Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OUTRAGEOUS: Wisconsin Recall petitions will NOT be verified!

Stand With Scott Walker

Leftists and Left Wing organizations continue to abuse elections to push their agendas forward. Wisconsin is no different. Leftist have ran a campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker because he successfully reformed State government by lessoning Union control of government agencies. This lessening of control had little to do with collective bargaining for a fair wage and more to do with saving taxpayer money by removing the Union process for insured State employees. The insurance reform still left government employees with a better insurance package than much of the private sector.

The Tea Party Express has been highly involved in raising funds to combat the lies and dirty tricks of Leftists in Wisconsin by keeping a Governor with fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin in Scott Walker.

JRH 2/7/12
OUTRAGEOUS: Wisconsin Recall petitions will NOT be verified!

Sent: 2/7/2012 4:33 PM

We Must Fight Back!

This ruling and makes you question the motives of Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board (GAB).  The GAB is the state board that is responsible for verifying the Recall signatures and managing the Recall election should it qualify.
Yesterday, a Wisconsin Appeals Court overturned a Circuit Court decision that would have required the GAB to actually verify the signatures turned in by the union led recall groups.  We had a feeling that the state would fail to verify the signatures and that is why we have been encouraging you to lend support to groups like Verify the Recall to check the validity of signatures on our own and you guys have responded greatly.

Court rules GAB ... petitions

Well guess what?  Today, the GAB announced that they would not accept the volunteer help of groups like Verify the Recall in verifying the petitions.  That's right, the GAB is not going to do their job and verify the signatures, but they are refusing any help to do the job that they are unable to do.

What this all means is that even if someone sees their name fraudulently signed to a Recall petition, there is nothing they can do about it!  The GAB actually stated in a public meeting that "the GAB can not and will not verify every signature".

GAB- No outside ... petitions

They won't even check to see if the signer is a registered voter!  This means that the petitions that are signed by Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler or other fraudulent names will be counted and can not be challenged.  Outrageous!

Neither the ridiculous policies of the Wisconsin GAB or smear campaign being waged by the liberal left and the union bosses can cover up Governor Walker's stellar record of bring conservative governance to Wisconsin.

Tea Party Express is continuing to defend Walker, but we need your help NOW!   Please don’t hesitate.  Donate and help us stand up for Walker and the Tea Party values that are under attack by Obama’s campaign machine and his radical union mobs!

We traveled across Wisconsin this past summer, holding rallies to defeat the first wave of the union Recalls. This battle, however, is on a much larger scale as, George Soros, and the OWS movement converge in Madison, Wisconsin to defeat Walker and deliver the first victory of Obama’s re-election campaign.

The Tea Party Express not only helps to elect conservatives, but also defends them when they make the hard, but courageous decisions. Join the Tea Party Express and send Obama a message: We the People will NOT be bullied and we will NOT be silenced! We are here to fight for our country and defend the principles she was founded on!

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