Monday, July 11, 2011

Special Election CA-36: Hahn v. Huey

Louis Zamperini
Louis Zamperini

There is a Special Election vote for California District 36 for a Representative of the House tomorrow July 12, 2012. Frankly I did not have clue about this Special Election until I receive an email alert from Move America Forward Freedom PAC (MAF Freedom PAC) about the Democrat running for the Office as an anti-troop liberal. The Dem Liberal is Janice Hahn who has held Office a City Councilwoman from Los Angeles. The Republican in the race is relatively unknown Craig Huey.

The MAF Freedom PAC email mentions zero of Craig Huey running against Janice Hahn. The focus of the email is exposing Hahn as a liar by claiming an endorsement from veteran Louis Zamperini (Greater Detail of life) which Zamperini denounced as NEVER happened.

Since the email mysteriously did not mention anything about Craig Huey I took upon myself to read up on Hahn and Huey.

I discovered that Hahn is a ruthless politician that cherry picks favoritism to her donors according to what benefits her political career. The article I read about her claims Hahn is a moderate Left of Center gal taking donations from both corporations and Unions. Hahn’s greatest political weakness was an effort to rein in Los Angeles gangs by paying gang members to be involved in mediation efforts to bring a spot of peace to the streets. The gang plan sounded good as do many Left Wing Utopian programs with good intentions; however the Hahn involvement in the program was a complete failure as gang members took the money and ran back to their gangs undoubtedly laughing all the way.

Craig Huey has mysteriously made this race in CA District 36 a close one. The District is nearly all the way in the tank toward Leftist thinking. The Democratic Party run off may be the reason Huey is close. Janice Hahn used dirty-nasty politics against the Dem favorite in which … Read the Rest at

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