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Wake Up, America, Wake Up!

America's Islamist Threat
Justin O. Smith writes in a harsh manner sure to aggravate Muslims that have been brainwashed to believe that Islamic holy writings promote peace when in actuality those books have a dark side. That dark side requires violence and/or even death for insults to Islam. Therein I am guessing, is the reason for Smith’s harshness.

JRH 2/25/12
Wake Up, America, Wake Up!

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: 2/25/2012 2:31 PM

Islam has never undergone a reformation in the manner of all other religions. Islam today is just the same as it was in the 7th century. In this sense, some Muslims may attempt to set aside the cruel and harsh tenets of the Sunnah and they may try to worship peacefully through only the Abrahamic passages of the Koran (borrowed from Judaism), but Islam on the whole cannot and never does allow any such deviation from the teachings of their false prophet Mohammed. "Moderate" Muslims, "radical" Muslims, "moderate" Islam and "radical" Islam are simply background noise and a confusion. There exists only Islam and Muslims in their tightly narrated dance of enslavement and death!

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers." -Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

FBI files and recent independent investigations fully support the truth and accuracy of John Guandolo's assertions that: 1) mosques are front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood with no right to exist, and 2) they (Muslims) do not have a First Amendment right to do anything. With twelve years of experience in the FBI investigating numerous Muslim terror cells and plots and many more with the Strategic Engagement Group, one should give Mr. Guandolo's analysis considerably more weight over the objections of questionable critics, such as Jim Cavanuagh, former ATF agent, who is no authority on Islam as evidenced by his blog at the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Certainly no one, except Muslims, can actually suggest that a religion can operate within the realm of First Amendment rights and still call for the enslavement, "dhimmitude" or conversion of someone upon pain of death and honor killings of women and the execution of homosexuals. And yet, modern day Islam still espouses these exact policies, and if a Muslim is not in complete agreement with these views, he is often regarded as "not Muslim enough" and subjected to extreme abuse or even death at the hands of other Muslims. Nearly every practice, premise and concept within Islam is unconstitutional and violates the rights of every U.S. citizen, Muslim and infidel alike!

Clergymen, such as Pastor J. David Miller, would be of better service if they viewed Islam as it really exists, rather than as they wish it to be. In an abundantly ignorant statement, Pastor Miller compared Sheriff Arnold's collaborative efforts with John Guandolo to Nazi guards training Rutherford Co. deputies about Jews; Miller obviously does not know that 22,000 Bosnian Muslims fought alongside Hitler's SS troops specifically in order to kill Jews. He chastises Rev. Allan Jackson, of the World Outreach Church (Murfreesboro, TN), with the terms "intolerance" and "racism", while he calls imam Mohammed Ahmed, of the Nashville Islamic Center, "friend" and "a passionate communicator", even though 80% of the U.S. mosques are now operated by extremists and Saudi Arabian imams, just like Ahmed, whose anti-American activities are still funded by Saudi Arabia; Youssef al-Qaradawi, who called the Holocaust "Divine punishment" for the Jews, was once affiliated with Ahmed's mosque.

Perhaps the leftists of the SPLC and the journalism hacks from 'The Tennessean', such as Bob Smietana, will accept the results from years of research concerning U.S. mosques by nationally renowned security analyst Dave Gaubatz. Gaubatz's investigators discovered a direct link between the Halaco Bookstore and the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Va. Halaco distributes Sharia law and violent jihad materials to Islamic schools across America that tell young Muslim children the U.S. government is evil, do not follow U.S. law and America's leaders will all go to hell; these materials also call on them to kill anyone who oppresses Islam, and they teach them how to obtain weapons, even weapons of mass destruction.

Two weeks at the Al Farooq mosque in Nashville, TN. uncovered violent books and videos explaining the necessity of overthrowing any government that oppresses Islam. Gaubatz's investigators also found teachings from U.S. Islamic leaders that included propaganda designed to make their followers hate America. They also found credible evidence of forced child marriages within this mosque, but Nashville Metro Police Dept and, of course, the Islamic organizations were reluctant to act from a fear of CAIR initiated lawsuits.

