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Remember Benghazi 4 and HR 36

Benghazi 4 Twibbon
John R. Houk
© September 6, 2013

FOUR Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists on Sept. 11, 2012. Another 9/11 tragedy! President Barack Hussein Obama has refused to investigate and has even covered up facts. Let's get to the bottom of Benghazigate. Add the Remember Benghazi 4 Twibbon to your Facebook and/or Twitter page.

ACT for America has sent an email on how to add a Twibbon to your Facebook/Twitter page. ACT also sent links about this campaign to Remember the Benghazi 4 including contact info for your Congressional Representative to push HR 36 legislation which will make a public investigation of Benghazigate the law of the land.

H.Res.36 - Establishing a select committee to investigate and report on the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

113th Congress (2013-2014)

Overview: H.Res.36

Rep. Wolf, Frank R. [R-VA-10] (Introduced 01/18/2013)
Latest Action:
01/23/2013 Sponsor introductory remarks on measure.
Major Recorded Votes:
There are no Roll Call votes for this bill

Summary: H.Res.36 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)

(There is one summary for this bill. Bill summaries are authored by CRS.)

Introduced in House (01/18/2013)

Establishes in the House of Representatives a select Committee to investigate and report to the House on:

o   any intelligence known to the United States relating to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012;

o   any requests for additional security, or actions taken by federal agencies to improve security at the consulate before the attack;

o   a definitive timeline of it;

o   how the relevant agencies and the executive branch responded to it and whether appropriate congressional notifications were made;

o   any improper conduct by officials relating to the attack;

o   recommendations on what steps Congress and the President should take to prevent future attacks; and

o   any other relevant issues relating to the attack or the response to it.

(From – beta; this link will provide further info such as: Text, Actions, Titles, Amendments, Cosponsors, Committees and Related Bills)

Below is the ACT for America email in which I will add excerpts to the Press Release and links.

JRH 9/6/13

By Lisa Piraneo, Director of Government Relations
Sent: 09/04/2013 11:29 AM
Sent by: ACT! For America

The one-year anniversary of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, is right around the corner – September 11th. Despite ongoing promises by our federal elected officials to get to the bottom of the attack, there has been little progress made in achieving this very important task.

I don’t need to tell you that this is inexcusable and shameful. We have waited for our elected officials to do the right thing and that’s clearly not happening, so it looks like it’s once again up to the American people to get the ball rolling.

ACT! for America has joined together with a coalition of strategic partners to honor the brave Americans who lost their lives during the Benghazi attack. We continue to believe a special short-term congressional committee is needed to find out precisely what happened one year ago, and with our strategic partners we want to turn up the heat on Congress to make that committee a reality. To do this WE NEED YOUR HELP!

HERE to read a press release announcing our new efforts as part of this important coalition.

August 29, 2013
CONTACT: Brittany Zanin

Col. Allen West: “let us never forget some ran to the sound of guns, while others ran to bed.”

WASHINGTON, DC A coalition of 16 strategic partners and 12 national conservative leaders will join with Col. Allen West on Friday, August 30 to honor the four brave Americans who lost their lives during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya by embedding a royal blue “Twibbon” (a digital cause ribbon) across their social media outlets.

The coalition will encourage their fans, members, and supporters to “Remember the Benghazi 4” by adding the Twibbon to their social media pages with the #Benghazi hashtag. Additional organizations are encouraged to READ THE REST

And click HERE to read a recent Breitbart article about our actions.

Exclusive: Conservative Groups Launch 'Remember Benghazi Four' Social Media Campaign

29 Aug 2013

Various conservative organizations have banded together on a social media campaign designed to memorialize the four Americans murdered in the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, nearly a year ago on Sept. 11, 2012.

The campaign demands accountability from President Barack Obama’s administration and an open, complete investigation into the scandal surrounding the attack, something that has yet to happen as the first anniversary of the terrorist attack nears.

“As we begin our march to honor the four Americans who lost their lives on 9/11/12 in Benghazi, let us never forget some ran to the sound of guns, while others ran to bed,” former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said on behalf of the coalition in a release provided exclusively to Breitbart News.

The coalition is asking grassroots activists across America to apply a “Twibbon,” or a small image of a ribbon for avatars on Twitter and Facebook, that they hope will become a symbol of the rallying cry for justice for the four Americans murdered in the terrorist attack: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and security officers former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

In its press release, the READ THE REST      

What can YOU do to help? It’s easy. You can take just a few simple actions that, when joined together with our 260,000 other members, will create the level of ear splitting volume we need to reach Washington, DC.

1.  First, click HERE to find out if your House legislator has cosponsored Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-VA) legislation (H. Res. 36) creating a special short-term committee to investigate the Benghazi attack. To-date, over 2/3 of Republican members in the House of Representatives have cosponsored this important resolution. If your House legislator, Republican or Democrat, has not – shame on them. Please contact him/her right away and ask for co-sponsorship before the one-year anniversary of the attack.

[NOTE: H. Res. 36 is DIFFERENT than H.R. 36. Please use the correct bill number to avoid confusion.]

2.  Second, add a royal blue Benghazi “Twibbon” to your Facebook or Twitter Account and add #Benghazi as a hash tag to all of your Benghazi-related Tweets. A Twibbon is an electronic commemorative ribbon that will prominently display your support for honoring the “Benghazi 4” via Facebook and Twitter. Here are the EASY steps to do so:

a.    Visit

b.     Click “Add to Twitter” and/or “Add to Facebook.”

c.      When the pop-up window appears, click to “Authorize App.”

d.     You will be prompted to position and resize the ribbon on your profile picture.

e.      Click “Add Twibbon” to complete.

f.       Help spread the word to recruit others!

Next week, Congress reconvenes after its month-long August recess and there are a lot of issues waiting on Capitol Hill for our legislators to address. Today, let’s send them a message that addressing the Benghazi issue (by making H. Res. 36 a reality) must be a top priority.

Thank you for ALL that you do for our great nation.

Remember Benghazi 4 and HR 36
John R. Houk
© September 6, 2013

ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more secure.

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