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Elitist Ideological Vanity is getting in the way of God’s Word of Sustainability

agenda 21 is evil

Tony Newbill has more information to add to his comment I titled as Agenda 21 Info. The information provided by Newbill is repetitive to other posts sent by him. In the interest of keeping Agenda 21 and its anti-sovereignty agenda to control humankind, I am posting Newbill’s thoughts. I normally would post this at rather than here; however there was simply too many html links for the old software to sustain a post.

JRH 7/13/11
Elitist Ideological Vanity is getting in the way of God’s Word of Sustainability

Sent by Tony Newbill
Sent: 7/12/2011 2:15 PM

John I added a couple Links to that other email to project a better example of how the Elitist Ideological Vanity is getting in the way of God’s word of sustainability.

If mankind has any chance at sustaining Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, faith in God Now is Our Only salvation. Read these 2 links (I know this site is a propaganda site but the Links they have in the articles are legit links.):

The Dollar as a Fiat instrument of man’s elusions, VS. The Dollar as a Commodities backed currency in God we Trust.

God’s Will of a sustainable society was the blessing of the US Constitutional sound Money Policy which is a Commodities backed currency valued system which We the People of the USA had until 1971 and when Kissinger wrote the NSSM200 study: 

The NSSM20 study predicted a time in world history that worldwide population controls would need to be set into place or all would become a state of Chaos and anarchy. But did they actually make the wrong choice by not having Faith in the Word God?

If you want to know why we have no Jobs, let’s start With All This WAR Against the FREE Markets and the Supply Side economic principle of FREEDOM to be a Self Reliant nation in the USA Coming out of the Policy Making agencies of the Obama Administration and the United Nations and all the Organizations that are all about closing down the supply-side fundamental of economics today. Why  have we all come to this Point in Time that History will be Repeating itself in the future and probably in ways as bad or worse than what is recorded in the plight of mankind over the time history shows man on earth?

WE can make a Case that when we De-linked the Dollar from our Commodities Backed Currency Model we had up to 1971 [that] this was the beginning of the End of Liberty. The End of How God intended the Monetary System to provide the Vital needs of his people’s sustainably, because if you comply Data on supply based off these supply needs and equate them to the currency value you use to drive their production the rate of production, Quality and expansion will all be systematically provided in tune with the demand from a Self Sustaining Population Growth fundamental. I believe that God Intended this Currency Backed Commodities model to be the way a self-reliant FREE society could follow the Scripture and at the same time with that Wisdom be able to understand the meaning of what it is to see God’s EARTH as a Finite element and adjust the perception so as to be responsible and respective of the Finite element of God’s Creation and mindful Freely when planning the family, size and needs. This Understanding of God’s Intent to allow the people a way to his keen understanding of faith's relationship with the Finite elements of sustainability in one’s Life as is reflected in the Scriptures and through a Commodities backed currency valued system. This is Key to self-reliant societies to find peaceful solutions to the issues we now see out of control. We can thank the 1971 Kissinger NSSM200 study for getting us off the Course of God’s will!!!!!

In these passages the evidence of the relationship between Commodities as a Currency of Trade in daily life exists with the meaning of God’s Words of Sustainable Life, Liberty and Peace through happiness that’s a result of accomplishing all that’s prescribed in the concept of using a Commodities valued Currency In God We Trust. See here: 

Everything in sustainable Life, liberty and Peace relates to Commodities. Why would we exclude our Currency system as the tool that represents these trades from the process of determining our supply of these trades with the demand placed on these traded supply that are represented by the trading of our currency for these supplies??? I bet if we would go back to this Monetary Policy we would solve the issue of Insolvency. At the same time restore the value of educational value that is placed in the Minds of People that gain Wisdom and understanding of the feature of supply from God’s Finite earth and what that means when planning families and seeking quality in life as a FREE people. We can educate ourselves FREELY and maintain a level of FREEDOM of choice if we start teaching the fundamentals of this to our young again. They will realize that God’s Message of sustainability comes with the wisdom of limits to supply and demand and finite earth which He created. We have never tested Truth at this level. Instead man has always deviated from carrying out God’s will to follow the divine providence, while we inscribe the symbols of God’s Words all across our society. Trust in the Lord or suffer the fate of one’s Own Vanity could be said of how history has repeated itself over and over to the descriptions of atrocities through the existence of mankind.

