministry. None of this would be possible without the Lords blessings and your support. I believe where the Lord guides, the Lord provides and most of the time He provides through the willing and generous hearts of believers just like you and me.

Many of you have supported Prophecy Update for years and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I give God thanks for your support daily. Many of you are new readers, about 100 new readers sign up every week and have no idea that we need support. We will never guilt you into supporting this ministry and only ask for those who can cheerfully and willfully give. I know that times are tough and many times your support comes with great sacrifice, but I truly believe that in these tough times that the ministry of Prophecy Update is needed more than ever!

My prayer: Lord Jesus, I pray right now that you would touch the hearts of those that you would lift up to support this ministry and I pray that you would bless them and give them a heart and a fire and a passion to support this ministry. Lord Jesus I pray that you would bless them in return for their faithfulness beyond any measurable comprehension, wonderfully and abundantly exceeding any and all expectations! Lord Jesus I pray for those that already support this ministry through prayer and financial means that you would continue to bless them in the most amazing ways, that not only they would be blessed but also all those whom you have surrounded them with! In Jesus Name...Amen!

I ask that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us to get the Word out and keep the world informed and help us to take advantage of this unique sales opportunity. Remember, your gift, no matter how small, does make a difference! You will be helping to touch lives, around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to the internet your generosity carries a global impact! Please pray about giving $5, $10, $25 or more if possible each month or making a onetime gift. I know in these harsh economic times many of you just can't afford to give financially but you can lift this ministry up in prayer daily!

To make a donation or become a monthly supporter, please use one of the following links:


You can also write to us at:

Prophecy Update P.O. Box 40516 Bakersfield, CA 93384-0516
Or call in your donation to: 1-661-742-5793

Thanks for your time and consideration and for letting me rant a little, be blessed!


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