In a 1990s memorandum, the Muslim Brotherhood stated that they were intent on "destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by...the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated" and Islam "is made victorious over all other religions." This certainly does give John Guandolo's assertion an exponentially greater amount of credibility, or is overthrowing the U.S. government by a foreign cultural and ideologically driven movement now acceptable under our First Amendment?

Speaking frankly, little 98 year old widow-women across America are not plotting and committing terrorist acts in our nation, but Muslim males between 18 and 36 are. On Feb. 17, shortly after this controversy arose over Guandolo's assistance to Sheriff Arnold, 29 year old Amine el-Khalifi, a Morocco national, was arrested as he attempted to detonate a bomb two blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building. Khalifi had overstayed his visa by several years. One must wonder, "which mosque did Khalifi attend?" ...Adams Center? ... Perhaps Dar al-Hijrah? So, while not all Muslims are terrorists, nearly all terrorists are Muslim, and they will not be found at the World Outreach Church, unless they are there to kill our friends, families and fellow Americans!

Is it enough not to handle explosives, not to decapitate people or to chatter about peace and mercy to be considered a moderate Muslim? And is it a moderate Muslim who beats his wife or wives or kills his daughter if she falls in love with a Christian? Moderate Islam is another invention of ours.

So-called "moderate" Muslims denounce violence in the name of Islam, but insist that Islam had nothing to do with it; reformists, by contrast, not only deplore Islamist violence, but they admit that Islam has incited violence. When it is moderates, not extremists, who treat other Muslims like traitors for advocating liberal democratic values, something has corrupted the moderates themselves. Moderate Muslims are so consumed with Western transgressions that they have distracted themselves from dealing with the Islamist/Islamofascists inside Islam... Muslims who dominate, censor and murder fellow Muslims. Today, Islam needs more self-conscious reformists who will engage the debate, dissent and reinterpretation that have carried Judaism and Christianity into the modern world.

In Islam's current state, coexistence with Islam is a fantasy. Compromising with Islam before it experiences a real and verifiable reformation would be similar to a society having an epiphany and an ensuing Renaissance and then deciding to return to the Dark Ages. Islam views its subjects through a collective statist/ theocratic prism, and it is repressive towards individual freedom, by the very nature of its doctrines as it demands submission. It is the ideology and principles forged by Western civilization that made choice, free-will and democratic constitutional republics more than just an inkling of an idea in the back of some serf's mind. As long as advocates of Islam and Sharia law continue to subvert the U.S. Constitution and work to destroy Our Beloved America, they are negating their own First Amendment rights themselves, as criminals and traitors to America!

There is Islam and that is all. And Islam is the Koran and Mohammed's last words... and nothing but these works. And the Koran is the 'Mein Kampf' of a religion which has always aimed to eliminate the others... a religion which identifies itself with politics and with governance...which does not concede one innocent hair to free thought, to free choice... which seeks to substitute democracy with the mother of all totalitarianisms: theocracy. Ah! Read it over that 'Mein Kampf' the Muslims call the Koran. Whatever the version, one finds that all the evil which these Sons of Mohammed commit against us and themselves comes from that book; it is written in that book. And if speaking the truth means I have committed some crime, as suggested by Hillary Clinton and the UN's Resolution 16/18, by criticizing or vilifying Islam, then sentence me to all the years of prison you want; in prison I will continue to repeat what I say now. I shall continue to shout: "Wake up, America, wake up!" They have declared war on us; we are at war. And in war, we must fight.

On Nov. 11, 2011, John Guandolo stated,  "We have an insurgency long underway in this nation. We are going to win or lose this war depending on what each of you are the soldiers in this war."

By Justin O. Smith
Editor: Spell Check editing was performed on the original document.

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  1. There are many people who need to wake up to the facts presented here, including a certain Pennsylvania judge!