Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life Magazine pics of Arab army removing Jews from Jerusalem 1948

Jew-Families Flee  to Zion Gate 6-1948
Jews fleeing to Zion Gate Jerusalem 1948

© February 19, 2012

The next time you see, hear or read the Mainstream Media (MSM) or revisionist thinking Arabs & Muslims tell you that Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria is occupied, then take a stroll through these photos of Old Jerusalem Jewish Quarter after the Jordanian army called the Arab Legion (commanded by British Officers) took East Jerusalem in 1948 at Milonga De Una Mora Judia. The aged photographs show dead Jews, Jews escorted from their homes, Arab Legion soldiers looting from Jews as the Jordanians occupied East Jerusalem.

JRH 2/19/12 (Hat Tip: Ken)

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