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Let’s Get some Support Stirred for Allen West’s Campaign

Allen West
John R. Houk
© February 16, 2012

Gerrymandering of District election lines in the State of Florida has placed Rep. Allen West in a position to win reelection in a District redesigned to have more Democrats than Republicans and/or Conservatives. Hmm … Perhaps Leftists are growing weary of the voice of truth spoken without restraint by American hero/veteran Rep. Allen West. The irony though is redistricting is occurring under the watch of a Republican majority State Congress. So when District 22 ended up with more Dems than Republicans the outrage was Establishment GOP was trying to factor out Tea Party Republicans. Since the State Chairman in charge of redistricting is also a Mitt Romney proponent the Establishment vs. Tea Party began to move up in volume.

Unfortunately for Florida Leftists and Establishment Republicans, West’s military training has enabled him to confront any anti-West strategy with an insightful strategy of West’s own. Rep. West is simply running for election in the neighboring District 18 which more than likely has constituents denied West’s representation via gerrymandering. The Democrat that West is more than likely to face is a 28 year old CPA with family wealth as the primary source of his Dem Party campaign. That person is Patrick Murphy.

Murphy was prepared to run in Florida District 22 – the current District for Rep. West; however he switched to the same District 18 that West is moving to. Murphy had the audacity for calling decorated hero (Col.) Allen West a coward for moving from District 22 to District 18 in a bid to win reelection to Congress. Well duh, West was gerrymandered!

If one wishes to talk about cowardly politics you need to look at Patrick Murphy. Murphy didn’t move to District 18 to chase West, rather the move was motivated to avoid a costly Democratic Party primary with two experienced community Democrats in former Mayor Lois Frankel and Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs.

Who is the coward? That would be virtually unknown 28 year old Patrick Murphy. You see, Murphy will be nearly unchallenged for the Dem Party nomination in Florida District 18.

Although District 18 does have a majority of Republicans registered, it is a slim margin. Rep. West will need some money to confront the wealthy disrespectful Patrick Murphy. I am certain there are many organization and/or Political Action Committees that will get behind West; however the email that alerted me to Democratic Party hijinks Move America Forward PAC. Below is the email sent to me that will give you an opportunity to support Conservative and one who exposes the dangers of Radical Islam at home and abroad in Rep. Allen West.

JRH 2/16/12
Allen West Under Attack! We Need Your Help!

Sent by Move America Forward PAC
Sent: Feb 15, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Congressman Allen West (R-Florida) is a freshman pro-troop conservative Member of Congress.  As an African-American former military officer with service in Iraq, he has been under constant attack by the left.  We are outraged that one of his political opponents – a little rich kid with inherited wealth and no achievements to his name – had the audacity to call Colonel West “a coward.” 

They are going all out to defeat West by redistricting him out of office, and the pro-troop community must rise up to help this patriotic American stay in office.

Since Allen West came upon the political scene in 2010 he has been a popular punching bag for the left’s attacks while he has steadfastly represented his constituents in south Florida.  He has stood up for our troops and given the halls of Congress a loud and proud voice representing our military and its interests, just as Move America Forward Political Action Committee (MAFPAC) predicted when we supported him in 2010. 

I’m sure West has heard many insults hurled at him from his political opponents, but last week his would be opponent in his current Florida district, Patrick Murphy, called the revered military leader a “Coward.” 

The remark was made in response to West’s announcement that he would seek re-election in a neighboring district after the Florida legislature redrew his current district with a heavy Democratic influence.  We know that Allen West can stand up for himself, and that he himself has not been shy about taking on political opponents and ideas.

But to call an American hero, who served in 3 conflicts starting in Desert Storm and received a Bronze Star, a “coward”, for choosing the right district to run in, is simply absurd and offensive. 

Patrick Murphy is a 28 year old accountant who works in the family business and has raised most of his campaign money from those close to his family’s business interests (or from left-wing Democrats eager to see West defeated). There is no military service in his 28 years or even any public service. Simply, it is a certified public accountant born with a silver spoon in his mouth calling a retired Lt. Col of our Armed Forces a “coward.”  DISGRACEFUL!

Please help us support Allen West so he can continue to serve in Congress:  PLEASE DONATE NOW !

Let’s Get some Support Stirred for Allen West’s Campaign
John R. Houk
© February 16, 2012

Allen West Under Attack! We Need Your Help!

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