Here are examples of how vanity of leadership over shadows the needs of society:

Are We in Danger of an Imperial Presidency?

"QE2 Shocker: The Whole $600 Billion Wound Up Offshore" 

They got the Gold Mine we got the Shaft, it’s Time to Audit the Federal Reserve

It is obvious today that the Need for an Increase in supplies in Key areas that are signaling shortages is why we need the return of a Commodities backed Currency - in God we Trust. So that we can better understand the Accounting of the data that represents the true Supply of these accounts and then we can better place our Investments towards these areas that better serve the People. By not having this as the True monetary Policy is diverting the truth of Supply and this is evened in the Volatility as FREE markets anticipate the truth of supply. A return to a Commodity backed Currency - in God we Trust - would solve this volatility in our markets, return the production of supply needs to levels satiable that in turn would relieve stress on Government’s inabilities to maintain the infrastructures of society. Jobs in the Private sector would return feeding these needs.

But instead with our currency in a Fiat based value system it allows manipulation at the Government level of data related supply reports. At the same time, a lack of true supply related to the currency allocations which all can lead to supply shortages because as the political factions pressure the elected officials, like lobby Firms do through the lack of Activity because of the various reasons become the vise that Holds Humanity back from being able to provide itself Vital supply needs. This would not happen under a Monetary System that is governed by a Commodities backed Currency - in God we Trust.

The BIBLE is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! The Technocrats like Kissinger Thought they knew what was best. All they did by redirecting the principles of how God intended the self-reliant feature of FREE will to fundamentally be the actuator of sustainability to perpetuate the plight of his people forward was Lost at the inception of that 1971 de-linking of the dollar from the Commodities backed currency rule under the Original US Constitutional sound money rule. They Read what the Bible said, but then instead of having faith in it they deviated from it doing everything in the exact opposite of what God’s Intentions were to create humanities ability to be a self-reliant and sustainable people FREE of strife, Free of figure heads and their political interventions and class warfare, free of Oppression and all that comes with not following the will of God that leads us Not into temptation. HA see what I mean, the signs are all in the Scriptures???

So now the signs of totalitarianism come to the world wide structure of mankind's life styles. It’s all because we are complacent because we went away from the Words God spoke about how we sustain our lives. The Politicians and Technocrats that thought they knew what was best for sustainability were implementing their re-engineered system of economic function. We the people became the drive-up window cult-i-sack [SlantRight Editor: Perhaps cul-de-sac or Newbill is using a play on words with “cult-i-sack”] society that is totally DEPENDENT on Government for everything instead of a self-reliant Independent proving society which God Intended We the People to be. It started with that de-linking of the dollar in 1971 and the loss of perception of what Our NEEDS independently were at the vital human needs basis of Human life. Oh we became a Materialistic minded society, only focusing on the Vanity of Life rather than sticking to the basics of God’s Intent, all of which I believe would have been maintained had we stayed on the Monetary Model of a Commodities backed currency valued based system.

Here are examples of how societies fracture and become politically divided when we deviate away from God’s Commodities Currency rules of a FREE Market Monetary Policy as we did in 1971. You can go back and see this was the case in almost any time of human struggle as politicos took over and altered away from the intentions of God’s Commodities currency rules. The Outcome was always devastation to both Earth and Humanity. The destruction to both Earth and humanity that comes from a movement such as the ones below is the result of resistance and then Civil up risings, wars and genocides. Don't ignore the signs of Man’s Collective designs that have always led to destruction, "Woe to those that become Complacent "!!!!!

"It is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in man" (Psalm 118:8).

The Uniform of the Enemy we have been fighting these last 10 years that No one could place has Now become Obvious. It shares many entities, from Ragged Clothed Terrorists to Expensive suited and Gowned executives heading up the various Agencies like ICLEI, the Tides foundation, The Center for American Progress, and all the many more we saw in this List:

They all are representing the evils masked as Salvation for Mother Earth as the Supreme Leader of the World of the United Nations Empire of Globalists.

If you read anything read this:           

In this link (it will blow your mind) gives you the list of the 25 Departments included in PDF format. 


