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John R. Houk
© February 29, 2012

The Server-Owner has taken down all notice that has moved to SlantRight 2.0. Since the relationship between me and the Server-Owner has devolved into non-speaking terms I do not know why the front page of is now up.

Frankly I don’t know if it is a reprieve or a precursor to the final end. If the Server-Owner has decided to leave the website up then I humbly apologize to all the venom I have directed towards him.

On the other hand it is obvious that which I write will continue to make the Server-Owner displeased therefore I will not add any new posts at At any rate I discovered my Administrative privileges are still unavailable so I can’t post on the old I pray that the Server-Owner finds it in his heart to leave years and years of posts up as an archive. If it is not in his heart I bid you good day and hope you bookmark and/or RSS SlantRight 2.0 which will now be the author’s primary blog.

Thanks for reading and I pray you continue reading at SlantRight 2.0.

JRH 2/29/12

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