UN Ordered Depopulation of 3 Billion People:

CNN Covers Elite’s Depopulation Program: 

Mind Control is Key to interrupting an Independent society resistance to collectivism:

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."~ William Colby   

The Plan for Population control:

The most dastardly deed of Segregation is the separation between Earth and Humanity and it came with the Separation of Church and State.
But recall how they tried to sell this as Utopia this New World Order Idea of Sustainability. I believe this represents the Dragon, the Satan Beast that tries to conceal himself as Christ, but is present with the 2.4 Confederation of Nations  as the UNITED NATIONS: 

(Please read the timeline of events, you can see where are in the Process, I believe The United Nations is the 10 toed, horned, and crowned Beast)

 2.4 Confederation of Nations as the UNITED NATIONS

"In spite of all these evidences of divine displeasure, peoples yet on earth will join in an alliance against God. The "ten crowns" (Revelation 13:1) suggest a union of political forces over which the Beast out of the Sea (i.e. the Political Beast) will preside. Remember the ten "toes" of Daniel 2:42 and the ten "horns" of Daniel 7:7; compare Revelation 17:3, 8-14. The ancient Roman Emperor will be revived as a ten-kingdom confederacy, covering most of Europe. Man will not have realized the futility of united effort against God. The union of political groups will but prepare the way for the marching of combined armies to the certain defeat of Armageddon, as the Bible Reads in Revelations  19:19-21.

Next is 2.5 Coalition of Personalities is Next which I believe has taken place.

And now we are in the beginning phases of 2.6 Consolidation of Power.

The Political Beast will then emerge as a solitary dictator of "Babylon" (Revelation 17:16-18).

It could be said that the Next phases will Speed Up Time as the Time of 7 years becomes 7 days. So we could be fast approaching the TRUTH of Divine Intervention.

And so now with all this that’s out of Control due to the misdirection away from God’s will, we have the Results of an Anti-Humanity coalition that is technocratic guided and headed for destruction of the human race. We have witnessed this Over and Over through world history when God’s will was circumvented due to a misconceived perception of reality or a fundamental disbelief in God’s Word or both. The results of straying away from God’s will will always result in the rise of such political atrocities like Lenin, Marx, Malthus, Stain, Hitler, Mao and these are just the ones from the modern times of history that were the results of what happens when the will of God’s Intentions are ignored for an ideological thought about how things should be in a preconceived notice of an engineered culture called Utopia.

"It is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in man" (Psalm 118:8).

Does this look like God’s Will was Followed Correctly????????????


Iran boosts Sods shock troops in Venezuela:

New Al-Qaeda Video: American Muslims Should Buy Guns, Start Shooting People

What does this have to do with Gun walker? Are they arming the radicals that could attach the Churches in America???


US Order To Shutdown Millions Of Christian Websites:

Read the BLUE it just hit me:  2.4 Confederation of Nations as the UNITED NATIONS 

Please go to this website: 

And scroll down to Sec. 2 Policy(B-iii) you will read the line (iii) under "The United States shall promote this policy by": pursuing the United States' accession to the Law of the Sea Convention;  the "Law of the SEA Convention" Which regulates ONLY "International Waters" what Obama wants to do Is place USA waterways into control under this UNITED NATION REGULATORY POLICY Which would Require the United States to Conform on USA Land to the Environmental Management and Commercial Developments of our Water Ways as to How the United Nations would DICTATE the USAGE LAWS. If the USA did Not Abide by these Standards then UN NATO FORCES would have the Right to Invade the USA and enforce these LAWS. If you read this link you can read how the International Water ways are regulated in all forms. This would undermine the USA sovereignty and would be Un-Constitutional as if we were a One World Order under UN Agenda 21, see here:          

[As you can] SEE this Example is a result of not following the guidance of a Commodities backed currency monetary policy. If we would have been we would have Not had Overpopulation - I believe - in the world societies because we would have been aware of our Vital supply needs at all times in our economic data and would have driven the educational value of understanding the Responsibility of Family size and its relationship with God’s Finite earth, but you have to believe in God’s Word.

We have never allowed this to be taught in our education policy and it would be the way to sustain a FREE will society that could be more understanding and do this with a self-reliant benefit. Of which is the key to sustainable peace.

[Here is an] Example of the ANTI-Supply-side Element of the Environmentalist Marxist Revolution, this is who the Civil War will be with:

So today we ask our Congress where are the JOBS, but is that because we Lost the true Wisdom of what God's Word was trying to Teach as Our Fundamental NEED in our Lives for sustainability of Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and of God’s Earth  rather than some Man’s ideology of it. So far from the way the above articles on world events, it would be fair to say that Man’s Ideology is not working out so good is it?

Thanks for your time.
Tony Newbill 

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